Should I Buy a New Junk Removal Truck?

Used equipment and vehicles can be a lot of fun–we’ve all purchased that used motorcycle, dune buggy, or even lawnmower from time to time. Some of us have even gone as far as to buy a used airplane! While these vehicles are all great fun, they’re exactly that–fun. We can afford to spend money on them because we use them for recreation and don’t rely on them for our livelihoods. When it comes to work, however, you don’t want to take a chance on used stuff that can break down, requiring endless repairs.

Story Time with Lee Godbold

Now, I’m not saying that you should never rely on used equipment. To put things into perspective, let’s start with a story. When I founded my fledgling junk removal business, Junk Doctors,I had very little savings and no credit, so I purchased a used junk removal truck from a company in Texas.

From the very start, I could tell that something wasn’t right; one thing led to another, and within 20,000 miles I found myself paying for a new engine, which cost about $10,000! Shortly after that, the transmission went out, which cost another $2,500! Even though that truck made me some money, the upkeep costs were nothing short of staggering. Since then, every used truck that I purchased has had a variety of problems, costing valuable time and money. Because of these experiences, I don’t mess around: Generally, new is the way to go.

When Should You Buy Used?

While I would recommend buying a new junk removal truck whenever you can, there are some circumstances that might justify buying a used one. Some of the situations where a used junk removal truck can be helpful include:

  • If You’re Just Getting Started and Don’t Have the Credit to Buy New | Many junk removal businesses that are just starting out might not have the credit needed to take out a loan to buy a new vehicle. The relatively low startup cost of a used vehicle can give you a leg up if you need to start earning right away. After all, you can’t save up the money to buy a new vehicle if you can’t work! That said, if you can afford it, I always recommend buying new.
  • As a Backup Truck | While I don’t recommend getting a used junk removal truck if you can avoid it, they can sometimes be helpful as a backup truck. Say you’ve saved up and bought yourself a whole fleet of professional trucks. There’s nothing wrong with having a less-than-perfect backup for a rainy day!

What Are the Downsides of a Used Junk Removal Truck?

All that being said, there are some significant downsides to purchasing a used junk removal truck, including:

  • The Unknown | No matter what the seller might tell you, when you buy a used vehicle, you never truly know what it’s been through.
  • Constant Upkeep | Even the best of used vehicles require constant repairs, which costs time and significant amounts of money.
  • Downtime | All that time spent repairing your used junk removal truck is time that you could have spent earning money. You never want to be in a situation where you’re forced to turn down jobs!

What Happens When a Vehicle Goes Down?

For argument’s sake, let’s assume you went ahead and bought that used vehicle. What can you expect when it inevitably breaks down?

Endless Repairs: For starters, you can count on that junker sitting in the repair shop for days–maybe even weeks. And that’s to say nothing about the sheer cost of those repairs!

Turn Away Work: Without a truck, you might be forced to turn away work, which is obviously a non-starter–never turn away work! Your next best option is to:

Rent a Truck: While your used junk truck is in the repair shop, you can make ends meet by renting a box truck. However, as any junk removal professional knows, a box truck can’t be unloaded as easily as a regular work truck; it has to be unloaded by hand, costing you even more time!

The Benefits of a New Junk Removal Truck

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, what are the benefits of a new junk removal truck, and do they outweigh those of a used one? Let’s find out!

  • Drives Better, Feels Cleaner | When you’re behind the wheel of a new junk removal vehicle, you will feel more like a professional. No one wants to see a beat-up old junker driving around in their neighborhood. A nice, new truck with a gleaming paint job just screams professionalism. Don’t believe me? Get in touch with Junk Removal Trucks for Sale, where you can see for yourself!
  • Employees Love It! | At Junk Doctors, our employees fight for the opportunity to drive our newer trucks. That’s because they’re pristine and run like a dream, greatly enhancing our employee satisfaction!
  • Less Downtime | There’s no getting around it; even a new truck will eventually need repairs from time to time. That said, the amount of downtime you’ll experience with a new rig is significantly lower than the excessive amount of downtime you’ll see with a used truck.
  • Warranties, Warranties, Warranties | One detail people often overlook is that new vehicles always come with a warranty, meaning that any repairs during your new truck’s early stages won’t come out of your pocket! Used vehicles, on the other hand, almost never come with warranties.
  • Off-the-Lot Value | As everyone knows, your new vehicle will decrease in value the second you drive it off the lot. Junk removal trucks, however, hold their value remarkably well. Because of this, even if you’re not using it all the time, a new truck can represent a significant investment that will pay back ten-fold.
  • Junk Removal Is Recession-Resistant | Buying a new truck is a lot less scary when you keep in mind that junk removal is a recession-resistant business–in fact, many of Junk Removal Authority’s clients see an uptick in business during a recession! Because of this, even if the economy is poor, a new truck will still add value to your business.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a New Junk Removal Truck

While it may seem tempting at first to go with a used junk removal vehicle, it simply pales in comparison to buying a new truck. Why saddle yourself with the constant cost of upkeep when you could be purchasing a more reliable vehicle while also adding value to your company? You’re going to pay the repairman or you’re going to pay the bank.

So, which will you choose?