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Hey guys second video here on liability protection.


I forgot one instance so that it’s really important because it scared the shit out of me when it happened. I knew we were covering when something happens but here’s what occurred. We did a job for a company that does a bunch of prosthetic legs they showed us what we all need to go, we wanted them. There was some stuff that was good and some stuff was bad. We wanted to allow us the time to label, to go through that place and label stuff that needs to stay. They didn’t allow us the time and then they did not supervise us throughout the process. Our you guys accidentally took $40,000 worth of prosthetic legs. This was about a year or so ago. So, the company calls us back and they sent us an invoice for $40,000. Needless to say, we didn’t pay it. I talked with an attorney, we sent him a letter back. Basically, since now each state can vary but in North Carolina, if you’re negligent at all, if one party is negligent at all you can’t, I might not be explaining correctly but you can’t sue and can’t recover any damages on a lawsuit if it’s proven that you were even 1% negligent. So basically, they were negligent in the fact that they did not supervise us and they allow us the time to label stuff that was staying. You know, if you have $40,000 for the inventory round and it’s a cluster, I mean there’s moving companies I don’t think there was other moving companies there, so we want to show that we took it. We are actually not sure if we took it or not so the moving company could very well didn’t have a video evidence or anything like that. So, we send them a letter back simply saying that we were not even positive we took them. If we did take them, you all should be supervising us if you had that much inventory around and not being for cluster. Three, we wanted to label the stuff that was not going and you didn’t want to go and take the time. And for that reason, we weren’t sued. Everything was hunky-dory or whatever. At least we haven’t get sued yet, yeah, we might get sued at that point. We’ve never been sued, knock on wood. It is going to happen at some point, it’s just going to happen. Because if you’re in business long enough and you’re doing enough business you’re going to get sued at some point. You can’t be afraid from it and you try and get a protection yourself from it where you can but that was another very important instance.


The lesson from that is you always do insist, if there’s really valuable inventory around and it’s a cluster it’s hard to keep up with what’s going, staying. They need to supervise they may need to be watching everything you do, make it completely clear try. Try and get into label stuff that’s great but the supervision is almost a must or getting him to sign a waiver just saying that you know just waiving any liability on our part.


All right guys hope this was another valuable video for you.