Hey guys, good morning! Good morning everybody! It’s a beautiful day outside here in North Carolina. The hurricane just passed through. What was left of it, I guess was tropical storm. It actually brought more winds to where we were than Florence did. We do have storm clean-up jobs. We’re actually working around here, nothing too major but a bunch of yard debris. Some damaged sheds, that kind of stuffs is what we’re currently working on. One of the things we’ve had is some people contacted us that they’re in another business. We’re aware of other people too. We have some people that contacted us. Some people that posts on Facebook or whatever, they’re in a separate business. They’re not in junk removal yet, and they’re looking to enter junk removal. One guy is like a moving company. One guy I know owns gutter cleaning company.


I actually know a couple of moving companies. Junk removal moving pairs pair well together. If these guys businesses, I have really taken care off. If they’re extremely busy and they’re focused on that primary business, they’re growing it. They have employees. They’re being able to advertise. If they’re advertising a ton, then they are reaching a bunch of people. They have multiple trucks running, multiple crews, and people answering phones other than them. They are able to get out there and sell. They have a business that’s mostly running without them. If they’re in that situation, then expanding to another business-like junk removal might be a good move. If not, why don’t you just grow your primary business and grow the thing you’re already doing?


Junk removal just happened to be the business that I chose or fell into. We fell into it when we started this thing seven years ago. The formula we use for junk removal could have worked in any other business. It could have worked in gutter cleaning, or in HVAC. HVAC has been a little bit tougher unless if I go out and get HVAC certified. If I have done that it would have worked in HVAC, plumbing, gutter cleaning, moving, and power washing. It could have worked in any of those different businesses. Junk removal is not inherently a better business than anything else you might get into. It’s just what I chose. Junk removal, when we started maybe there’s a bit less competition than power washing, but it’s not the case anymore. The key right now is to commit 100 percent on doing your best to control your market, to try and get every job out there. Don’t go off, don’t start clicking on people’s ads trying to run their advertising call stuff or do anything unethical.


Outwork them out. Out advertise and outspend them. Do what you have to do to make your business successful. If you’re not in junk removal, focus to your other business, we can help you with that. Junk removal is our original focus. We’re now expanding into making websites, SEO and ads. AdWords management for other service businesses. We’re not actively finding other service businesses, but I can guarantee you the same formula will work on your business before you jump from business to business. If you’re running a business right now, a gutter cleaning or a power washing business and you’re the only one out there providing the service. Where you have no crews, you have one truck. It’s only yourself, even if you might have one helper. There was a tremendous amount of potential for you to grow that business.


You will get into junk removal and you’re going to get stuck after a year or two. You’re going to find the same thing. If you can’t make one type of service business work, you’re not going to be able to make another type of service business work. Unless for some reason you are in a dying industry. Power washing, moving, and gutter cleaning isn’t dying. There’re some businesses that may be no longer in demand. No matter how hard you try, you’re not going to be able to make that one work. If you’re in a business with a lot of competition, that means it’s right for the taking. If you go in there and you do a better job, or at least as good of a job done. You don’t have to be better at the job.


You’re going to do as good of a job. You have to do a good job. You go in there and you out advertise. You have a better website. You’re doing ads. You’re spending more on AdWords to get up there at the top. You’re doing Home Advisor, but you’re still doing it. You’re getting jobs off of it. You’re having your guys put flyers, and getting yard signs out. If you’re in a business, depending on what type of business, if it’s heavily dependent on commercial services that you and others are having. You’re pounding the pavement. Meeting people, it could be you picking the phone up and calling those people. If you’re doing what it takes to reach as many people as possible and as many prospective customers possible, then you’re going to make a business successful.


Don’t be afraid of competition. Competition is a good thing. There’s a bunch of competition. The service that you’re going into, there’s a lot of demand for it. Don’t jump from business to business, it’s a huge mistake. A lot of people always think, “Well, I chose the wrong business. If I go into this business, I’m really going to make it.” It’s not and that’s not going happen. Business is tough, especially when you first started out. In the first two years you are going to have a lot of doubt and a lot of questioning in your decision that will get in business in the first place. It’s tough, it’s very tough. The key is you have to be known, that’s your main number one problem. You don’t have sales and that’s because people don’t know you. Get people to know you, be willing to spend to get people to know you. You have to be successful. We’re here to help any type of home service business out there. Call us at 919-617-1975. Junk removal companies, especially because that’s our expertise when it comes to marketing though. There’s nothing different about any of it. Call us at 919-617-1975, thanks guys!