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Good evening guys! Hope everybody is doing great this evening. What a day today! Crazy day today! Tax Day, I mentioned on earlier episode of trash talk. Tax Day today. We got to pay those Stevens SOBs over the IRS. In our case in North Carolina Department of Revenue is stealing my money. My wallet is on fire today. Somebody’s been jacking on my cash but we got those dudes paid. Those thieves paid off. Held us for ransom when we gave in. You’re not supposed to pay terrorists. If we don’t every single one of us will pay the IRS. Bunch of thieves every single year.

Today I was speaking with a guy Sacramento. One of our consulting customers and he uses us for CAM and all as well. What I’m about to share with you on this video is gold, absolute gold. You’re getting it for free. This is a million dollars right here. One million dollars and I’m getting ready to give away. We always struggle when we’re doing this consulting stuff. We do these YouTube videos to help people but I’m never going to sugarcoat. We do it so we can make money too. It gives us exposure. It lets everybody know that we know what we’re doing. By watching these videos, you learn what we’re doing. We want to help everybody. We want to help as many people as we can, but we’ve put a lot of time and effort into this stuff. So, we want to get compensated for it as well. We’ve got our goals, dreams and ambitions.

Listen guys, we aren’t getting paid. We aren’t making money. We’re not building our business. We’re not expanding. What we’re doing is providing value to people. We always struggle on what kind of content are we going to put out for free? We know so much. Two million dollars a year by year 5. Well over $2,000,000 in revenue. Two million dollars a year in year 5 in North Carolina market. So, we got so much knowledge. We always struggle what we’re going to give away today. We’re giving away a $1,000,000. Speaking of IRS, I wish it was charity. I wish I could claim a million dollars’ worth of charity right here, because this is absolute charity.

Answering the phones, so many of you make answering the phones so much more complicated than it needs to be. The guy I was talking with in Sacramento. Great guy, very ambitious young guy. I got talk to him. He was having some issues. We were bringing him calls. Through the website we did for him. Through the customer acquisition management, we’re doing for him. He calls me up. He was having an issue with something. It made me think the way he was talking. Let me talk to this guy, how was he explaining pricing to customers? So, I told him, “Pretend that I’m a customer. Explain to me how you charge.”  He says “We’ve got a truck that’s 20 cubic yards. We start out at a minimum price of $95. The next price point of a quarter load is something like $200. Half load for $300. Three quarter loads for $350.”

We got some price points in between there. Eventually works its way to full load. I’m in the damn business. I’m the expert at junk removal and I’m confused. I told the guy “Listen I’m always going to shoot everybody straight.” I’m in the damn business and I’m confused as hell with what you just told me. If you’re telling your customers that, then they are going to book because they’re confused. People get confused, it makes them feel uncomfortable and if they feel uncomfortable, they’re not going to choose your company. You have made them feel uncomfortable. So, they’re not going to book with you. If they do schedule, they probably just weren’t paying attention. They probably didn’t care about price in the first place. Some of the customers don’t really care. You sit there and if you start confusing. They’re like “What the hell is this guy saying? What is he saying? I’m not going to schedule this guy. He doesn’t know what the hell he’s saying. You’ve got to answer the phones, right? If you all ready for a million dollars, $1,000,000 right here. I’m not going to write you a check. Matter of fact, you all be writing me a check for this advice that you get for free. One-million-dollar advice, when somebody calls you up and they ask you to explain pricing, I’m going to tell you exactly are smeal that we give on Junk Doctors. So, they call and ask about pricing. I say “Certainly, the way we charge is based on the amount of space your items take up in our trucks.”

The trucks we have are eight feet wide, 10 feet long and five feet high. That’s virtually equivalent to about six pickup truck loads. Pricings anywhere from a $95 minimum up through 12 separate price points to a full rate of four $490 if you fill the truck up. That rate includes all labor. So, no matter where your stuff is, our guys are going to go wherever they need to pick it up, load it, and take care of that for you. There’s no additional fee for the labor and you do get a firm no obligation price up front. So, you’re going to know exactly what you’re looking as far as costs before we start. Then if you give us the go ahead. We start right then and there. If not, it’s completely no obligation and we go on our way at no charge to you.

Is that something you’d like to go ahead and get scheduled? Something like that. That right there. So, what do we do? We simplified it. We gave them a minimum price. We gave them a top price. It doesn’t mention anything about multiple loads. If they ask for multiple loads. Tell them the price just restarts. We gave them the minimum. We gave them the max. We let them know, all labors included. They don’t have to do anything. They’re going to have a price right up front. No surprises whatsoever. The other thing, if somebody wants to get a firm price then say “Okay, well what do you have? If they give you a couple items. “I have a couch, loveseat and a 32-inch television.” Those items right there, they’re pretty uniform in size.

You’ve got a soft estimate. You’re probably looking somewhere around $200. Whatever your pricing is for that. Somewhere around $200 for those three items. Is that something you’d like to go ahead and get scheduled? Ask them to schedule right there. If they tell you they have a bunch of crap. If they say “I’ve got a garage full of stuff. I’ve got this that. I’ve got stuff spread all over the place.” At that point you need to tell them “Listen, there’s just no way that we were able to give you a reasonable estimate based off that description because the stuff can vary so much in size. So, what I would suggest is, let’s schedule. A no-obligation estimate appointment. No obligation to estimate. We’ll come out and take a look at everything. We’ll let you know exactly what’s your price is?” At that point, if they say they’re not ready to schedule, then you can bring up or that they still want an idea before we come out. You’d say “Okay, when you get scheduled you’ll get an email. You can respond back to that email with some pictures. Would you like to go ahead and do that?” Again, if you get strike number two on that, then you must say “Go around, take some pictures and text it to us.” What I’ll do as soon as I get off this phone, I’m going to say, “Is this your cell number?” “Okay great! What I’m going to do is as soon as I get off this call, I’ll text you. Text that number back, and with some pictures. I’ll provide you with a soft estimate.”

