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Happy Labor Day Everybody! I hope everybody is doing great today. This is Lee Godbold with Junk Removal Authority. Check us out on I apologize for my Sunglass tan. I’m not trying to imitate a raccoon here but I’ll take the sunglass tan so I don’t have to stare at the sun when I’m sitting down at the beach this weekend. I got a lot of great thinking and planning done at the beach. We are kind of doing a little bit of a shift here for long-term though. Everything we’re doing with JRA is going to keep right on rolling but we got something else that is coming. It’s going to really change how service providers start, grow, get trained and get business. It’s connecting business owners with consumers, getting jobs booked for them. Not leads, but jobs. There’s a humongous plan in the works and large investment that’s got to be made and we’re willing to make because we don’t dabble here at JRA or with whatever this next company is about to be called.


What I want to talk about to everybody today is to quit dabbling. Let’s just get started. I’m talking to every single one of you out there. Those who have been watching my videos and researching about junk removal by watching other videos. Those on the internet forums and those taking business courses. You’ve been doing this for a year, some of you for over a year and you’ve been thinking about doing it. You need to consume a lot of information. You need to gather and consume videos, articles, information on, business information, legal information and accounting information. You need to understand that stuff, but you get to a certain point when you know it and the next step to up your knowledge is going out there and getting started.


That is what a lot of people lack. You have to get going. If you don’t ever start then you’re going to be somebody who just sits there, researching and before you know it 5-10 years has passed. You never pulled the trigger and more than likely, you will focus on researching and then after a year or two, you will lose interest and never pursue what you started. You will leave something on the table that could have been great. You will ignore that and won’t try it out. You will never know if that would have been a success. Instead, you will keep doing the same exact thing you have been doing. We all know that if we keep doing the same exact stuff we’ve been doing, we’re going to get the same exact results we’ve been getting. If you’re not happy with where you are now, you need to make a change.


Continually doing what you’re doing isn’t going to lead you to where you want to be. Far too often, people gather too much information and they never get started. I had a little bit of the opposite problem early on in business. I would get some information then I’ll run out from there and start. I would make a bunch of mistakes and learn from those mistakes. However, if there was an easier way, I did not pursue it and there was an easier way. So, those of you out there getting information, you’re doing great. You’re probably doing a lot better than I am, but you’ve got to make that leap. You have to grow and get some balls. You have to go there and you have to try.


For example, we owned a paper shredding company shortly after we started our junk removal service. It was making a little bit of money and we are grossing at that point, maybe a few hundred thousand dollars a year. We might have been making $60,000, nothing really to brag about. We figured, well we got this junk removal figured out and we were doing well. I think at the time maybe we thought we would peak. We knew there was more money to come and we thought starting another business while simultaneously running a still infant junk removal company would not be difficult.


We were gravely mistaken.  We got into the shredding and talk about not dabbling, we dabbled in shredding. We bought a used truck with outdated technology and it was slow. It was an old International; I think its 4700 model. The truck would not run 50 mph down the highway. It sounded good but it has no power for the weight of that vehicle, especially when you have a full load of paper. I mean you figure that we could get probably 80 cubic yards of shredded paper back there. Think about how much that weighs, 80 cubic yards of paper and that truck would just be so slow. We got a truck that was not quite right and we were going to spend $8,000 on it.


It was slow to shred and it would jam a lot easier than later technology shredders. We did not go out and get a HEPA certification. We needed that and there was a lot of business we could not get because we did not get the HEPA certification and did want to spend the money on it. We did not have a salesperson. For business-to-business sales, you have to have a sales staff. We did not know anything about sales staff at the time. We did not know anything about sales.  We dabbled in it. We did it for about a year and a half and we were lucky enough we had a couple accounts. We sold the truck and few accounts to another local shredding company. We got most of our money back out and lost just a little bit of money.


