Hey guys, what’s going on? Good afternoon everybody. I’m Lee Godbold from Junk Removal Authority. Visit us at junkremovalauthority.com. We’re trying to help a guy in California. I Just got off the phone with him. We just got contacted for a rush job. This particular customer has an estimated 1300 cubic yards of dirt. They want an estimate signed within an hour. There’s a of couple of things here. One, always be careful with the estimate sign within one hour. There’s a lot of contractors out there that will try to do that and catch somebody. One of the reasons why they’re doing it within one hour is because they want to put pressure on somebody. They will get you anticipating that you go ahead and get this job and say “Hey within an hour I could have this job or somebody else is going to get it within an hour”. Then I’m going to miss out on it. They will get you where you actually make some mistakes. You should definitely charge a little extra and he knows this. He’s putting a little extra charge for a rush job like this because there is some danger involved in it. You still might not want to put a bid on it if you don’t know your game and you don’t know what it’s going to cost. That’s one of the things I want to be clear with you right now.


Some of this stuff you need to think about is some odd jobs you’re going to have that will come up and you already have plans in place. Then you need to know the pricing on it because sometimes you will find a customer that needs something done really quick. You need to have this stuff figured out already where you’re not having to take a bunch of time or risk and making a mistake. Risk for getting something and missing out on this. Dirt removal jobs, with dirt removal and large amounts of dirt remove. I’m not talking about a couple of full trash cans or something like that. You can handle that on your truck.


What I’m talking about is like hundreds of yards and in this case it’s over a thousand yards of dirt. You need to have some contacts already, in plan and in place. What are you going to do when you get this type of dirt removal job? So, number one, your best friend or this type of job is a driver and owner operator of a triaxle dump truck. It’s probably not going to be a large company. It’s probably going to be an individual out there. He’s the driver and the owner of a particular truck that you need. These guys are hard to find. They have absolutely no web presence at all. That’s the reason you got a call in the first place to do this type of job. It’s because whoever was hiring or looking to hire a dump truck driver to move their dirt couldn’t find them online. So, they found you because junk removal companies do an excellent job at having a web presence. Your typical haulers, triaxle dump truck operators, and trucking companies could not be found online.


The way of charging for the most triaxle dump truck operators is going to be an hourly rate plus the cost of the disposal. So typically, you’ll pay the cost of the disposal. All you’re going to do is pay him an hourly rate. That hourly rate typically starts when he leaves his shop or house in the morning with that truck until he returns to his shop or house at night. That’s the full hourly rate. The going rate retail around North Carolina is somewhere around $90 an hour. We have a guy and bring enough work to him. We were able to work out a deal about $70 an hour. Even at the going rate we have a $20 an hour markup on just the hourly rate for a dump truck driver.


Normally you can mark it up more than that, because again the $90 an hour rate is what a lot of contractors and construction companies are getting. Homeowners are not going to be able to find them. You know a lot of companies are not going to be able to find these guys. So, you might even be able to get $10 to $20 an hour or more than that. You might even be able to get $110 an hour charge. You’re going to pay the dump truck driver $70 an hour and you’re charging the customer $110 an hour. It’s possible for you to do that. You need to have that plan in place. You have to know what the guy is going to charge you. You also need to know is turnaround time, his schedule.


You must be able to have somebody and get in touch with pretty easily. Some of these guys is hard to catch up with. It needs to be somebody that you can shoot a message and they’re going to reply back. You can also call them then they’re going to pick up. You need to have your stuff right when it comes to your vendor here. You might want to have a couple of these guys and find at least two. It’s just in case one of them decides to take a vacation, quit, and get lazy. You know truck drivers are that way. Having a backup in place is definitely a necessity. You need take care of your truck drivers, triaxle dump truck, and triaxle dump driver. The next thing you need to think about is going to be how much dirt you have. In this case, he has 1300 yards of dirt. That means it’s 1300 tons because 1 cubic yard of dirt is equals to 1 ton. That’s 2000 pounds. Now that is if it’s dry. You can double the weight of wet dirt if it contains water and retains water for the most part. You will not do dirt hauling if it’s wet. If you are doing it when it’s wet then you have to charge a more tremendous amount. So, if it rained in your area within the last couple of days then let the dirt dry out before you haul it. Otherwise your costs are going to go way up because you’re not going to be able to load the truck with as much dirt. Your disposal fees could go up as well.


