When you first start you will think that removal of a basketball goal is easy stuff. Until you discover that a homeowner thought Shaquille O Neal was going to be dunking on their hoop. Often times home owners will be over achievers and there will be a gigantic ball of concrete. Lee tells you the couple of ways to get those hoops and how to price the removal. Check us out at https://www.junkra.com Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority

What’s up, guys? What’s going on? Everybody, have a great day today. It is Wednesday here in North Carolina. Leaving the house in Apex. The purpose of this video is to illustrate the method of removing a basketball goal that is adjoined to a gigantic piece of concrete. We just removed a basketball goal that had a massive chunk of concrete attached to it. I want to talk to everybody about that because that is something if you’re brand new, you’re going to tackle this project. You might tell somebody. It’s a $150 to have that removed. You get there, and it’s just this massive ball of concrete thing that weighs 400 pounds or something. Then it’s stuck down to the ground. I want to record a video on site. I was recording, and the customers were there. I was talking to the customer. I get a chance to do much on the site. I did take a video. I’ll put it out. You can see how we did it. We did it with a bobcat. We own a bobcat. This thing had the part of the metal pole that was still sticking out on a basketball goal.

We were able to grab it with the grapple on the Bobcat and then lift out the goal and the ball out. That’s how we did it. There is the other way to do it if you don’t have a bobcat, there’s a reason to rent a bobcat. We just have a bobcat. I only get a jackhammer and busted u it up. A sledgehammer sometimes you can get, but a lot of times that stuff is just poured on really thick. A sledgehammer is just about killing yourself trying to break this stuff off. All people do is they just take the bags of concrete. It is poured in there. Then you get some amateurs. Way too many bags of concrete.

Just for the point where Shaquille O’Neal dunk on it, and it would break or wouldn’t break.

Those things, we generally charge about $300 to $325 depending on kind of where it’s at to do, and that includes our bobcat fee transportation cost and all out there. The job itself for the bobcat only takes about 10 minutes because I mean the bobcat just takes it right off. If you don’t Bobcat, you use a jackhammer. You’ll either need one or probably just rent one because of work. That’s really worth owning getting. Those things can run a couple of thousands of dollars.

Rent runs typically about $85. You just factor that to your cost. It is still about $325. It is where you want to be, and you’ll make some money on it. People are willing to pay for it. People pay $325, or people have tried doing it themselves. It’s just way too much. Its way too big ball of concrete and they’re unable to do it. Don’t feel bad. It’s a lot of work. It can be a lot of work. If somebody calls you up that they have a basketball goal in concrete. Tell them they’re looking about $320 or so or more depending on what part of an area you’re on.