Hey guys what’s going on everybody? It is a Thursday evening 8:00. Still over here at the JRA Office rolling through. I got about another hour worth of work to wrap this day up. One of the things is we had one of our partners who bought one of our business packages called me today. He just wanted a clarification on when to charge a customer some more. Most of us do a regular volume-based rate so it’s based on the amount of space. What you have taken up in the truck. That’s generally the Junk Removal standard. What he wanted clarification on is what’s the point of when you charge a customer more. You’re doing like a large home clean out. Basically, we allot like two hours of time per full truckload.


If we’re going to be using a significant amount of trash bags or if it’s going to take longer than two hours then we’re going to charge extra for it. If it’s bagging, we’re using trash bags and bagging stuff up that’s $30 per one quarter truckload. If it’s going to take longer than two hours then that’s an additional $50 per hour and person. Two people would be $100, three people would be $150, and four will be $200 an hour so on and so forth. So, per truckload, we try and estimate that beforehand. We want to be able to give the customers an idea of cost. We might let him know as we get into this, we couldn’t uncover more stuff. This is what we can see right here.


If we get into this and we uncover more than the price could go up. Now we’re going to give you updates but that is what’s going to happen. That is how we treat jobs from customers who wants clean out type of jobs or for jobs where there’s a lot of bagging. That’s how we treat it. In that way your expenses are higher on those jobs so it should go up. You have your base rate which is going to cover 90 percent of your jobs. If you encountered jobs that are nonstandard, don’t be afraid to charge the customer more on fair value. Any job that requires equipment which you need to use. That equipment is going to wear out other than your truck. You need to be compensated for that wear and tear. That’s going to take longer and you need to be compensated. Don’t be afraid to pass that on to your customers. Call us with any questions at 919-617-1975. Talk to you soon guys.