The next thing you do need to figure out is going to be your disposal fees. You might be able to find somebody that will take dirt as fill dirt. Then again, this is something you need in place. There’s lot of these jobs that you’re not going to be able to take days to try and find this stuff. I mean this needs to be something you’re working on before the job even comes to you. Find Somebody that’s looking for field or where you can take the stuff to. The other option is landfills work except dirt which is majority of them, because they use it. Still they’re normally going to charge you. Some landfills will charge you per ton. That’s when your costs skyrocket as if you have to dump per ton. There are a lot of landfills that will charge you per load. Rather you bring a triaxle dump truck or you bring your trailer through the dirt. They might charge you 50 or 100 bucks a load, whatever their rate is. Then you can figure what your disposal rates are. Each dump truck or triaxle dump truck can hold about 25 tons. That means it can hold about 25 cubic yards of dirt on average. Some people might push it a little bit more. When you’re figuring your estimate and make it 25 tons of dry dirt. He got 1300 tons. Let’s divide that out by 25 tons because it’s 1300 tons. It’s coming up at 52 truckloads of dirt. I would probably even jack this up a little. If I were to quote this job, I’d probably figure that it’s going to take 60 triaxle dump truck loads of dirt. Just in case a little of that dirt’s moist, there’s some cost overruns or whatever. I’m bidding this job beforehand then that’s what I’m going to do for certain.


You need to know the time of your landfill because you’re dump truck drivers are paid hourly. You want to factor in how much time it’s going to take you to load everything, dump at the landfill, and to cut and come back. It’s going to take an hour for lunch break. I have never seen a truck driver yet that did not take an hour for lunch breaks. He’ll take an hour lunch break in between. You got to make sure you factor that time in as well.


One of the final things that you’re going to need to determine is that you need to have a loader. Most of these dump truck drivers, they’re not going to provide a load or you’re going to need to provide one. You need to provide an operator to most of the dump truck drivers because they’re going to sit in that cab the entire time. When they see that air conditioning works, they’re going to be running that air condition and sit in the cab while you load them. Then when you’re done, you’re going to signal them and they’re going to head on out. Then they’re going to dump continuously, they’re going to come back in at the job site but still sitting in that cab with air condition.


sYou have to take care of renting a loader and also loading everything up. Loading the truck and don’t forget about the height. You need to make sure whatever load you get, you’re able to have enough height to load the truck. Otherwise you’re not going to be able to go over the sidewalls and fill that thing up to capacity. The most important thing to take from this video is this has to be done beforehand. You don’t want to wait until you’re ready. It’s time for you to book to do one of these jobs. You want to know this information beforehand and comes back to you. You have to know your game and know what’s going on.


You need to be on top of your thing if you’re going to get jobs like this. Also, if you’re going to do well in this business and that means planning any scenario that you might encounter in advance. So, you know what you’re talking about when somebody calls you about this type of job. You know how to get it done. This is a common thing. A lot of people don’t think about this type of job until they get it. I’m here telling you right now. Your boy LG from Junk Removal Authority. We’re telling you straight and exactly what you need to do. Pay attention to this and as soon as you stop watching this video start working to figure out that information. In that case you’re not going to be caught by surprise and not even going to look like an idiot when somebody contacts you. Guys you can always call us at 919-617-1975 and visit us at junkra.com. We’ve got an awesome piece, it’s going to be a 10-part series on different advertising methods; Home Advisor, Group On, Google pay-per click, search engine optimization, radio, TV, and print. We’re going to cover it all. If there’s a way of getting exposure then we’re going to cover it in extended advertising series. It’s going to be part articles on junkremovalauthority.com, video’s hosted on YouTube, and 100% great information. Check it out today. Always call us. We’re here for all of your search engine optimization, your Google Ad pay-per click management, building websites, and training help with our business package. We’re always here for you. We’re here to help, visit us at junkremovalauthority.com we’ll be back before you know it. Thanks guys!