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The support you need to start your junk removal business without the royalties and restrictions of a traditional franchise

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What's Included in the Business Package?

Get all the franchise-level knowledge and support you need to avoid over $100k of mistakes at a fraction of the cost. The JRA Junk Removal Business Package is designed to get you from idea to opening day in less than two months. With the JRA business package, you get:

Business Assistance
We’ll help you with brand design, regulatory requirements, and other important to-dos before starting your business.
Optimized Junk Removal Website
Our custom sites are fitted with your company’s branding and proven to convert 20% better than typical junk removal websites.
In Person Classroom and Truck Training
Join us at our Raleigh, NC office for in-depth training sessions. Learn how to plan for business growth. Discover JRA's junk removal sales strategies that lead to higher closing percentage, higher average job sales, and more repeat business. Learn how to quote jobs. Study key strategies on hiring and managing a growing team. Learn safety procedures and more!
Complete Operation Manual
You’ll receive our full manual on how to run every part of a junk removal business.
Standard Operating Procedures and Checklists
Receive our complete business system. Plug in your employees, follow this system and be in a great position to achieve success.
Video Training Series
Train and onboard employees with 45+ videos that cover driving a truck, selling jobs, safety, customer service, beginning and end of day procedures, and more! Study over 100 owner training videos to further your knowledge on building a successful junk removal company.
Advertising Services
Book your initial jobs with the first month of JRA’s Digital Marketing Bundle, including a custom Website, Google Ads, and SEO services.
One Year of Consulting
Plan business expansion. Deal with common issues and growing pains. Get assistance with complicated job quotes.

“With JRA, you get all the benefits of being part of a franchise without all of the restrictions.”

– Sean Smith, Owner of Junk Smiths

Why Choose JRA Over a Junk Removal Franchise?

JRA offers all the support, expertise, and training of the big franchises without any of the royalties and long-term contracts. The problem with franchises is that as businesses grow, they need the assistance of their franchisor less and less. However, business owners are trapped into agreements that force them to send more and more money, despite needing their franchisor’s services less and less. With JRA’s Franchise Alternative you get:

  • All the same initial training and ongoing support as a franchise without the long-term commitment and restrictions!
  • No limits on how or where you operate your business.
  • No franchise agreement that makes it difficult to sell your business when you want to cash out.
  • Startup and ongoing costs for a fraction of your typical junk removal franchise.

JRA gives you the FREEDOM to grow your business the way you want while providing the expertise and support to help you skyrocket to success.

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50+ Businesses Launched

$250,000 Plus! Average Annual Revenue In 1st Year of Business

One-on-One Consultation


When you sign up for the JRA business package, you gain first-hand access to not one, but two multi-million dollar junk removal entrepreneurs! JRA Founder and CEO Lee Godbold and JRA Consultant Sam Schick will give your one-on-one advice specific to your business and guided by their wealth of experience and expertise.

Our founder Lee started his own junk removal business – Junk Doctors – in North Carolina over 10 years ago. After growing his company to a multi-million dollar business, he initially considered franchising the brand. Instead, he decided to chart a different path that would help fellow independent business owners grow without the restraints of a franchise.

Sam is the former owner of one of the largest junk removal operations in the United States. For fifteen years he ran a 25 truck, 100 employee franchise in Chicago, Illinois bringing in over $10 million a year. Together, Sam and Lee can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by helping you avoid the mistake they made.

Why Start a Junk Removal Business?

With low barriers to entry and high-profit margins, junk removal is one of the smartest and safest businesses to get into.

  • Low Cash Requirements: Start-up costs for a junk removal business are relatively low in relation to potential income.
  • High-Profit Margins: The standard net profit for an established junk removal business is 20%.
  • Easy to Scale: To scale your business, you simply need to add more trucks and more people. With aggressive marketing, you can see 50% to 100% growth during the first three years of operation. Reaching $1 million in annual revenue by your third year is within reach.
  • Low Tech Barriers: Unlike many other industries, junk removal doesn’t require extensive training or licensing. Not only does this help you get started, but it also makes it easier to hire and train crew members.
  • Recession-Proof: The demand for junk removal continues to increase as Americans move more frequently and older generations downsize. Even in times of recession, commercial businesses require the junk removal industry to help with foreclosures and home flipping projects.
  • Simply put, it’s a great business to be in. We can help you get started AND succeed!

Business Package Client Reviews

Client Success Stories

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    Less Frustration and Faster Results for Charles Hosch of Top Flight

  • play video

    "People Always Think We're a Franchise, But We're an Independent Business"

  • play video

    "If You're Serious About This And You Can Do It, You're Making A Mistake If You Don't""

  • play video

    New Junk Removal Business Owners Are In Love With Their New Website

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Roadmap to Success

  • Pre-Launch Consultation

    Pre-Launch Consultation
  • One on One Training

    One on One Training
  • Operations + Management Tool Kit

    Operations + Management Tool Kit
  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing
  • Lead Response Assistance

    Lead Response Assistance
  • Continued Support

    Continued Support
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Pre-Launch Consultation

Soon after you become a Business Package client, our consultants will schedule an initial call with you to answer your questions and share their expert advice. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss ways to brand your business, regional regulations to follow, and other important information to keep in mind as you establish your business.

One-on-One Training

As a Business Package client, you’ll be invited to JRA’s Headquarters in Raleigh, NC to receive one-on-one training in all aspects of starting your own junk removal business. Join our founder’s company Junk Doctors for some on-the-truck training. Gain in-field skills like how to quote jobs and learn important safety procedures. Make a game plan for how to grow and scale your business while studying JRA’s proven strategies in sales and marketing.

Operations + Management Tool Kit

Once in operation, the JRA Business Package continues to provide you with the tools and support to help your junk removal business thrive. You will receive JRA’s Standard Operating Procedures, Daily Checklists, and a full Operations Manual on running every aspect of the junk removal business. You and your employees will also gain access to our complete junk removal video training series. This comprehensive video training portal includes more than 45 videos to train your staff on everything from driving the truck to customer service. It also includes over 100 owner training videos to strengthen your business knowledge. Plus, the JRA team is available to you by phone and email to answer your questions as your business grows.

Digital Marketing

With our startup business package, you’ll launch your business with a full website, customized to your brand, as well as one free month of Google Ads and SEO services. We’ll make sure your website and Google Ads are optimized to attract customers and book jobs to help you bring in cash from day one! And, if you continue to use JRA Google Ads and SEO services, we’ll continue to help you climb in Google rankings and bring more and more jobs to your business.

Lead Response Assistance

As your business grows, you may find yourself too busy to answer calls or emails from potential customers. JRA has a strong partnership with All Booked Up, a junk removal call center, who can take answering phones off your to do list. With options ranging from a dedicated Virtual Assistant to a limited, back-up service plan, ABU is fully-trained to answer customer inquiries and get more jobs scheduled.

Continued Support

During your crucial first year, we’ll continue to consult with you and provide customized advice on how your business can grow. We’ll help with your business expansion plan, give advice on how to deal with common issues and growing pains, and provide assistance with complicated job quotes. As long as you are a client with JRA services, we will continue to help you grow, while giving you the freedom to run your own independent business.

  • Testimonial With JRA, you have a lot more freedom than a franchise. You can grow your business the way you want with all that professional help built right in.

    Junk Smiths
  • Testimonial Each month, we’ve gone up in revenue very significantly. And that’s all thanks to the whole system that JRA has put together.

    Mean Green Junk Removal
  • Testimonial There's no other way to start in junk removal than to get the JRA Business Package.

    Delta Junk Removal
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