Joseph Lambert is living proof that hard work (and a JRA “cheat sheet”) can really pay off. Joseph is not quite 21 years old but has seen enormous success with his business Joseph’s Junk Removal in Atlanta, Georgia. In just a little over 2 years, he’s built his business into a 6 truck operation and expects to double in size to 9 or 10 trucks this year. Clearly, Joseph has learned a lot about what makes his business tick. However, he has learned a lot about himself along the way, too.

“Having a junk removal business has taught me so much about myself,” Joseph said. “It’s taught me a lot of ways how to grow and be a young man. It’s taught me how to take responsibility when things go wrong. I learned that I need mentors. I need other people speaking into my life.”

Growing with JRA Services

As a JRA client, Joseph receives mentorship from the junk removal experts at Junk Removal Authority. This guidance, in addition to his ambition and energy, proves to be a highly effective formula.

“JRA is like a cheat sheet to grow more quickly without making nearly as many mistakes,” said Joseph. In a lot of ways that’s true. JRA created our services so business owners don’t have to make the same mistakes we did. We have the answers, and business owners like Joseph are taking advantage.

Currently, Joseph is using multiple JRA services to build his business, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads Management, a JRA Website, and our Contact Center’s Dedicated Service. He’s also nabbed 6 junk removal trucks, meaning his crews can take more appointments and bring in more revenue.

“These junk removal trucks are built like tanks,” Joseph said. He plans to obtain even more of these trucks in the future, as his expansion plans still go on and on. Over the next ten years, he looks forward to operating in the fifteen biggest cities east of the Mississippi River. He is also considering some Texas markets. “With the junk removal industry, the sky is the limit,” said Joseph.

More Mentorship at JUNKCON

Joseph of Joseph’s Junk Removal meets JRA Digital Marketing Specialist Carly Violante.

Joseph Lambert also had a chance to attend JRA’s inaugural JUNKCON ™ last year where he spoke on a panel and received mentorship—and camaraderie—from other junk removal business owners from all across the country. At JUNKCON ™, these business owners had a rare opportunity for face-to-face networking, knowledge-sharing, and panels hosted by our greatest junk removal pros. 

“It was really cool to get to interact with a lot of other guys in the industry,” Joseph said. “It’s awesome to see there are other guys who operate very differently from us. They’re absolutely crushing it. Everybody’s so encouraging and uplifting there.”

JUNKCON ™ ‘21 was a massive success, and we hope to see Joseph and our other attendees at JUNKCON ™ ‘22.

In the meantime, Joseph and his business will continue to grow together. JRA’s “cheat sheet” combined with a passion for personal growth like Joseph’s, will never stop being a winning combination.