Wanna land the big fish and lots of jobs? One of our customers landed a huge one. You gotta be seen. If people don’t know you they aren’t gonna buy from you.

Good Monday morning everybody. I hope everybody’s week is starting out great. We had just a bit of a scare this morning. Luckily, we have backup systems in place where we actually print out route schedules. It’s the day before our scheduling system was actually down first thing this morning. We’ve always had backups in place, the day before we actually download the entire route schedule. So, we are going to have access to any of our electronic invoicing. At least we have the schedule and we would call them the old-fashioned route with old paper invoices. Luckily before we even got the first job the scheduling system came back up. All is good there. We felt that we were going to have a hell of a Monday here at the start but everything is kind of squared itself off. Today we will have a good little debate on social media this weekend on advertising. I was in a Facebook group.


One of the ladies who is a member of this group. She does SEO and I don’t believe she does any pay-per-clicks or maybe she does. She just does some SEO and social media advertising. I don’t know how many Junk Removal company she works with but she is a member of this group. We responded to a particular message. I don’t remember how it started. I was talking about paper click and I kind of gave her some input on how paper click advertising works and all. She came back and said that what you have to remember is Pay-per-click is a short term. I was like “What? come on you can’t be.” Well it’s kind of a bad advice that’s being given here. I’m not doing this to belittle her but I did respond to make sure everybody else understand that what she was saying in this case was incorrect or misguided.


I was also trying to correct her so she will not be giving out a bad advice from that point forward. If you do any type of advertising then why are you going to quit it? How was Pay-per-click a short term? If you start out on Pay-per-click and it’s bringing you in work then why all of a sudden stop on doing it?  You rank better on organically or started on Facebook Ads and it begin converting. The biggest mistake people make when they do budgets is, they budget their advertising. You shouldn’t have a, “I’m not going to spend more than $3,000 on advertising this month.” There shouldn’t be a cap on it. You should have an idea of the percentage that you want to be around. Then obviously you’ve got to have enough money to pay your bills. Other than that, there shouldn’t be a budget for advertising. It could be a percentage or a range you want to hit but at that same time you need to have a budget that is fluid enough. It can change enough that if you hit on something like all of the form of advertising, it’s working. You go ahead and you do it. I’ll give you a good example here.


We have a partner in California that works with us. We manage his Ads campaign. We didn’t build his website. We’re currently not doing any SEO with us but it was a good job we’ve been doing on Pay-per-click. He might come around and he’s going to be watching this video too. He might come around because I know we can raise him up on the Ads rankings too. He’s super stoked because he just landed almost $45,000 job for a hotel. It was a hotel. I know it was a hotel clean out. I can’t remember the other building he was cleaning out. It was a project. It was a private owned company but they were renovating this stuff. It was going to raise property values and probably employ more people. So, the government actually gave him a grant as well. He’s having to deal a little bit of the government on this but he’s got a $45,000 job. What’s significant about that is we’ve been doing his Ads campaign and he’s spending a few thousand dollars a month on Ads. He’s only showing 50% of the time.


We were looking and his cost per job and contact was good for this prior month. Everything looks good. We called him and I think it was Friday or maybe Thursday morning. We called and said, “Hey Ivan this is what’s going on, you’re hitting your daily budget every single day. So, you know you’re only showing like 50% of the time. You got x number of jobs. Last month your cost per job and contact was this. The numbers are there. This should be a decently profitable work for you. Let’s go ahead and bump that daily budget and get you into that 70% range on time shown. Let’s see where you’re at and if that cost per job and contact stays the same. If it does then let’s keep on raising it up. We need to get you to 100% because you did great and you’re only showing them 50% of the time. Most likely if you double your budget, you’re going to double the amount of jobs you have.”


The very same day that we raised up that daily budget, he gets a call in the afternoon. Probably to time he would not have been showing that if we didn’t raise that budget that day. After that he landed a $45,000 job. It’s just unreal, outstanding, and happy form. This guy, he’s a risk taker. He takes big swings. He’s been busted in and bloodied up a few times. Just like I have. I’ve been busted and bloodied with a couple of black eyes. You’re just broken down but you just take a little pain medicine. You kind of start on healing up you don’t get stuck down where you’re all beat up. You come back from it. If he keeps taking these big swings and stays resilient then it’s going to pay off.


This is his first, I mean his major hit right now. That came from advertising. Now I don’t want to go off on too big of a tangent here. He has to be careful of something. This is something we talked about over the weekend as he was talking about turning off his advertising while he does this big job. I told him and said, “Well let’s think about this because you’ve landed this $45,000 job and it’s going to take you two weeks. What if you turned away?” Let’s just say 10k a week. He’d be somewhere around there. “If you turn away 10k a week for the next two weeks then you’ve given up $20,000 of work because you’ve been focusing on this job.”


