Professional Organizers

One of the most common questions we get at JRA is “how can we increase business?” Online advertising is by far your best source of new customers and revenue. However, if you’re a hungry junk removal business owner who wants to squeeze every ounce of business out of your junk removal company, you gotta hustle. You have to get out there and meet people who can use your service. A little-known market segment that frequently needs junk removal services from professional organizers.

Professional organizers are specialists who assist homeowners and business owners in organizing their belongings, their files, their digital accounts, and their lives in general. It is a niche service, but one that is very much in demand.


Organizers are true professionals with high standards. They’re hard to please, but if you do a good job they’ll keep using your service indefinitely.

Organizers are always doing work for people who have trash to get rid of. Oftentimes the organizer will haul the smaller stuff out on their own. However, the larger stuff that will not fit in their vehicles must be hauled by someone else. Some organizers will call donation centers and consignment shops to pick up a lot of items, but even then there is often additional stuff that needs to be junked.

One of the most important things you can offer a Pro Organizer is same or next day service. Oftentimes the Organizer has made great progress with an individual throughout the day. They’ve gotten on a roll and the customer is motivated to keep moving. If that junk sits overnight, the customer could decide to keep some items or that they don’t want to pay more for junk removal. If that happens, the organizer has lost their momentum. Make sure you are able to accommodate same day service.

Organizers are perhaps more particular than your average customer. You must make sure you are on your “A” game when you are working with organizers. They want to see shoes off or boot covers on. They want to know items are being donated and they will check on the donation receipt. They are usually required to conduct an inventory of what goes in the truck as you are loading it. Your team must be at their best on organizer jobs.

To reach organizers, you can visit the National Association of Professional Organizers website ( They have a database in which you can find organizers in your area. To start networking, I picked up the phone and called each and every one of them to try to set up a meeting. I would then buy them a cup of coffee, introduce myself, and talk about the services we could provide for the – same day service, clean cut team members, donating and recycling of items, etc. That alone will earn you their business.

Another thing you can do is actually sponsor your local NAPO chapter. They will often allow you to set up a booth once a year, go to their monthly meetings, and make a speech about your service from time to time.

Everyone always talks about working with realtors in the junk removal industry. Realtors are a good source of business, but we have found Organizers to be every bit as good, if not better. Get on the phone, sponsor the chapter, get in front of people, and get known by Organizers. It will pay off greatly for you!

Just another tip helping you learn The Junk Removal Authority Way.

-Lee Godbold