What have we done here? We’ve tried to lock that booking in. Guys, let’s get them pregnant. You get that woman pregnant. She’s a lot less likely to dump you. You know what I mean? When she’s pregnant, it’s a lot harder to turn back.

Get them scheduled. Once they are scheduled, the likelihood of them doing the job. Once you get there and get them a price is tremendously higher. Do not volunteer the picture thing before you get them scheduled because that gave me a cop-out. What they’re going to do at that point is they may take pictures and send them to you. If they send them to you then they might send them to other companies. Don’t give them that option. Lock that deal down, lock it down.

You’ve paid good money to get those customers. That’s why so many guys don’t do AdWords. They don’t do AdWords and SEO and stuff like that because it is a waste of money. They spend money. They get calls and they don’t know how to close the deal down. It is frustrating! I hear all these people not doing AdWords and Craigslist brings you jobs. Don’t get me wrong.  I hear all of this all the time about just doing this free crap. I was like listen “You can build an okay business, but you aren’t going to build a business that is $2,000,000 a year.” You’re not going to take care of your family all that well and you’re not going to build a future. You’re not going to build a company you could retire on. A company you can sell by doing this free stuff.

It’s piddly crap is what it is. Yes, it needs to be done. When you start, you don’t turn down any business. When you stay busy maybe you keep doing Craigslist, but you have to have something else. Something more robust. Something more consistent as far as business. Something with people that are actually willing to pay what you need to charge to make good money and have a good life in your junk removal business. Lock the deal down, lock it down then get them the price. Don’t shut down that chain of communication. That right there guys was $1,000,000 you just got. Your bank account over the next five years or maybe next two years is going to explode. Your sales are going to explode. That should be $1,000,000 right there I just gave you a league. Lee Godbold just gave you a charitable donation of $1,000,000. I wish I could write off my IRS. Listen, simplify your phone calls. I’ve been joking around this entire episode. You all need to call me +1 919-466-9322.

If you are struggling on the phones and you’re not doing anything remotely close to that, you need to call me. One, you need to watch this video repeatedly. You need to watch that I just gave you. You need a practice. You need to apply your own price points in your in-truck size, Pickup truck loads. Pickup truck bed holds roughly 2.5 cubic yards. How many cubic yards you are? If you’re 20 cubic yards, you divide by 2.5. You get 8 pickup truck loads. So, figure out the number of pickup truck loads. You’ve equated that to something that can at least picture in their head. Don’t tell them how many cubic yards your truck necessarily in a lot of times. If you do that, you’ve got to make sure you equate it to pickup truck loads or truck size. People understand feet width, height and length. A lot better than they do cubic yards.

Now, if you get a good contractor, he’s going to understand cubic yards. Just cover cubic yards but everybody else, for the most part equated to pickup truck with side loads, size loads or equated to you U-Haul truck. Equivalent to U-Haul van, medium-sized U-Haul truck or large U-Haul truck. Give them some frame of reference that they understand when you’re doing these phone calls. You all can come with us, get CAM. We’re going to get all kinds of crazy amounts of business with this to you, if you stick with us. If you give us several months to evaluate your market, come up with the marketing strategy. Online or print. If it’s Yelp or Google, depends what part of the country you’re in. Craigslist, Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor. We’re going to do your ads based on our experience. On our already established successful campaigns throughout the country. We’re going to put those in place. If we bring you all that business or if you figure out the marketing in and get all that business, but you can’t answer the phone right and you can’t explain your services right. People are going to hang up and you simply wasted all that money you’ve been spending. There’s a reason that we are $2,000,000 a year after year 5 and so many other people are. A lot of it is the phone call. I’m very good on the phone. I picked it up from my previous boss at a roller skating rink. He was a DJ and I learned a lot from him. You all can learn a lot from this video. You need to call me. You need to pay us a hundred $150 an hour. I’m shooting straight right now. You need to pay us a hundred $150 an hour by 2 hours on retainer so that’s 300 bucks.

Get on the phone with me. I’ll run through every single question that comes to my mind that customers have asked me over the past 6 years in business. I will cover how are you answering that call now? How should it be answered? You’ll spend $300 to get two hours of my time and that right there literally will be worth it. You just can’t put a price tag on it because if you’re missing out on those calls then there’s no way. If I give you that knowledge and experience, there’s no way you can even put a price on it. It’s a hell of a lot more than $300. It’s probably something like a million or $3,000,000. I just gave you a million dollars with this video. $1,000,000 bucks. You’re now a millionaire. You hadn’t put that money in the bank account yet. You now have the potential to go out and make a million more dollars because of this one YouTube video from yours truly Lee Godbold. If you want to make that $1,000,000, to $10,000,000 or 3,000,000 or whatever that price is, I got no idea how to price it. You need to call me. You need to do consulting with me. I’m going to get your stuff straight and I’m going to help you blow your business up in 2018. Talk to you all soon.