You’ve had a long, tough day and would just love some loading help to get the day rapped up. Don’t let the customer help! Lee explains why. Check us out at Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority

What’s up, guys. I hope everybody’s doing great today. It’s a Friday, the Friday before Easter – Good Friday. Things are going pretty good here in Junk Doctors. We had a T.L. no-show us this morning at Charlotte. He’s turning his two weeks’ notice, and I guess he decided he’s going to take that weekend off. We had our old Justin. Luckily, Greensboro is running a light day, because all the landfills were closed in Greensboro, so we were able to rotate the crews from Greensboro down to Charlotte. Get those guys hands as we were short one guy. That’s going OK. Every so often you will have issues like that, and you can’t let it bother you. You just kind of figure out a solution, and we did, we made it work.


What I wanted to talk to everybody today about was customers assisting while doing a job. You want to try and not do that. Number one, it’s not very professional. They’re hiring you to do the service, not for them to help you. Number two, there’s a lot of liability if that particular customer hurts himself. Their back if they get hit by a piece of debris, you open yourself up to a lot of liability by allowing customers to help with jobs. Try not to do it. Your insurance generally will not cover it, and you could be opening yourself up to some issues if their customers get hurt, or even if they damage their own property, or their inexperience might lead to one of your team members get hurt. Sometimes customers will try to jump in, like just the other day we got a customer jump in and just wanted to help. I guess they felt lazy or something like that if they weren’t helping. We had to kind of tell them that “We appreciate your offering, but unfortunately we can’t do any work with customers just from a liability standpoint.” You just have to explain that to them sometimes. I got to stay professional, got to stay safe as far as you want to make sure nobody gets injured, and also you will make sure you’re protected insurance wise.


I hope everybody is having a wonderful day today, and in kind of a good wrap up to your week. Hopefully if people have landfills open tomorrow, that way they can still operate, still make some money over the weekend. Everybody have a great day, we got a Junk Removal Made Simple episode coming up on Customer Acquisition Management, or customer acquisition I guess. We offer the CAM, the Customer Acquisition Management. This episode is just going to be educating people on the five-step process to acquire customers. That will be uploaded tonight. We’ll talk to everybody soon.