We could have made that business successful if we waited a few years. For example, instead of starting JRA, if we had gone out and started a shredding business. We could have made a shredding company successful but that does not interest me right now. Starting other junk removal business does not interest me right now. I’ve gone from running a junk removal business to where that really excites me to now where I’ve got a goal and a vision. I want to make an impact that is a lot larger than a paper shredding company or junk removal business or anything like that can make. We have a great concept now and we are about to sink a bunch of money into it to make it grow. We are about to hire many people before we have a tremendous number of sales.


We are about to hire about three more people that are going to cost a good amount of money. We are about to build some scheduling software that could easily run $50,000-$100,000 plus to build. I can’t go into too many details right now because we want to get most of this together and then blast it out, a kind of a finished product that is pretty much ready to go. Something that we are going to continually make investments over time because again, we do not dabble and you should not dabble either. The main thing is, you have to get started. It is better to get started and make a few mistakes than planning every move and running through every scenario, every positive and negative that can occur. You need planning, but do not over plan.



Don’t get analysis paralysis. If you do plan out, number one, you’re never going to anticipate everything that can happen in your business. So, a lot of what you’re doing is wasting time. Number two, if you never get out there and get started, then there’s no reason to have done all this planning. Get out there and get going. You are going to learn more from doing than you will from all the research in the world. All the articles and free research you’re reading online and all the videos you’re watching online, they’re helpful but it’s not a complete program. It’s not getting out there and getting everything done yourself. One thing I will mention as an example. I do not watch much of his stuff, but I keep up with what is going on.


The guy’s down in Dallas, another Youtuber called DFW Junk Guys. I think he’s got around 3000 subscribers. Our philosophy on junk removal is completely opposite. Our philosophy on life is probably opposite. Our philosophy on business is likely completely opposite. I’m not saying he is wrong or if I disagree with it is wrong. But that being said, there’s a percentage of perspective junk removal business owners that read his side and resonates with that. No matter how much I talk about big numbers, spinning a lot of money on advertising, hiring people and getting off the truck. No matter how much I say that stuff, it’s not going to sway them.


They don’t think that way and somebody like the DFW guy is probably right for that individual and I’m not. If this stuff that I’m saying that you’re seeing and believing in, and you’re like “Yeah that’s me and that’s how I think. I want something big and I want something I can sell. I do not want to settle for just a decent job. I don’t want to settle for just a $50,000 a year job.” You shouldn’t make just $50,000 a year if you’re going out and starting your own business. But for those of you that want to make that. For those of you that deem that to be successful though. For those of you that deem that you can go out and you make $50,000 a year. If you could feel like you’re secure and could spend time with your family and do all the kinds of stuff you want to do.


Maybe that’s your route. Maybe that’s the information you need. You need to get out there and get started. If you liked the DFW guy, then get started.  If you like my stuff, then get started. Maybe start with purchasing the $7,500 startup package and get a lot of information. If you’re still not going to pull the trigger, then a $100,000 worth of mistakes will probably be solved by the $7,500 package. If you’re not going to spend the money on that, well watch our videos and read our information. Get out there and just do what we did, get started. A lot of headaches can be removed by working directly with us. Some of you just aren’t going to spend the money and that’s fine. Get out there and get started.


Then once you get out there and get started and you have questions or you have run into some snags, and you want to come to us, great. You don’t have to be a brand-new startup to work with us. We certainly can bring you a lot of business with Pay-per-Job as well. You have to get started. One thing that DFW guy is doing right is this junk removal summit thing that he’s putting together. No, I’m not going to be there and I won’t even consider going into it. I’m going to be around people that think on the same level I am. Some people will be very negative about this. I’ll probably get some down arrows about this, which is great but I’m not going to put myself around people that think on a completely lower level than I think.


