Dozens of junk removal business owners have found massive success throughout the country. It starts with believing you too can do it then pounding hard day in and day out.

Good afternoon guys! I hope everybody is doing well this afternoon. I hope everybody had great day. I hope everybody has made a little money. Your trucks broke down. I hope you didn’t break down. I hope nobody damaged any property or no property damage you. If all that occurred, it’s been a pretty good day in the junk removal business. We’ve had a kind of a slow week with Junk Doctors. Not terrible! I mean we’re running a few trucks every day, but April started out pretty good. Then this week has just been a bit on the slow side. Junk removal authority has been kind of booming this week. I won’t say booming, because it’s not like I’m busy 100% on JRA. It’s been very busy this week though. We’ve had several people inquiring about business packages. One guy just recently spoke with one guy in Pennsylvania. I guess there’s one guy on business package this week in Pennsylvania. We’ve had a few in Nashville, Indianapolis, and California as well that inquired over a week and a half. What I’m really excited about is the opportunity to work on these consulting calls and we’ve had several consulting calls this week. One in Pennsylvania, Florida, and the other one is in Oklahoma. So, I’m very excited to be able to work with these guys. Everybody has an existing junk removal business. Two of them are pretty new within like six months. One of them has been in business in junk removal, longer than we have. He actually has some really unique stuff going on too. He has this new concept that he spent quite a bit of money on developing. We’re going to try and find a way to work with him on. He spent several years developing it. It is a neat concept. We will give more details once we get the details worked out, but we’re hoping to be able to work with him. It’s great to be able to provide information on the people that have been in business and see them really succeed. See what you tell them and what you discuss. The research you do on their market to actually see it and put in place. To see them succeed with it. At the end of the call saying it was worth every penny I paid. That’s what we always strive after with Junk Removal Authority.

We have one guy that’s pretty new in the business. He has been doing a few months. He is struggling a little bit. He’s getting some jobs here and there, but it’s just not quite working out for him. It was tough for him to put together enough money for a consulting call, but I spoke with him for free for about 20 minutes. Then we kind of got to the point where I said “Here’s what you need to do.” I kind of worked something out with him. Let’s get an hour of consulting done. Let’s talk about it. You’ll take that and be able to really improve your business, close more jobs and get more customers. He is not in a position yet to do CAM with us. Customer Acquisition Management.

Basically, everything marketing related. We researched your market. We determine a marketing plan and then we implement it. It’s a mixture of AdWords, SEO, print advertisement, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, and Craigslist ads. We help you do your craigslist ads. We kind of research your market. Determine in your particular market, what’s going to make a customer call you. He’s not there yet. That first month of CAM, you’re going to lose money. By month 2, you should be making a little bit, but not a whole lot. By month 6, that money starts to increase. Then it really pays off long term because you got all those customers you’ve been getting. It’s been expensive to acquire them, but you have all those customers that you’ve been getting, that are going to become repeat customers, referral business and reviews. Once you start getting more reviews, you’re going to start converting more customers online.

I told them, “Here’s what you got to do.” You got to find a job. You got to keep doing junk removal, and then you got to hustle with something else. Be an Uber driver. Be a pizza delivery guy. Help out somebody else in their business doing landscaping. Whatever it may be, you need to pound hard. Luckily, he’s got a wife that can pretty much support the family right now, but you got to get out there. You got to pound hard. You’ve got to take that money. You got to build up enough money that you can invest in advertising. Without advertising and marketing, you’re not going to be able to build your business very well. The other thing is get that money. Once you get that money, you got to keep on pounding. You have to keep on doing that side job most likely for another month or two. You get that money to get that CAM and advertising started. To get a website done. Get the advertisement started.

In addition to pounding a second job. You might be able to quit that after a few months. You’re also going to have to go out. You’re going to have to just knock on doors. Pick up the phone, call people and realtors. Professional organizers and remodelers, anybody that could potentially use your junk removal service. You’ve got to pound on their door. You got to pick up the phone to call them. You have to deal with a bunch of rejection in the process, but you got to hustle when you’re first getting and going. You’ve got to hustle. Sometimes it’s easier than other times. Charlotte market right off the bat, we’ve got this huge contract. So, we were profitable from like a month or two. When we reopened Charlotte, I think our third month we did over $30,000 in a month. That’s a lot more than I tell anybody to ever expect. It just takes that one customer. They found us on Google. I looked this up on Google and they’ve got, I don’t know how many properties, but probably 10,000 units. I don’t know if it’s probably 10,000. Probably at least 5,000 units in city of Charlotte.  Those units are lower income housing. They generate a bunch of trash and we’re out there 7, 8 or 10 times a week. It’s been a good thing. Greensboro has been profitable right off the bat. I don’t ever want to guarantee anybody, because there will be certain markets where it’s going to be a lot harder. What do you have to do? You got to pound! You’ve got to hustle!

