A long weekend can be some of the most productive time you will have. With landfills mostly being closed on Sunday and Monday many of you junk removal business owners will be off for a few days. Take the time to set massive goals, and determine what needs to change to make your life and your business everything you imagined it to be.

Hi there guys. It’s a Friday afternoon, right before Memorial Day weekend. We’ve been very busy all week. We’ve got a balls-to-the-wall Saturday coming up as well before being closed Sunday and Monday. What I’m planning on doing this weekend and what I suggest everybody to do this weekend is really take time to evaluate your dreams, goals, and your business. When you’re doing that, you need to make your goals a big. A lot of you all really are not asking what you need to be asking out of yourself. You’re dreaming too small. We have small goals. You take small steps to get to those small goals. You need to set great big gigantic goals and then figure out the incremental steps and incremental goals to reach those. So, just take this weekend. Really picture how you want your life to look and just dream it.

Looking Into Opportunities

If you have to go to the beach, I’ll do this all the time. I’ll be at the beach this weekend. I’ll probably lean back. I’ll be reading a book or whatever, but I’ll lean back and close my eyes. I’ll just imagine what my life is, what does my life look like. I’ll almost physically put myself in it where I feel like I’m already living it and I’m already doing it. As soon as you start imagining that then what you do is part subconsciously and consciously, you start taking the necessary steps to really reach those dreams, goals, and ambitions. Something happens. I don’t know what it is, but when you start thinking about. Imagining that you’ve already got what dream about and what you’re going for. People start coming into your lives and your life opportunities start coming into your life. You recognize that you’re subconscious to really recognize it and you take those steps to meet those people. To talk to those people. To make those dreams and goals come true and to hit those incremental goals. To get to that great big gigantic goals. When you set this real big goal, don’t scare yourself away and look at everything that has to happen in between. Focus on each incremental goal that you set and that’s it. Don’t look at the great big picture. If you look at the great big picture, you scare yourself away and you’ll start lowering that goal down. Set big gigantic goals.

One of the things that I’ll be doing this weekend and you should be is I’ll be thinking of ways to improve our service, mainly Junk Removal Authority. That’s my main priority right now. Partly Junk Doctors as well, so some of the stuff you might need to be thinking about is you need to learn how to answer the phone better. Do you need to answer the phones more often? How can I reach more people? That’s my number one fault every day is how can I reach more people? It was always Junk Doctors. How can I advertise? How can I sell? What steps can I take to reach more people? That’s the number one goal in business. The more people you help, the more people you can do good job for. The more people you help, the more money you make. The more successful you become. The more capable you are, researches you have to really make the life you dream about truly come true. Small stuff, do I need new equipment? We’re good here at Junk doctors. We’ve got all the equipment we need right now.

Upgrading Equipments

One of the things you might need to be thinking about is, do I need more equipment? Is my schedule have been stacked? Have I been booked 3 or 4 days in a row? Am I not able to get to same-day bookings or next day bookings because I’m short on people and vehicles? Well, in that case you probably need to hire somebody. How do I go about doing that? So that’s the questions you need to ask is do I need to add more equipment? Do I need to hire people? Are we not happy with the people we have? Do we need to fire people? That’s every all those questions should be going through your mind this weekend. If you’re at home, great. If you can get away, my best thinking is done on the beach. It’s something about sitting on the sand with the sun beating down on you. There’s waves just rolling in. Just listening to that. I don’t know, it gives me my best ideas come by sitting on the beach and that’s where I’ll be this weekend. Thinking about this type of stuff.

Looking Into The Bigger Picture

Don’t just focus on your business too. This weekend, think about what I can do to improve my life. My body in the physical condition that I wanted to be. Do I need to eat better? Do I need to work out? I can tell you right now the answer to that is definitely no. I’ve been doing the workout thing. That’s going to be the stuff that I’ve started improving now and stuff that I’m going to plan on improving. Moving forward, I’ll think about it this weekend. Any business owner out there that’s very difficult. That right there is one of the most difficult things out there. If you’re not careful, you’ll take that spouse for granted and that’s something you do really do not want to do.

It’s going to affect your life and business in a very negative way. If your relationship is good, your business is going to be good. If you have a supportive spouse and maybe a that participates in the business. Don’t expect that to be the case all the time. There’s just a lot of times that your spouse is not going to be interested in that area. Don’t force it on them. It’s just going to make your relationship worst. Make sure that do your very best when you’re spending time with your spouse. That you’re focused on him or her and you’re not focused on the business. That right there is the single biggest to our relationship is keeping my mind focused on her when I’m with her, when it’s family time. That’s not thinking about other stuff and that’s it’s how I’m wired.

That’s something that I make a conscious effort every single day and have been for the last several months to make sure that when we’re together I’ll focus on her not on the business and everything else is going on. I know that’s a common problem in business. You need to make sure you’re not making that mistake because your business will suffer as well. Every time your relationship suffers, your business will suffer. Those of you who got kids, what can you do to get more time with your kids? Whatever you need in life, just make time for it and do it. Whatever you’ve got to do. Whatever you want to do. Whatever you’re missing on, you need to make time for them no matter when it is, you need to make time for them. One of the things you will think about is where am I wasting time?

Breathing Out and Taking Time Off

One of the things I did for a long period of time. I’ll take one day a week and do it now. I’d take too long for lunch break. I’d take an hour and a half lunch break. I go to my friend and I drive 15 to 20 minutes. Go to a place that I like to meet some friends over there. Take an hour and a half break and that’s wasted time. Now, I’m trying to limit my lunch breaks to about 20 minutes. I’d love to do it with either a customer or a team member where we can discuss business. That downtime right there is not taking away. It’s staying productive. That’s one of the things that can really plague you, is taking too long lunch break in the middle of the day. You must stay productive all the way through. In that way if you’re working 100% on work for the most part, all the way through your day. When you’re working, you’re actually working. Then that means when you’re at home, you’re spending time with kids and family and all that kind of stuff. Your mind is worried about the stuff that you didn’t get accomplished or you’re not staying late. Staying beyond the time you’ve scheduled. You need to really be thinking about is how to make every area of your life lined up. 

I was talking about those big goals. All of us, every single person has tried stuff and failed. I certainly have. There’ll be stuff that we’ll try and we will fail.  Moving forward, but every single time that I failed in something I’ve come back smarter. I’ve come back stronger and more capable of facing stuff that may come up and having a much better judgment on stuff we should try moving forward. There is also that those of you get too conservative and it’s easy to do. You’ve set there, you’ve failed on something and then you don’t take chances when need to take chances. In order to succeed in any business especially junk removal which is fairly simple business. You’ve got to be willing to take some risks. You’ve got to step out of your comfort zone. You’ve got to be willing to make investments in your business. You’ve got to be willing to hire people. Hiring people can be scary as hell. You’re taking complete control out of your hands and you’re putting it to other people. That’s very difficult, but it’s got to be done to grow.

It’s got to be done to have freedom in your business where your business doesn’t rely on you being there every single moment. Where you have time to go on vacation. Where you have time to go to your kid’s ballgame. All of that has to get done by hiring people and having the resources to make it happen. The only way you’re ever going to have enough customers and reach enough people is if you take chances. You step out of your comfort zone on reaching new customers as far as advertising and those sorts of steps. Really take this weekend to figure out what you need to start taking chances on. You’re being too conservative. I almost guarantee that almost everybody is being too conservative. What can you start taking chances on to help you achieve your goals and to help you reach the life that you’ve dreamed about. We’ll talk to everybody soon. Thanks guys.