Us and many of our partners have hit a slow period since after Thanksgiving. Other than one guy in California going gang busters it’s been slow. Have you been slow? After seven years we go through these a time or two a year. The business always comes back so don’t make too many crazy changes!

Hey guys what’s going on? It’s me Lee Godbold with Junk Removal Authority. We have Shane over there with Jerry as well. I just want to let everybody know. I don’t know if you all have slowed down but we have Junk Doctors that has been slow. Also, a lot of people we work with has been slow. This time of year, right after thanksgiving. You have the black Friday sales going on. People are not thinking about Junk Removal because they’re thinking about Christmas. They’re focusing and spending their money on Christmas shopping. What’s going to happen though is these people that host for Christmas. They’re going out of town and clean stuff up before they go. As it gets closer into Christmas, after they have their shopping done. There’s a good chance to get junk removal done.

That’s depending on the weather. If a snow storm hits or if it’s brutally cold then you’re going to be slow. If you’re doing Ads and Pay-per-click campaign then you might still get some clicks. There’re still people out there researching for Junk Removal and they might say, “we’re going to do this once we get our shopping done and we have the time.” All that kind of stuff. Don’t get worried. Those of you that are new to Junk Removal Business. If this is one of your first little downturns, the business will come back and always has. We’ve been doing this almost seven years now. We go through slow times and it always comes back. Shane is right down the office. There are two offices as our call center. I think I had been ringing budge. It has been pretty quiet. We normally book about 20 jobs a day or more than that. The call center itself generally schedules about 20 jobs a day. We have online bookings that normally come through. The call center in the last few days has been half that. It has been like seven or eight jobs. That’s for Junk Doctors. We have a few online bookings that come in but it’s very much slower. Don’t get worried. It’s going to turn back around. Check us out at or We’ll be back before you know it. Thanks.