Hey guys! What’s going on this morning? I don’t want to beat a dead horse necessarily because I’ve just posted a video about this yesterday. So, I’ll make this very quick. I mentioned yesterday how there were a few jobs that some of our Pay per Job partners couldn’t get to because of the lack of availability. Luckily one of them down in Florida, went ahead and rearranged a schedule. He made it work so he could get to one of these jobs that we had scheduled. It didn’t look like we’re going to get it covered. He spent $90 and got a $1,100 job. That’s a great deal for him. He was excited and we were excited too. The point is about the two other jobs that we could not get covered. One of them is for a particular partner up north that probably been a $1,500 to $2,000 job. I mean it was a multiple load job. They had to get it done today because they were leaving town this afternoon.


I just want to repeat myself, get the same and next day bookings. There’s a lot of money there, 20% of our jobs are same day. I don’t have the number on what next day is and between same and next day. It’s probably every bit of 30% to 40% or either at the very same day or the next day, if not higher. That figure could be low.


Call us with any questions at 919-617-1975. Again, I’ve got a dry erase board over here on my left, Pay Per Job waiting list. We are piling up pages in every city out there. SEO is being run on those pages. The pages are going to begin to rise. We’re going to be working with somebody in your market and it needs to be you. So, in order to reserve that spot, give us a call at 919-617-1975. Thanks guys.