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What’s happening guys? Hope everybody is having a great day today. It’s a rainy here in North Carolina, rainy day. Rainy day, still working though. Work every day rain or shine. Still running the trucks today unless there’s a damn hurricane or a blizzard, we’re running our trucks. We’ll keep them, keep them running. Now you’ll have some people that call and want to reschedule, but they rescheduled. We don’t rescheduled in. Some exceptions being like some outdoor, yard waste type jobs or whatever. Where it’s just we’re going to tear the yard up or you know there’s just no way. Stuff’s going to be extra heavy because it’s wet. You know that sort of deal, we might reschedule a job like that, but a job for a residential or a job like inside and all. We’ll do it. Now here’s something you’ve got to remember. I’ll give you an easy way to solve this and for some reason it shouldn’t have taken this long to figure this out but, the team members will not think. Although, it seems like a common courtesy If you go over to guest home. Are you going to walk in with you like if it’s raining outside like there’s a good chance I’m going to walk inside? Before I come in, I’m going to take my shoes off.  You know that’s the polite thing to do. A lot of your team members that you have working for you won’t. Probably 8 or 10 times we’ve had to clean somebody’s carpets. What we finally started doing is we made sure everybody knew that if they tracked mud into a customer’s home and we had to clean the carpets. They would pay to have the carpets cleaned so each team member would split it.

I was done paying to have carpeting done. It would be taken out of their shack and it costs 150 bucks to 200 bucks to have carpets cleaned. We had one kid, damn dude he just strung it all through the house. I mean it’s like he just kept walking in that white carpet and he walked all the way down the hallway. I’m like “Dude, at some point you have to realize. I’m tracking one of these people’s houses.” So, we paid for that. That was expensive and finally after that I said, “From here on, I’m not paying to have carpets cleaned again, unless it’s something that was related to us.” Unless I told you to go into home for some reason you shouldn’t have been or you’re wearing our boot covers and boot covers broke and you got muddy. You know unless it’s something like that.

I’m paying for carpet cleaning anymore and it’s amazing. Once we started doing that, the carpet’s quite being muddy. They cared, people in their pocket book and they start caring. If they damage walls, stuff like that. Stuff that’s bound to happen just from mistake. We cover the cost a hundred percent. That’s a cost of doing this type of work and if somebody is doing it too often. Damage your property too often, you just got to let them. You will try to correct it at first, but then you just got to let them go. That kind of stuff pay for. The type of stuff that I don’t tolerate is like stuff that is simple like carpet and carpet. The other thing is if somebody backs into a customer or backs into a car. If they’re driving one of our trucks and they didn’t have a passenger out guiding them back.

Part of that bill, the bill is large enough. I generally won’t take it all out but part of that bill you’re going to get out of your own check. There’s reasons we have policies in place. You’re not following them so there’s going to be some repercussions. For the longest time I tried just telling people what needs to be done. Until we finally started hitting them in their checks. We were having too many issues with it. Hopefully nobody took the day off. If you did, if you took the day off because it’s rainy you should be ashamed of yourself. You should be absolutely ashamed if you’re at home and you’re reading. Just not necessarily reading but if had a work to do today and you took it off because it was rainy, you should be ashamed of yourself. I don’t know how big the storm is throughout the country or whatever, but you got to work every day rain or shine. One thing is your competition, your competition won’t be working. So, those that work during the rain have an advantage over those that don’t. So, every single day you need to be hitting it rain or shine. Hope everybody has a great rest of the day. Hopefully there’s still plenty of jobs left. Hopefully customers don’t reschedule so we can get that money and keep building the business up. So, [email protected], +1 919-466-9322. I’m heading into Smithfield, grab me a barbecue sandwich. Talk to y’all later.