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Who is the Junk Removal Authority?

Junk Removal Authority was founded by Lee Godbold and Christian Fowler, the owners of Junk Doctors! JRA is a unique concept that presents a complete business system, products, software, and support services to our “Partners”. Our “Partners” are entrepreneurs who we work with to setup and support their junk removal business. JRA is NOT a franchise. You have your very own business and business name. We do not collect royalties. You simply pay for what products or services you use and are not locked into long term royalties.

content-leftYou aren’t as flexible with
adding additional services

that may work well in your area but not others. For example; snow removal or larger demolition projects that require Skid Steers, Excavators, or larger equipment.

You HAVE to use or at least pay for their services even when you no longer need them or use them :

As your business grows you could become less and less dependent on support from the franchisor. For example as you pass $1 Million in revenue it would be nice to have a bookkeeper on full time payroll. Junk Doctors created an admin position that handles bookkeeping as well as phone calls during business hours. With most franchises you must use their call center so this is not an option.

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