The people that listen to him and the people that are likely going to attend that just don’t think on the same level that I think.  I’m always going to tell everything how I see it. I believe what my feelings and thoughts are and that is my feelings and thoughts. That probably will upset a few people right there by saying that. It’s not the same deal, but I’m going to give that guy credit. He is getting out there and he’s getting started. In the years past, there’s been a summit or convention, it’s a lot of talk, and nothing really ever comes together. He’s proven my point and he’s just doing it.


He’s just like, let’s do a summit and I don’t know if he’s charged anything for it which I think is ludicrous. None of us is out there hauling junk for free. He’s not telling people to haul junk for free and I’m not telling people to haul junk for free. I don’t know if he has another angle either. I don’t think he does. He might have some information out there on starting some sort of a Junk Guys. He’s not franchised and I don’t know what he’s doing with his other Junk Guys up here. Maybe he has something out there or he’s got some sort of angle for doing a website form or something. I don’t know. I think it’s crazy that he’s doing it for free because if he’s going to do it right, he’s going to have some money in it. Then again, he’s just getting started. It’s right there at his house and he’s not having to stay at a hotel room or anything. So, good for him. If it’s a success I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t charge next year and maybe have a slightly larger event. He’s getting out there and he’s going to start. He’s going to learn some stuff on this. There’s going to be some mistakes made for sure.


We will do a convention at some point. People have asked me about it and it’s going to be probably not next year but 2020 or after. It might just not be junk removal, there could be some other services that are provided. This is what I will tell you though; if we do a convention, one, it is not going to be free because we’re going to do a very good job. It’s going to be tremendous. We’ll probably do it in Orlando, Vegas or Miami, something like that. It will not be free. I don’t know what it would be yet because we hadn’t thought about it. For us to build a convention together, it’s going to have to have a lot of industry vendors.


It’s going to have multiple experts in junk removal and in business giving seminars. It’s got to be big, I’m not going to do it just to get together. It’s got to be large for us to put on a convention or a conference convention, whatever you want to call it. It’s going to be at a place where we can all go learn a lot and have a great time. But give that guy a credit because he is getting going. He is getting started and that’s awesome. He’s getting out there and he’s getting with it.


One of the things I mentioned before is dabbling and how we don’t dabble. We’re in kind of the same boat right now. We’ve hit a very unique idea that could really change the way service providers start, grow and get in business. To expand and reach customers, get jobs booked and do their scheduling invoice. We’ve hit on something really unique. We’ve proven this is working and we’ve proven the concept. We’ve gotten a beta test done and it’s been successful. We’re excited to expand this out to every major city in the United States and Canada. We’re already taking steps right now to build a web presence in that area. What’s part of our Pay-per-Job Program right now for junk removal companies. The waiting list, it is over. We’re now bringing in more people, but we have to do it in the order of the people we have on our waiting list.


I’ve got a voicemail that I got to call back in just a bit. Johnson City, Tennessee wanting to get on as a pay-per-job customer. We got places in Miami, Hampton, Virginia, Tacoma, Washington, Oklahoma City, St Petersburg, San Antonio, Centerville, VA and Baltimore. All those places are on a waiting list for pay-per-job. Its filling up guys and have very limited vendors per city. You have to qualify. You got to be able to do same or next day service. We’re really going to start cracking down on that same or next day service. I’ve said it before, 20% of our jobs are same or next day. We have people tell us they can do same or next day and then they can’t. They’re missing out on income, great growth potential, repeat business and referral business. We’ve got a lot of money tied up in pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and all the stuff we do without getting any income because we only get paid when a job gets scheduled. So, we’ve hit on something that’s working like pay-per-job. If you wanted to be a part of it, you better give us a call at 919-617-1975 because it’s filling up fast. We anticipate to be in every major market throughout the country by spring of next year. We are also doing this in Canada. It’s a little bit more expensive in Canada because the exchange rate’s $90 per job in the U.S. and I think it’s like 120 Canadian Dollar per job or something in Canada.