Maybe some of those customers can go out. Let’s say 50% of them can go out. That would be high. He’s still giving up $10,000. All of a sudden that $45,000 job is a $35,000 job immediately. He also has to think about the long-term value of that potential customer he’s turning away. The potential referral, review, and repeat business. He’s given it to a competitor and it’s going to get that business. He’s never going to get it. If you get those big jobs, you can’t turn away work to accommodate that big job. If you have to rent a truck, get some temporary help, and hire more people than do it. You have to do whatever it takes to get the job done without turning away work.


Short term and smaller job work that needs to be done. If you turn away that work then your bigger job has become smaller. The only way he landed that job though was because he was shown. He got attention, advertising, he was doing Ads and he was up top. Those people, they didn’t skip the Ads and go down to organic search results. Yes, somewhere around 60 to 70 percent of the people do a Google search and skip as they go all the way down to organic search ranking. A lot of people get three pack. whether they go to that three pack or they look at the main organic results. Then they’re looking at the top six. Most people are going for the top four results organically. If you’re shown in Ads and have it going. If you have your Google Ads. It’s hard for me not to call the AdWords. We’ll call it Pay-per-click because Ads can be a lot of things. Google changes their name. If you’re in Pay-per-click, three pack and organic top four results then you have a hell of a shot at landing that customer.


Let’s expand. This is where she was misguided. She said Pay-per-click is short term. No, it’s not a short term. That’s what she said on social media. She went on our website and saw that were on SEO. We don’t have anything on social media yet. We are about to start off offering social media management but we’re not quite there yet. She was looking at SEO and said, “Well you yourself and your website say 60 to 70 percent of people that skip Ads and go to organic.”” I think it’s a 60 to 70 percent on there


I said “Yeah that’s 100% correct.” You’re missing out on 30% of your potential. Why would you cut off 30% of your job just to save a little money? I don’t know if she watches these videos or not. Maybe she’s starting to watch. Especially now that she’s been on our website. Her response to it was, there’s a lot of people that can’t afford doing social media Ads and SEO. I was like “Yeah 100% correct.” You’re not going to be able to afford it until you start it because you’re not going to have business. Advertising is something you need to have faith in. You have to get out of there and spend that money in order to actually have the results back. If you don’t spend the money then you’re not going to make the money. If you don’t make that money then you’re not going to be able to afford the advertising.


This word affords. A lot of you need to get rid of the word “afford” and “expensive” out of your vocabulary. You need to look at stuff in terms of value and how much money you can make. Base your decision on whether or not you’re going to do it. Based off the potential return and value. Ignore the amount of money it cost. It doesn’t matter if you spend $5,000 on something and it brings you in $500,000. Don’t be concerned about that $5,000. It doesn’t make any sense. You’re budgeting things that you shouldn’t be. Those of you that are going out there and spending two $289 a month on search engine optimization. They’re robbing you blind. Yeah maybe they get in there initially and got your rankings to increase a little bit. What they’re banking on is the fact that $289 a month is such a small amount and you’re not going to pay attention to it. Think about yourself. The amount of work and expenses that goes into doing SEO correctly is way too high. At $289 a month they’re banking on you, setting and forgetting it. You might be concerned they might work a little bit in the first few months. After that they will just forget about it. That’s not right guys, it’s too small of an amount. If you have some companies charging $1500 or $5,000 a month for SEO. I can guarantee those companies are held a lot better than somebody at $289 month. They’re going to get better results. You’re going to be higher up for more keywords. It’s going to bring you in more business. You need to stop thinking cheap. You need to eliminate expensive and affordable from your vocabulary. There’s two words right there. If you have those in your vocabulary then the chances of you making it, becoming wealthy, and building a big business are significantly less. You have almost no shot. If all you’re always thinking about is “that’s too expensive” and “not affordable.” You need to look at the value. It’s going to bring you on the other end.


Every single one of you should make a commitment. If you’re not doing AdWords then start Google Ads. Ads is something you are going to get burned on if you try and do it on your own. I recommend a small budget. If you’d like tinted on your own. Google is going to call you up. It’s going to act like your best buddy and say, “Hey, I’m here and I’m going to help you manage your campaign.” Guys, Google has $37 billion in every quarter in revenue and still growing. $37 billion of that and about 90% of it is Google Ads. Those people are not advisors. Those people are who you could call up and act like they’re your best friend. They’re not your advisor. They’re a salesperson. They’re at your side to drive up revenue. Yes, they’re going to give you strategies that’s going to lead on more clicks.


