A landscape and hardscape company local to this area missed out over $1 Million because of a broken website. You should be testing and improving your site daily!

Hey guys. This is Lee Godbold with Junk Removal Authority. I just heard some pretty incredible stuff. The kind of web partner or the technical IT partner in Junk Removal Authority manages and builds websites and manages campaigns for other companies and all different kinds of industries. As JRA takes off, I think he’s actually going to start scaling that back and look to sell that business. But he’s got a customer that does hardscaping and landscaping. Very expensive stuff. We got a pretty good reminder on how you have to always be testing your website and phone numbers.


All the time, it should happen. If not daily, weekly. You’ve got to make sure that information is working correctly. If you’ve got people going to your site, but you have a phone number that isn’t working, broken or you’ve got issues with ‘contact us’ forms, you better be aware of them. You better fix them because it’s missing out on money. This customer, this hardscape company had contacted Shane and said, “Listen man, I don’t this AdWords you’re doing. I don’t think it’s working for us. You know, we were spending 50 bucks a day and we’ve been doing it for two to three months and it’s not working. We don’t seem to be getting much anything from it.” And he said, “Well, that doesn’t seem right because all the analytics look great. You’re getting clicks. You’ve got people spending time on the site. Everything looks right.”


What he did is he installed a mouse tracking app and it’s something that we use on all of our JRA sites. Every Junk Removal site we have, and if you get a website through us, the 350 a month website, we’re getting that information and we review it daily. He can actually see where people are, if it’s a mobile phone, where people’s finger touches, where it moves, what they’re clicking on, or where we lose them. So, if they leave the site without scheduling, we see where things get lost and that’s one of the things, we look to improve is to keep that people from the person from losing. So, we test stuff, try and figure out where we’re losing them. He puts this on there and he realizes it, “Dude, you get all kinds of contact us. People are clicking on the ‘contact us’ form. How many ‘contacts us’ forms you got. It’s like none. “Sam is like, “When was the last time you got a contact us form? “And the guy said, “I don’t know, probably a year ago.” Shane said that his heart just sunk all the way to the floor.


This is not a website they’re managing. They had somebody else do this website. All they’re doing is providing AdWords and Shane said, “Let me get into WordPress here.” He got the WordPress log-in information. He logged in. Over 300 contact us forms had been submitted over the past year and, and he just couldn’t believe it. He called the guy up and he said, “You probably want to sit down before I tell you this.” He said, “What do you mean?” and he told him there was over 300 forms. There’s a long pause and he said, “I got to call you right back.” Anyway, they got to look in through the forms and eventually called Shane back, but they got to look into the forms. They determined that it was probably, even if they’d only converted 20 or 30 percent of them, it was probably a million dollars plus for the business. Lost because of a fricking contact us form that wasn’t working. You got to be on top of your websites.

Everybody wants to talk about how to remove junk better. How to do the junk removal and things properly. What kind of truck to use? What should my pricing be?

It all starts with number one, they got to find you. Where are the people finding you? Now, it’s from your website. The very first contact that potential customer has with your company is your website. If it doesn’t answer the questions they need, doesn’t look professional, doesn’t have a contact us form that works, and doesn’t have a phone number that dials and easily found, they’re going to keep rolling right on down the list there. There are dime a dozen Junk Removal companies out there. It’s up to you to stand out. To get people to call you.


Number one, your sites got to get found. Number two, it has to convert. It’s got to work. Number three, it’s got to convert. Lots of money can be lost. We’ve had issues with that in the past, but we check it daily. We’ve had ‘contact us’ forms, it quit working. Might’ve cost us a little bit of money, 800,000 bucks before realized it. We’ve had phone numbers. Google voice! There’s a lot using google voice that thinks it works all the time. I can promise you, you are missing calls if you’re using google voice. There’s no question at all. They google voice 40 number. It’s slow to forward. Half the time. We tested it all the time.


We were using some google voice stuff. Very slow. Sometimes you get calls that would never ring. Especially if you had multiple forwards. If it forwards directly to your cellphone, you might be okay, but you’re going to be missing some. If you had a forward to a forward, somebody forwards to your cell phone and then you forward it to somebody else, I’m about to guarantee you, you’re losing a high percentage of your calls. Your phone number has to be right. Your contact us form has to be right and you need a contact us form.


Generally, you need a number they can text as well as email. You need to make it easy on your customers to contact you. You need to make sure that stuff is working as well. It’s big money right there. A million bucks missed out because of a contact us form. Get your stuff fixed on your website. Get your professional site as one of the real advantages for our 350 a month website. What we do is that if you went out and you got the mouse tracking app we use and we have a call app too. We can actually tell exactly between job bookings and phone calls.


We can tell how many calls we’re getting from organic, AdWords, Yelp, or Craigslist. We can track all of that because it actually sets a unique number depending on where it came from and a unique phone number. We have an app that tracks that. It can record a phone call. For one site, you’d be in over $100 a month between those two apps. Very powerful stuff. It is included in the $350 a month website. We monitor it daily. You’ve got somebody while you’re out busy running your business and making money. You got somebody on your back end making sure things are going straight. The old school way of buying a website, paying for it upfront, it’s just not a good way to go because there’s no way you’re going to be able to keep track of it, keep it updated and make sure it’s working correctly and make improvements. It’s included in the monthly site. All that’s included, it’s a proven site. We’re always testing it. We’re always looking to improve it.


We’re always making sure it works. Call us at 919-17-1975. Visit us online at junkra.com. Please subscribe below to the YouTube Channel if you find it helpful and make sure those contact forms are working.