What I’m saying is we can dabble with it and we would never make it a success. What’s going to wind up having to happen is I’m going to have to put about $100,000 into building this thing and even that could be low. Luckily, we’ve got the money. I think it’s going to be $100,000 almost immediately. Then basically the money that is being made off of Junk Doctors is going to be put towards it to build it up. I might tell my wife that she’s got to hold off on the jeep upgrades. Then I’m going to have to hold off on fixing up our airplanes and old cars that I’ve been doing. We’re going to have to really tighten up like every leftover penny after feeding us and doing whatever to cut back on entertainment because every single little penny left-over is going into this project.


The money my wife makes coaching volleyball. She makes pretty good money doing private volleyball lessons and that is probably going to have to be put towards this project. All of our resources are going to have to be put towards this project because we’re not going to dabble. We’re going to grow it big. We need a lot of exposure. We’re going to build something great. Something that everybody wants to work with. It’s such a unique position right now and we’ve got people contacting us to do business. That’s a very unique thing. That’s not something you’re really going to get in junk removal. It’s really cools right now because we’ve got people we’ve turned away. It’s like, you don’t meet our qualifications yet and here’s what you need to do to be our provider in that market, but you better hurry up because somebody out there is going to reach out to us and somebody out there is going to take that spot. Time is of the essence. It’s really neat. We’ve hit on something that’s great, and now we’re going to take every penny we make, we’re going to take every penny that’s left over from Junk Doctors and it’s going to be pushed in. We build up an account and all of that is going to be released into this awesome product and service that’s really going to help out every service provider that participates and uses it. It’s going to make their lives a lot easier and it’s going to be less phone calls that have to be made and taken.


It’s going to make scheduling a lot easier because the scheduling software is going to be so tremendous. It’s going to be better than anything that is out there. It’s going to be at least as good as the best thing that’s out there and eventually it’s going to be a hell of a lot better. It’s going to be available for either free for pay per job customers or extremely cheap. We haven’t worked out all the pricing details yet because there’s a lot of ongoing expense and all to support something like that. So, that’s what we’ve got going on and that’s what we’re working. We’re starting, we want to see you starting. You can do that $7,500 startup package right now. You get all of our operations manuals that we’ve accumulated over the years. You get the virtual training series that we’ve developed so far plus what we’re going to develop over the next several months as well


Those videos are yours to keep. It’s video training and testing that you can use for your employees that you hire. So, all of your employees can go through training to understand what they’re doing before they actually ever have to get on the truck. You’re not going to take your time to spend hours on personally training them for stuff not related to lifting junk. I mean, obviously the truck stuff they’re going to have to figure out, but as far as how are these jobs priced and what’s important like how do you greet a customer. What are the special situations where a job looks like it might be simple, but all of a sudden it isn’t? What are liability situations. How do you get rid of a hot tub or a piano? How do you properly use an appliance dolly? If you’re answering the phone, how do you make a proper courtesy call.


What are special situations on job quotes where the job’s going to be a lot more expensive. Like what if somebody is using for general labor to help sort items and junk removal, how do you quote that. What are situations where the materials you need to charge more for. This stuff is relevant to employees and the employees can benefit tremendously from those videos. Somebody that goes through this testing, they’ve spent some time going through this and has a good chance they’re going to want to be a decent employee. Then on your end, how do you keep the books, how do you market and how do you train and hire employees.


It also covers a lot of mistakes we’ve made along the way like insurance. It covers all the information on insurance, all that stuff is covered in those manuals and video training series. $7,500 includes up to five days of training on the truck at Junk Doctors of Raleigh. Then 10 hours’ worth of consulting. Right there is the $7,500, we estimate it’s probably at minimum $100,000 worth of value you’re getting and mistakes we made along the way. So, those of you who want to commit and don’t want to dabble. That’s your first step. Give us a call at 919-617-1975 and get on that business package. We’re going to get you in business. We’re not going to be only consulting with you we’re also going to be cheerleading you and pushing. You were going to be motivating you to get into business.


