Tony Chiha, the owner of 911 Junk California, partnered with fourteen different marketing companies in an attempt to help grow his business. Unfortunately, these companies didn’t have the results Tony was looking for. It wasn’t until he discovered Junk Removal Authority that he started experiencing that sweet, sweet junk removal company growth. For each of the past three years that Tony has been with JRA, his company has grown by at least 100%. In one of those years, his company grew by 130%!

“The only regret I have is that I never bought your Business Package from the beginning. I could have moved at least three years ahead in six months if I had bought the package.” —Tony

Tony makes good use of our Digital Marketing Services, and 911 Junk California gets to reap the benefits from it. These services allow Tony to reach out to potential clients in his area using our tried-and-trued advertising strategies. 911 Junk California’s website was made by the team at JRA. Our templates for junk removal websites have a professional appearance, are conversion-optimized, and feature custom-written content for each webpage.

911 Junk’s website, in combination with our SEO services and Google Ads campaigns, helps Tony reach more customers, make more revenue, and expand more quickly. Our skilled digital marketing team specializes in the junk removal industry and is constantly creating new, relevant content for Tony’s site, such as additional service and location pages. This helps Tony to boost his SEO and attract new leads while he focuses on growing his business.

“I get about ten to twenty percent of calls organically,” Tony happily shared with us. “I never even dreamed about that before.”

When it comes to his partnership with JRA, Tony’s only wish is that he had purchased the Business Package when he was starting his business. The JRA Business Package provides start-up training, ongoing support, a complete junk removal website, and much, much more.

“The only regret I have is that I never bought your Business Package from the beginning,” he said. “I could have moved at least three years ahead in six months if I had bought the package.” 

Reaching New Heights at JUNKCON ™

Now, Tony makes sure that he takes advantage of all that JRA has to offer. Last year, he attended our inaugural JUNKCON ™ where he and other attendees spent two days networking and knowledge-sharing about ways to grow their businesses.

“It was amazing,” Tony told us. “Honestly, I learned so much. We met incredible people.”

One of these people included Sam Schick, who once operated a highly successful junk removal operation that earned $10 million a year. Needless to say, his insights were of great use to enterprising junk removal business owners from all across the country. Furthermore, Tony learned from Melissa Souto, our Contact Center’s customer service and booking expert. With her advice, event attendees got a better idea of how to book more jobs and lose fewer callers to the competition.

JUNKCON ™ is a great opportunity for business owners to share knowledge about how to attain junk removal company growth. Being able to unite in one place and encourage each other to do the best they possibly can? It’s a truly unique opportunity. We hope to see Tony, and all other interested business owners, at JUNKCON ™ 2022, taking place Oct. 12-14 in Raleigh, NC.