All that’s doing is lining Google’s pockets with Junk Removal. You’re getting a click on garbage collection. That’s just for every junk removal customer that searches garbage or trash removal. There’re 50 trash removal customers. That means if you’re paying $10 a click then you’re paying $500 just to have a one potential AdWords customer. Then if you look at us about one out of every three or four clicks we get, convert to a job. That means you’re spending almost $2,000 to get one Junk Removal customer. That could just be a minimum job. You might be spending $2000 to get a hundred bucks in advertising or in revenue. That’s the kind of stuff we’ve eliminated. We have a campaign. I will go out and I’ll say it 100%. There are no average company out there that’s going to run a junk removal campaign better than we are. Why am I so confident on that? It’s because we have our own business. We’ve been doing it for seven years. We’re managing campaigns now for about 10 to 12 people throughout the country. It’s not going to be better. We’re $750 a month on Pay-per-click Advertising. It’s not between the money you save from wasted Ads spent and the increased revenue. If you go out there then you find somebody and you pay him $250 a month that would be low. It’s hard to find somebody to do that. I mean we’re going to make that up or more than makeup on our extra calls between the amount you save and the increased revenue.


Everybody has to make a commitment to get started on Pay-per-click if you’re not doing it. If you’re doing Pay-per-click, you need to get your campaign refined. You need to eliminate all the bad search terms, thousands of them. That way you can really focus your budget. I am using the word “budget “here because in this case there is a daily Ad spend. You need to be focused on that daily Ad spend. The keywords that are proven to convert to jobs. Once that happens you need to increase your daily Ad spend, because the work you’re going to be bringing in is going to be profitable. Those of you that are not doing SEO. You have to get on board on with it. You have to drive up that main keyword “Junk Removal” whatever your city is. Then you need to have hot tub removal, shed demolition and removal. You have to get those other keywords moved on up. clean that out. That’s revenue you’re leaving on the table all the time.


You have to start your SEO campaign on the next three months. Those of you that are not doing Facebook Ads. You need to start out on a small daily spend on Facebook Ads. If you’re doing Google Ads with us which we’re doing with in anybody. They’re able to tell you your most common customer. What I’m going to warn you is if you don’t have a very specific Ads campaign like we have and offer then those results you get could be stimming. It will actually profile your visitors and tell you these are the customers that are going to be best suited for you. You take that data from Ads campaign, go over to Facebook and you build out that campaign for Facebook. Low daily spend until you start getting jobs in then you start increasing it. You start doing Ads aimed at other different sections as well. If you do that then you’re running three places, you’re going to be doing great. Three to four years from, you’re advertising percentage expense and revenue is going to start dropping below 15%. Maybe two or three years out. That’s when you start using radio advertising. You might think about doing TV advertising. You’re going to up your social media budget. You’re going to get out there and get known because advertising is your key to growth. One thing you have to remember is that almost every form of advertising out there is going to work if you do it often and long enough. Those two things right there. Some stuff is going to work quicker and lead to immediate job. Some stuff like radios is going to be more branding. It’s all going to work if you do a long and spend enough on it. You need to have faith at the start and in the system. If you have a little courage to get out there and get known then you’re going to be extremely successful.


The Internet, advertising, and a professional website are the three things. If you hit those three things perfectly then within months you can be getting as much business as some cookie that’s been operating for 10 years who never used advertising. If he never advertised and didn’t set up much of a website then he just looks like an amateur. Within months you can be doing the amount of business he’s doing because you look more professional. People don’t hire people because of their work anymore. They hire people based of your web presence and advertising. That’s how they hire. You get that right and you’re going to be dominant in any service business you’re in. Do it wrong then you just need to go and work for somebody else. There’re too many people competing at the bottom. You need to compete at the top. If you’re going to compete for the top then get out there and after it. Otherwise go to work for somebody else.


Hey guys, come check us out at junkra.com or junkremovalauthority.com. Call us at 919-617-1975. Those of you who’s not doing AdWords. You need to call me. You need to pick up that phone and call. You need to contact us and get your Ads campaigns set up. We’re going to set it up right and monitor it. Nobody else is looking at the amount of jobs you’re booking and no other Ads Campaign company out there understands Junk Removal like we do. We’re going to check out the jobs you book, cost per contact and tell you what worked for us. We’re going to make it work for you. I look forward on talking with everybody here soon. We’ll be back before you know it. You all have a great Monday and a great week. Thanks guys!