You got to go get that business. You might have to work another job on the side. You’ve got to pay the bills and you got to be able to invest. The people that are going to do best with a junk removal business are the people that do not rely on having to have it to live off of. I say best, that means they are going to have a greater opportunity to reinvest in the business and really excel. Now, we lived off junk removal so it can be done and done very well living off junk removal, but you need to try and live very conservatively. At least the first few years, really reinvest in your business. Help blow it up. What’s the key on blowing your business up? It’s reaching as many people as possible. It’s thinking big. It’s one having the thought that you can build something large. That you can build something super successful. That you can build a million dollar a year business. Once you have that thought, that’s just one small step then at that point you got pound. You’ve got to work hard. You got to realize you need to buy another truck before you maybe need to buy another truck.

Now, don’t go out there and get it too soon, but you need at the point that if you’re filling up and if your truck schedule is about three quarters of the way full. Start thinking about another truck. Be looking for another truck. Get that another truck. Hire people to get another crew going. It could be where you were doing maybe 4 or 5 jobs in a day. 3, 4 or 5 something like that with one truck.

Maybe you bring another crew. Each truck is doing 2 or 3 a day but go ahead and get that other crew running. That’s going to help you get same-day business. That’s going to result to more customers you touched. That’s going to result to more repeat customers and referral business. That’s to result to more reviews. Think large then take steps to make it happen. Live on ramen noodles, beans and rice. Whatever you have to live on when you first get started. Stay in a cheap apartment.

When I first started Junk Doctors. My part of the rent was 300 bucks a month.  Christian was my roommate and we had another. Each of us pay $300 a month in rent. We kept expenses down as long as we could. Now, after about three years, we were making good money. We had good money with good credit scores. We bought brand new trucks. My wife got a brand-new vehicle. Christian’s wife got a brand-new vehicle. I bought a big house on a couple of acres of land in the airport where I’ve always flown my entire life. Christian bought a house on a golf course. A big house on the golf course. If you give it about three years, three years keep reinvesting. Live as cheaply as you can. If you’ve been doing things right and the economy had just taken a nose dive. It’s a bad nose dive for junk removal. Junk removal does well in a bad economy with foreclosures and all. It’s going to be almost like a nuclear bomb. Went off and just blew everything up. They were no banks and the houses that need to be foreclosed. The banks supposed to be doing the foreclosing. That’s about the only thing that can really put a humongous dent in junk removal.

Now you can definitely have downturns. Don’t get too cocky. Don’t get feeling that your business is indestructible because it’s not. For junk removal business completely disappeared, would have to be some cataclysmic event where you wouldn’t even be worried about money and business. You’d be worried about bullets, guns, ammo and food you got. If you’re smart with junk removal, it can last through business cycles. If you can give it three years of constantly reinvesting in it, that’s going to set yourself up for massive success in the future. It all starts by thinking big when these guys kind of wrapping around these consulting calls and when they picked up the phone. Especially this guy that’s new, it was hard for him to scrape the money for that consulting call, $150 an hour.

It was hard for them to scrape that money for the consulting call. When he scraped that together and that call right there, he’s thinking big. He’s thinking it’s possible. It’s my job to get on that phone and make that $150 be worth 10 or 20 times what he paid. That’s what I look forward doing. I look forward to seeing him succeed in business. Guys, think large first, think big. Think that is possible then start pounding. Start working hard. Sometimes you aren’t pounding with your fist. Sometimes, somebody else’s fist or something is going to be pounding you. At that point you got to get back up. If you get knocked out, you got to get back up. You can go through stress. There’s going to be times that you’re going to wonder “How am I going to pay? How am I going to make payroll? How am I going to get this advertising bill paid? It’s been slow. I’ve been slow. Why? Why we’ve been slow? What I’m doing is wasting my time. You’re going to have those down moments. You can either keep getting hit in the head. You can either get fall down and get knocked out. You can grab a hold of those ropes, struggle and climb and get back up and get out of it again. You get knocked out enough and you get back up. Eventually you’re going to be successful. Eventually you’re going to wear down the bad luck or whatever you want to call it. Eventually you’re going to figure out how to win. It starts with thinking large though. If you get to thinking big with your business, you make the appropriate steps necessary to grow the business. Then a junk removal can be one of the most rewarding businesses out there.

I want to help you do that. If you think I can be of help. Obviously watching these videos, you can do. By working with us, we can provide so much more value in these videos ever will. Call us +1 919-466-9322. Visit or email me at [email protected]. Appreciate everybody for listening and watching these videos. I’m glad to be able to provide value. Please call me. I want to help as many people as I can. People new to the business. People that have been in business for a while. I want to help you. Please give us a call. Alright, thanks guys!