The other thing we’re not dabbling is going to require a major commitment. To be successful in your market, you need to be willing to do what your competition is not willing to do. For example, answer phones 24/7 or hire a call center. We’ve got one that can book your jobs. So, you need to be willing to answer the phone all the time to get their jobs scheduled. I’ve answered phones at 3:30 in the morning. I’ve answered phones on our honeymoon. I’ve answered phones in the middle of having sex. I walked out of church one time to answer a phone. I have literally answered phones in every single situation when a lot of people thought it was rude as hell. When it was imposing on the people I was around, I’ve answered that phone when I did not want to.


I have answered that phone because on junk removal jobs, it is critical. If you call JRA, not the JRA pay per job line or the JRA call center numbers or anything like that, but if you call Junk Removal Authority, we might not pick up. If you call my cell number nowadays because I got people answering the critical calls I might not answer if I’m in the middle of something. If I’m rolling through something, I might not pick up because on Junk Removal Authority stuff, people are looking to get into business. People are looking for consulting and all like that. People are looking for pay per job. They’ll leave a message and we’ll call them back quickly, but when the time is right. We’re not going to drop everything we’ve got going on because we’ve got a real tight schedule to grab that call.


Somebody could leave a message and we’ll call back. In junk removal business, that’s not the case. You missed that call, they would go on down on Google. They go on down the list to the next company. There’s no telling how beneficial that has been to our business. The fact we answer our phone at all times. You got to be willing to go out there to work a job till midnight if you have a big job that’s got to get done that night. We’ve had crews rolled in at midnight. I’ve rolled in at midnight. You have to be willing to do those jobs. You have to be willing to have a larger surface area. You got to be willing to drive. You have to be willing to take a chance to get out there and drive 40-50 miles when somebody’s not there to do the job.







There’s a lot of big jobs out there that you’re missing out on if you only do it at 20-25 miles service radius. You need to be doing 40-50 miles of service radius depending on your location and your traffic. In some places like in California maybe 35 miles, but those doing small service areas you need to expand a little quicker. If you get to the point where you can’t keep up because you’re so busy and you’ve got a large surface area, you need to add some trucks, people and routes. That way you get one truck stays up north, yet one truck stays on the south or east and west. Then eventually need to have more trucks in a market and then before you know it you have a 50-mile radius. You can have zones and your fuel expenses is going to be less than when you were doing 25-mile races.


If you don’t get started in those outer areas though, you’re not going to pick up a reputation. You’re not going to get big enough. You’re not going to hit enough large jobs to get to that point. So, you do a lot of things that cost you money and don’t make money on to become super successful in this business. That sacrifice has to be made. If you’re not willing to make that sacrifice, then you’re probably not a good candidate for the JRA way. You got to be willing to spend a lot of money on advertising and getting the customers. Without customers, you don’t have a business and charge enough where you can afford to spend a lot of money in advertising. Don’t throw money away on advertising.


Use proven methods like Pay-per-Click, SEO and Social Media. Those are the main proven ways of marketing. Then just getting out there and get your name known by other business owners like the apartment complexes in your area and participating in the Chamber of Commerce meetings. Direct sales are also a proven method. I would not do any print, TV or radio advertising until you can afford to spend a bunch of money on radio advertising. Radio advertising is a prime example of do not dabble.


If you decided to do radio, you better not be advertising it at 2:00 A.M. in the morning unless you’re selling a taxi service or sex product. You need to be on when people are listing primetime. You need to be on when people are driving home. You need to be on when people eat their own lunch. You need to be on when they’re going into work. You need to do it for a long period. Radio advertising is old school advertising. It is branding, it is getting your name known where people know it. Got Junk has gotten good at it; they’ve been doing radio commercials for two years. We’ve gotten business from it because people do a Google search for 100 Got Junk and there we are. Yours truly is right there. We get stuff all the time like; how did you hear about us? I heard it from radio. We had never run a radio ad and I’d say that happens weekly. They’re like that’s a great catchy commercial and we’re like yeah, we put a lot of work into that. Radio is not something you want to dabble on. Pay-per-Click is something you want to dabble on.





