Follow These Tips to Make Removing The Junk from Your Home Quick and Easy

Spring cleaning may be a long way off but that doesn’t mean our homes have to remain cluttered and chaotic throughout the entire year. Now is the best time to get rid of the old and make space for the new. This helpful guide will walk you through decluttering your home, and offer helpful tips on how to remove the junk and help get you organized.

Decluttering can actually save you money. Knowing where things are in your home prevents you from going out and buying the same item again. Having a clutter-free home can also reduce stress and bring a sense of well-being.

Kitchen Decluttering

Kitchen organizationThe heart of your home, the kitchen, is the room most people spend the majority of their time in and is a challenge better tackled first.

Consider cleaning out your pantry or cabinets of all old or outdated products, spices, and foods. Assess whether or not you still need all of the appliances in your cabinets. If you have multiple blenders, mixers, or broken items it may be time to donate or throw them away.

Every kitchen has a junk drawer, some kitchens have multiple junk drawers and usually after assessing the contents we find that most of it is actually… junk! Try consolidating your junk drawer down to what is only necessary, and useful, tossing the remainder of the garbage into the trash.

Don’t forget to sort through plastic containers, lids, dishes, and glassware as well as any partyware that you may have. If you entertain during the holidays it may make sense to own special place settings to serve a few dozen people. But if you haven’t used them for years, consider getting rid of them to declutter and free up some valuable kitchen space.

Closet Decluttering

closet organizationCloset decluttering can be a painful process for some. There can be a lot of emotion in getting rid of our personal things. There are some questions you can ask yourself when going through your closet contents to help you decide if it should stay or if it should go:

  • Is it ripped, stained, or needs repair? If it’s in your closet in this current state and you have yet to tend to it, chances are, it’s not your top priority and you should probably let it go.
  • Does it fit? If it doesn’t fit and hasn’t in a long time, it’s time to move on.
  • Is it in style? Some pieces are all the rage and then just aren’t anymore.
  • Have you worn it within the past year? There are exceptions to this rule. Don’t toss the designer pieces or the fur coat from grandma. Make sound judgments, but don’t hang on to items thinking you will all-of-the-sudden wear them again. Clear the clutter!

Once you decide what has made the cut, move on to other items in your bedroom making sure to pay attention to shoes and purses as well.

Living Room Decluttering

living room organizationOur living spaces are typically full of items we can spare and often things end up in our living rooms that don’t belong there, after all, people live there! Picking up the toys, dishes, homework, and anything else that may have made its way into the living room is step one to decluttering the space.

Next, remove excess decorations and items that may be broken, or chipped. If you have a large book or DVD collection assess reducing your collection. Hide wires and cables using an area rug or furniture if necessary. Consider adding more storage options for toys, pillows and the people that live in the space so that order can be maintained going forward.

Attic and Garage Decluttering

garage organizationAttic and garage decluttering can seem quite overwhelming. However, following these tips can get you started on the right path to a decluttered space:

  • Divide the space. Work on one space at a time and begin to create areas or “zones”. For example, a holiday decorations area.
  • Don’t quit the spot. Don’t quit working in one area until it is complete before moving on.
  • Keep like things together. When decluttering, keep like things together; item size and color. This can help you find the item later on.
  • Labeling. Label all of your boxes so that you know what is inside of them when you go back to find something at a later date.

Garages and attics often hold a lot of broken, old and unused items that have been there for a long time. Make sure to address things like old decorations, old and dried out paint cans, broken lawn equipment, old tools, broken bikes, and damaged outdoor furniture.  This is a great time to gather these types of items that have been piling up for a long time and finally disposing of everything.

San Diego Junk Removal

Now that you have spent a great deal of time getting organized and decluttering your home what do you do with the enormous pile of junk that sits before you? Junk Removal Authority – San Diego specializes in junk removal, including large-scale items like furniture and appliances. Junk Removal Authority will even donate items in good condition to local charities and resale stores, taking the hassle out of the process for you.

It is essential that you finish the job once you have begun the decluttering process. Never keep the bags, boxes or piles you created; make arrangements now for them to be picked up by Junk Removal Authority San Diego. Once your junk is on the truck, your house is clean and decluttered, and your items are on their way to either be donated, recycled, or disposed of properly.