When it comes to disposing of old furniture, people often don’t do so unless they are moving out of their current home or are buying new stuff. Even then, they either give their old furniture to friends or family. This is where the question of “When is it ideal for you to throw away old furniture?” pops up.

Most people find it hard to junk old furniture, particularly if there is some sentimental value to a specific piece. For example, if an old rocking chair is falling apart but it was where you nursed your child while he was a baby, it usually does not get thrown out. This kind of furniture often gets relegated to a storeroom, gathering dust and dirt.

What do you do with old furniture that you don’t want to throw away? Here are a couple of ideas that you should consider:

Repair – If an item has sentimental value, but is falling apart, you should consider having it restored or fixed so that it has some use. Don’t want it to look like new? You can still have it fixed, and then have it finished in such a way that it looks ancient.

Repurpose – This is not the only thing you can do with old furniture that you don’t want to throw away. Old tables, old chairs, and even old trunks that have you have some emotional attachment to can be fixed so that you can get more use out of these. You can also repurpose or upcycle these items so these can be used as other things.

Don’t Throw Away Old Furniture Unless Necessary

The rule-of-thumb in this day and age is to NOT junk out old furniture unless it is not useful anymore with some irremovable pest. Furniture, even though it is old, can still serve some purpose and can be reused in one way or another. What you do with old furniture that you don’t want any more even after you repair and repurpose these include the following options:

  • Sell them

    Yes, you can sell old furniture you don’t want any more at a garage, online, at a flea market, and at an auction. Antiques can fetch you a lot of money if they are in good condition and look like they still have that old look about them. Repurposed furniture is a hit with the hipster crowd. Old furniture that is still useful but has not undergone any repairs or rework can be sold at a bargain.

  • Donate them 

    Another thing you can do with furniture that you don’t want is to donate them to a charity that can get some use out of them. If there is a shelter or home that needs extra beds, sofas, or other furniture that you don’t use anymore and want to dispose of, you can donate these to them.

  • Give them away 

    If you have friends who want your old furniture, give it to them. If you have a kid who is putting together a clubhouse for his group of friends, you can give your old sofa or bed to them. Giving your old furniture away is better than throwing them away since the latter will only increase the amount of garbage that is already out in the world.

  • Find a good junk removal company 

    If you cannot do any of these, you should find yourself a good junk removal company who can take your old furniture away. These companies, like Bull Run Junk Removal in Tysons Corner, donate stuff to various charities. Furniture that you no longer need or use but can still be useful by other people belongs to the list of items that can be donated, along with fixable appliances, clothing, toys, and books.

Save the Environment by Donating Old Furniture

With the help of a good junk removal service in Tysons Corner, you can get rid of old furniture while helping the environment and others at the same time. All you need to do is to contact us at 703-239-3903 and we will remove your old furniture for you at a reasonable rate.

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