Once you have the proven method, you have to roll with it. That’s one of the nice things about Pay-per-Job with JRA, we’ve eliminated all the way spins. You’re going to get great ad placement, a lot of exposure and impressions, and we’re going to get a lot of clicks that we have to pay for. We’re going to get a lot of phone calls that we got a take, but we’re going to book you a ton of jobs too because we got people that are trained to book those jobs. We got a website that converts and we get ad copies that people click on. Pay-per-Job only have a very select availability left. You need to let us know if you want on board because that train is fast on departing the station.


Got to be willing to work seven days a week. One, those of you who does not do jobs on Saturday, you got to do jobs on Saturday. Saturday is our busiest day of the week. A lot of people call for same day service on Saturday. If you can’t do it on a Saturday and Sunday, well you are out of luck. They’re going to go on to somebody else that can. You got to be desperate. You got to be committed. You got to make sacrifices here. If you are not going to do it then you are not going to win in the game. You are not going to make a huge junk removal company. You’re going to be an also ran. People look at us, the Junk Doctors, and ask how did you get to $2,000,000 a year in sales.


We were willing to do what others are not willing to do. We’re still willing to do what others are not willing to do. The point is, you’re not going to beat us in the market we’re in, unless somebody goes in and says I don’t care I’ll make it profit. I just want to down Junk Doctors and they’re going to come in and spend a million dollars on advertising in a year or something ridiculous just to beat us. You’re not going to beat us at this point because we’ve gotten too large. You need to have that sense of desperation. If you’re in a market and you’re the only local guy or one of the few local ones in your market that are serious players, you need to make a commitment to blow up and dominate your market.


Get so large that the franchises that ignored you because they thought there’s no way these little haulers going to outdo us. We’re number one in North Carolina now. No junk removal company out there does more business in junk removal than we do in Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro. Nobody does anymore. We’ve got more trucks than Got Junk. We do more business than Got Junk. We dominate in this area. Are they going anywhere, No, we’re not going to run Got Junk out of business? They’re too big, they have too much name recognition, and they do decent work that is extremely expensive.


A little bit more expensive than we are because they got that name recognition rolling for them. They are prestigious believe it or not. We had our partner in West Palm say; I know I missed out on work because even though we’re cheaper, we know of people that have chosen Got Junk because they’re in a million-dollar home. They don’t want their neighbors seeing his truck there. Got Junk is a prestigious company. How do you get to that level though? Junk Doctors has gotten to that prestige. We’ve gotten to that level. It’s taken us while to get to that level. You have to build it large.


You have to learn to dominate your market for junk removal. Once you get to a certain size, if you keep that level of desperation and keep investing in your business and growing it then nobody’s going to be able to take you down. If you get content and start offering mediocre service and cutting way back on the advertising budget then they’ll beat you. But if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, learning new stuff and start doing stuff that you haven’t, then you’re not going to get beaten. The problem is, there will be multiple people with that aggressive approach in the same market in junk removal because everything gets really expensive.


So, time is of the essence and get started right now. Get desperate right now. Make sacrifices right now to build up a dominant junk removal business in your market. We can help you out with Pay-per-Job at 919-617-1975.


