Hey, happy Saturday everybody. It’s Saturday afternoon edition here. One thing I want to cover is Thanksgiving week. I received several questions. What to expect on Thanksgiving week? Whether it’s been kind of crappy around. There’s been a lot of people that had been a little slow because of the crappy weather. There are junks which is still out there and people that wants to get it gone before. They got family and friends that come in town on Thursday. You need to plan on running as much of this week as you can. Generally, it gets a bit slow. Wednesday afternoon then close on Thursday. Friday is normally not that busy at all but that Saturday can be somehow busy. You need to be ready and have your trucks rolling. You know junk removal is not a business where you have the luxury of closing on Thursday to Sunday.


If you’re going to try and build up a business of any size and have a successful company then you can’t be turning away the work. You want to take off and give everybody some time off on Thanksgiving weekend. You would be closed on Thursday and come back to open on Friday. You need to work all day on Wednesday and plan on working all through the weekend. In the business you’re in, there’s a lot of great freedom, opportunity, and Junk Removal but you better work every time you can. We’re open on Christmas Eve and do a half day of work. We do receive some jobs. People wants the stuff done before Christmas comes. That’s how this business works.


It’s a business you chose to get in. If you’re watching these videos then you’re wanting to blow up and have a good size business. It’s something that grows over time which gives you a great income and where you don’t need to be on the truck every time. When you first get started then you better be on the truck on Christmas Eve. You better be out there on the day before and after thanksgiving. It goes for anybody and any service business out there. Your customers, if they have a problem and need a service then it doesn’t matter if it’s the day before thanksgiving.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber and you have a work to do as long as it’s in the evening. You better be working and providing the service when they need it or somebody else is.  This is Lee Godbold with Junk Removal Authority. Everybody comes and check us out at junkra.com. I’ll be working on Thanksgiving. Even though I’m not going to be on the truck. I might be making a few sales calls on Thanksgiving. Every day is another opportunity to build something great. You all have a great evening if we don’t talk to you soon guys.