Recently there have been articles saying “Cold Calling is Dead”. It’s fake news! You need to be picking up the phone and making cold calls to get business. When you are slow you need to be picking up the phone and trying to drum up business. Lee tells you how in this video. Check us out at Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority


What’s going on guys? Hope you all are out there killing it on a Monday and your Junk Removal business. I want to talk to you today about is cold calls, cold calls it’s a lull start a lot of people are doing it and it’s all I’ve been doing today. I’ve been on the phone not for Junk Doctors, I’ve place thousands of cold calls from Junk Doctors.


But today was about Junk Removal Authority spoken with about 20 or called about 20 different companies so far. I say it’s all been 20 days and not all of them. The biggest thing I’m going to call about 20 companies so far and got two interested, one we haven’t collected the money but I’m pretty sure he’s got let us manage his AdWords campaign and we’re super excited about how about that and what we can do for his business.

Effective Cold Calling

Now those 20 companies before we start talking about cold calls and how you need to place cold calls. The other thing everybody’s got to do. Is answer your phone. Out of those 20 calls we’ve made I think only eight of them have answered the phone. Junk Removal is a convenient service it’s not something somebody has to have. If you don’t have a lot of previous customers if you’re new unless there were a previous customer are they going to get on your slight chances are they’ll leave a message they’re just going down the next line and they’re going call somebody finally answers they already get schedule right then and there. If you can’t answer your phone you’re going to miss out on a bunch of business. If you can’t answer it gets your wife, your girlfriend, your brother, your sister, your mother whoever to answer the phone in book business. Or you can go with a Jerry call center for $20 per book job. We take calls and they don’t schedule they ask about price and they call you later and they book with you then we don’t get paid, we only get paid when a job books $20 per book job you send as much or as little calls at whatever time you want to send to us and then we’ll take them and answer them and get them booked up.


Hold to cold calling you’ve got to be doing it cold calling is not dead. Some of these marketing companies putting out these articles saying that cold calling is dead. It’s fake news. Cold call is still very much alive, cold calling can get to your nerves, and it can be demoralizing. You hear a lot of “no’s” and it really toughens you. Matter of fact all my kids are going plays cold calls and some point because it helps build your confidence and helps you get used to hearing “no”. And yet working your way through it until you hear it yes. So, I’m calling all realtors, pro organizers, estate companies, apartments, fencing companies, and etc. Surprisingly we get a lot, we have several contractors that work with us that take down old fencing and build and put up new fencing that’s actually are actually good contacts to call them up. Now when you place that call. Just a little bit of research you did know the owner’s name if at all possible and then know what location they’re and know what kind of services they offer. It’s been about three minutes researching the company before you call it. They just pick up the phone and roll right into a pre-planned pitch. The pitch doesn’t have to be firm or restrict to have an idea of what you’re going to say the answer or what you’re going to say. If it goes to voicemail which it seems like nobody answers the phone and you got to get a gatekeeper like a secretary to answers it or if it’s the business owners the answer is to have that playing down. Let’s say if the business owner answers if you’re calling a professional organizer you say it’s kind of how these calls needs to get. Pick up the phone a sample and picks up the phone. Hello this is Lee with Junk Doctors, Junk Removal, and hauling the reason for my call today is a lot of our customers are in need of professional organizing services and a lot of your customers are in need of junk removal. What I’d love to be able to do is take you out for a cup of coffee and meet you and discuss how our two companies might be able to work together and create a lot of value for each other. And would you be willing to meet with me? That’s a good confident pitch, it presents value to them. There’s no cost at all. They other than a little bit of their time and you’re willing to come meet them in person. So that’s a very good cold call script.


Now, one of the things you never want to do on a cold call and everyone answers saying hello and this is Lee with junk doctors, how are you today? Listen that how are you today, everybody knows that’s just a bunch of nonsense. You don’t care, I’m not your friend. Not much of your friend yet anyway. And I don’t care how you do it and they know that. So just roll right into it. The reason for my call today is x. Have an e-mail there already a lot of people will tell you send it to my e-mail. What you do on that is you need to have an e-mail already put together. And say OK certainly what’s your email address. And are you in front of a computer right now so you can pull the cell but we you’re talking it over can roll right into that talk over that e-mail try and keep them on the phone. A lot of times this e-mail things just a cop out. If they’re not in front of the computer even you could ask God I’ll tell you what you have a cell phone. I could just text your information right now. We look at it overall over text message. Would that work? Some people go with it some people won’t. But just try keep mobile phone and make your pitch until you achieve your desired outcome.

Facing Negativities in Cold Calling

Cold call, you’re going to get a lot of rejection if you convert one out of every about 15 people you talk with that’s great and it’s not going to be one out of every 15 calls. So, 80 percent of your closings actually occur between the 5th and the 12th contact with a particular customer so follow ups is huge. If you have a good CRM, a content customer relationship management software or constant contacts salesforce. There’s a certain amount of three dozen out there was research and fun ones you will. Make sure you enter in alerts have a schedule handy to call these people back on this day. I told the court how the conversation went so you have just done a log of everything you know about that customer. And make sure you keep your divides when you say you to call somebody. Don’t enter it into your CRM when you’re making the calls just have an old-fashioned notepad just jot notes down as you work your way down the list and then at the end of the day making calls or everything into your CRM all at once.


Cold calling is great when you’re slow. this isn’t going to always just come to you. A well-run AdWords campaign will bring you a lot of business. But there’s still got to be downtime has to be slow time to time where you really have nothing going on when you’re new. As we pick up the phone making those calls. And even if it takes you two hours and you get one job in two hours that’s one job you have otherwise not gone. And that was two hours you otherwise would not have been working so it’s just it’s a win situation for everybody involved.

The last thing I would tell you when you make that cold call is putting your mind and say I’m the one in control here I’m the one that’s bringing value to this particular customer. I’m doing them a favor by placing this call and letting them know about my service. My service is so good it’s going to make their life easier it’s going to save them money. They’re going to be able to be a lot more productive. Have reasons it might be 100 percent committed as reasons to think about call you’re doing them a favor and if you’re that confident then you’re going to get sales for sure not just maybe for sure. And then follow up to deal with the rejection is going to be a rejection. Deal with it. Follow up until you turn that no into a yes. It’s been Lee with Junk Removal Authority. Call us at +1 919-466-9322. Follow me to YouTube. Subscribe to Junk Removal Authority on YouTube below and you can always email me any comments questions, concerns or complaints. E-mail me at [email protected]. We’ll be talking to you before you know it. Hope you found all kinds of value in this video on cold call.