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While building a multimillion-dollar junk removal company our founder Lee Godbold learned many lessons, tips, and how-tos on running an efficient and prosperous business. Instead of keeping all of that valuable information to himself, he founded Junk Removal Authority to help fellow small business owners avoid mistakes and achieve success at a much quicker rate. 

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Watch more than 450 free educational videos through our JRA YouTube Channel! Each week, JRA produces new content with up-to-date tips and new lessons for the junk removal industry. Make sure you subscribe and tune in to our live show on Tuesdays at 12pm EST.

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I Have No Regrets With This Investment- All Clean California Junk Removal

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Setting Your Junk Removal Business up for Long Term Success with Junk Removal Marketing

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How to Book More Hoarding Jobs in Your Junk Removal Business With This Call Tip

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Video Training Series

Accelerate your business growth with our 150+ Video Training Series (VTS)! With the VTS, you'll spend less time onboarding employees and avoid costly junk removal mistakes.

The Video Training Series includes testing modules for employees. Topics include:

  • Truck Team Procedures
  • Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Truck Maintenance
  • Business Operations
  • Scaling Up
  • Quoting Jobs
  • Marketing

“These videos are a GOLDMINE. I’m already seeing a return from implementing what I’ve learned!”

– Sean Smith, Owner of Junk Smiths

Junk Removal Business Manuals

Why reinvent the wheel when you can adopt our tested and proven junk removal business manuals.

  • Operation Manual: This ready-to-work plan will help you structure your company, operate efficiently, maintain safety precautions, manage truck operations, and maintain administration procedures. It includes a daily checklist to ensure your business stays on track.
  • Employee Manual: Organize, train and empower your team with our Employee Manual. Created specifically for the junk removal workplace, this manual will help you grow your business.

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