Some new Junk removal business owners act larger than they are. Don’t do that. Be and appear professional but really pound home the fact you are small. Lee tells you how and why in this video. Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority

All Junk Removal Companies at some point or another were small, most of them stayed that way – 95% of them stay small. If you’re a small company, and you’re going up against a big company, a franchise especially, or even a Junk Doctor, or something like that that is locally owned but is a lot larger; How do you compete? How do you get people to choose you? There’s a couple of ways: The most obvious way that a lot of people turn to is to go cheaper on price. You can go cheaper on price, and yes you will get some business from that, but you’ll have some people that might see it and see that you’re the cheapest and all in, and they might not hire you because you are the cheapest. It seems like you’re not as professional, especially if your website isn’t up to par. They don’t have that trust level with you. You need to let people know how to find you. Pretty much you better be AdWords. The problem is if you’re on AdWords, and you’re self-managing not doing it right, you’re going to spend too much money that you’re going to quit doing it.

People are never going to find you, and you’re never going to be able to grow your business. If you manage to scrape by for several years by Craigslist ads, Facebook Marketplace ads, put flyers out, visit real estate offices, and meet professional organizers, that kind of stuff, you could blow up a little bit of business with that. Again, with AdWords, if you self-manage it and you fail doing it, which you will unless you’re able to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars that we spent, and actually it would be bit more because a lot of our lessons occurred early on when it was cheap, but the most money we spent was over the last year or two until we found our break. We found the thing we’ve been looking for, or the things we’ve been looking for a few months ago. First thing is people have to get to you, find you, know about you, get to your website. Second is your website has to look very professional. Third, there needs to be an explanation of why you’re cheaper. People want to know why you are cheaper. The answer to that should be “I’m the owner, among all the jobs I’m cheaper, because we have less overhead. I’m booking all the jobs. Nobody cares more about a job well done than the owner. I’m on every single job, so you know you’re going to get a better job than in any other company most likely, and I can personally guarantee that I will stand behind the work.” That right there is the key. So, first they find you. Second, they think you’re a real professional. Third if they see that you’re cheaper, they get a reason for it. Those three things right there should lead you to be able to get work, and get a fair amount of, and grow.


Now, obviously when you’re not on all the jobs, you need to take that away. What you say at that point, as soon as you start phasing all the trucks, you run the extra crew as owners on most jobs. Then, you just find another thing to talk about, like in Junk Doctors we say “We have multiple crews, so we’re big enough to be able to get your job very quickly. If it’s a large job, we can take care of it very quickly, but we’re small enough that the owners have direct contact with all team members, direct supervision, and stop in on a large percentage of jobs.” If you want to grow, if you want to compete with the big boys, first start now. If you want to have an advantage, that’s your advantage. I’m the big guy in the Raleigh market and I’m telling you, if I was just starting out and I had a Junk Doctors I was going up against, that’s what I would do. Junk Removal Authority can help you out with the website. We’ve got a very simple site that’s very professional. Once people get to your site, it’ll make them know that you’re professional. It will highlight the fact that you’re local, it will make them call you and book. It makes all that easy. It makes booking and calling very simple. Just basic sites at $2,000 gives about two weeks when you have it up for you. Then the AdWords, AdWords Management, that’s the way you need to go.


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