Dave Ramsey, everybody knows who he is but I’m not a huge fan of his. Well, I don’t dislike Dave but there’s a lot of what he says that I disagree with because of who I am and what I’ve got going on. Is he right for 99% of people? Yeah, he’s right for 99% of people. 99% of people need to drink Dave’s Kool-Aid until they start puking it out because a lot of what he’s saying is correct. But for a few select of people, the 1% of the population, Dave isn’t right for them in a lot of ways. He doesn’t try and appeal to this and he’s doing stuff right too. He can’t try to appeal to everybody. It’s like I’m not trying to appeal to the people that DFW resonates with. He has a large number of followers, he has 3,000 and I got a 44-54 something like that. He’s been doing it for eight years, I’ve been doing it six months, and there’s a large percentage of the population that he appeals to. But there’s a percentage that go roll with me and they’re going to blow up and be super successful. They will make a bunch of money in this business, make something they can sell and have a lot of freedom in their life.


Not early on those first couple of years you have to make sacrifices. DFW is going to be a little easier for the first couple of years in his way of doing things. But by year three, you will get some great money starting rolling. Normally, $80,000-$120,000 leftover between salary and profit. By year five, $200,000 plus is very well doable and that’s after your salary. That is business profit. You could be making $80,000-$100,000 a year or you can be making about $60,000-$70,000 a year and have your full-time manager making another $60,000-$70,000 and you have about $200,000 plus left over from business profit. Then you’ve got a business worth a million bucks and if you want to go out there and sell for it for a million bucks, you can.


We can’t guarantee any of those numbers obviously, but those are the numbers we’ve seen. Those are the numbers we believe to be possible if you’re willing to make that huge commitment. So, Dave does have one saying, right and that is “Live like no one else today, so, you can live like no one else tomorrow.” What he means is right now, make sacrifices. If you have to live in the warehouse, office or on an air mattress, do it. Elon Musk did it. When Elon Musk started his first company, he couldn’t afford a house and they rented. He rented the business office. He had a cot and an air mattress that he slept on. There was a closet that he would stick his air mattress in.


He kept a couple of clothes when the employees would come in the morning. He still sleeps in his warehouse now; he has a bed embedded at his factory in the Tesla factory and Space X factory. Employees would come in, they would kick him, and he’d wake up and go to work. He would work until 2:00 A.M. – 3:00 A.M. and then employees will start rolling in at 7:00A.M. – 8:00A.M. They would kick him, he’ll wake up and go back to work. I’m not saying a lot of us aren’t Elon Musk. He’s an incredible character and he’s willing to do what almost nobody’s willing to do. Now he’s capable of living and impacting the world.


Maybe impacted Mars. He affected the human civilization probably more than anybody else right now. If he lives long enough, there is a good chance he will influence civilization. Nobody had influenced civilization any more than Jesus had by the time Elon wraps up. He’s a fascinating character. If you get a chance to look into Elan Musk, he’s an unbelievable character. I get people all the time, which is just 400 some followers say, “Man, you’re a huge inspiration to me”. That’s awesome. That’s great. Elon is a little bit of an inspiration to me. I don’t personally know him, but just through his vision and the way he’s not about the money but making a huge impact. That’s just awesome to me.


That’s not something that I get out of junk removal anymore. So, we’ve got another step that we’re running towards and that’s the nice thing if you’ve got to go into the JRA way. A lot of you will not think exactly like I do. Hopefully you would follow the program, but you might get to the point you’re making that money and you’re happy and content that you don’t want to go to the next thing. But if you decide you wanted to go into the next thing, you got a business you can sell for a million bucks as a nice little chunk of change to put into your next business or whatever that might be. Maybe it’s working with us on what we’ve got going on, who knows.


This has been one of the longer videos that I’ve ever put out. I’m sure a lot of you probably didn’t make it to the 40-minute mark which we’re about to hit but I just want to encourage each and every one of you soon as you stop watching this video. Start putting something into motion if it’s going on or whatever and getting your LLC established for your business. If it’s getting on Craigslist, looking for a truck or trying to find a pickup truck and trailer combination. If it’s calling JRA at 919-617-1975 and talk about doing a business package or Pay-per-Job program. Go ahead and make a step towards starting your business. Get started right now. If you don’t start right now there’s a good chance that you never will. 919-617-1975, Thanks guys!