Bringing in Customers – Customer Acquisition Management

Customer Acquisition Management (CAM) is another great service that JRA provides. It is the most comprehensive marketing product available for junk removal business owners. CAM is basically a complete audit of your website, PPC advertising (if you are doing it), SEO, booking operations, referral programs, and all other advertising methods. We review everything related to bringing in new customers, getting your past customers to schedule again, and getting them to refer business your way. The initial steps in CAM, which are all preferred by JRA, are as follows:

  1. Review your website: JRA will review your site to ensure that it is effectively converting site visitors into customers. We will likely make some recommendations at this point for either changes to be made on your site, or potentially to move forward with a new website.
  2. Review Google Ads/AdWords: If you are currently or have ever done Google Ads (formerly known as “AdWords”), we will look at past results, study your ad copy, study your landing pages, and determine the success and failure rates of your various ads.
  3. Study your market: We will complete a survey of your market to determine which overall strategy you should take to acquire more customers and earn the highest profits. We will study many of your competitors’ websites, AdWords campaigns, and SEO strategies, call their offices, and gather tons of additional data on them. JRA has focused our clients’ marketing strategies on various features depending on the location and its specific variables. For example, we have focused on our clients being “best rated,” “locally owned,” “lowest price,” “most environmentally friendly,” and more.
  4. Check your listings. Ensure you are listed on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, social media, and other major sites as well as databases. If you aren’t, JRA will add you.
  5. Study SEO performance. We’ll dig through your site to determine the effectiveness of current SEO strategies, and set you on a path to optimizing your organic search rankings.
  6. Assess other ad campaigns. JRA will gather data on and analyze any other ad campaigns you or your competitors have run to determine effectiveness in your market.
  7. Analyze company procedures. How do you answer the phone? Are you getting same day bookings? We’ll take a look at your policies and procedures to determine strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Recommendations. Once JRA has a thorough picture of your current situation, we will make a recommendation for your overall customer acquisition strategy moving forward.

Though JRA can provide just AdWords or just SEO management, we strongly recommend against this move. Success with advertising requires a multi-faceted approach. This is one of the largest mistakes we see businesses make – they do a little of this and a little of that, don’t find the success they were hoping for, and abandon most advertising altogether. They then doom their business to being average or mediocre at best. Using our proven CAM strategies, JRA can help you achieve levels of success that you never thought possible for your junk removal business.

CAM junk removal

Important Notes About CAM

CAM is not an instantaneous influx of new customers. It is very much an investment that will likely take several months to produce significant increases in your number of customers and job profitability. JRA’s CAM team consists of customer acquisition specialists who understand the junk removal business like no one else. This means we understand junk removal customers and know who will hire a junk removal service. We also understand which customers will NOT use our service.

We consider the profitability of certain jobs and adjust our methods to maximize your overall gains. We attempt to severely lower the cost of acquiring customers who provide low-profit jobs. Unlike other Google Ads (AdWords) management or SEO companies that work on businesses in a variety of industries, JRA focuses exclusively on junk removal and making sure your business not only gains more customers, but gains more profitable customers. Basically, we’re tailored to your specific needs as a junk removal business owner.

CAM is not cheap. This is a major project for JRA, and we charge accordingly with many packages available. However, this pricing could vary in either direction depending on your current setup and your goals for the campaign. However, like many investments, if you try to go cheap on CAM and just “dabble,” you could very well be throwing money away and missing out on a great opportunity to gain a lot of business.

If you are interested in or have questions about CAM, please call our office at 919-617-1975 or email [email protected]. Also, remember to check out our Youtube channel for lots of great information.

-Lee Godbold