Part of our meeting today focused on an upcoming event that's going to give us some great, nearly free advertising while also helping out a good cause. Opportunities like these make winners of everyone involved.

Speaker: All right, so I had this other idea that I kind of wanted to run by you, so I donate blood fairly regularly. I just donated a couple of days ago. While I was at the blood collection in Raleigh, I talked to the manager there about maybe doing a blood drive with Junk Doctors. So, what I was thinking is we could get some of our trucks. Kind of bringing everybody together on a Sunday when we’re not working Get people from Charlotte and Greensboro, this would be a good opportunity to get that big group shot with Charlotte guys. Yeah, yeah. Just put this out to our customer. Make flyers. We can deliver them by hands when we’re doing jobs and then also just blast us across social media. Set up an RSVP platform on Facebook. Once we go to that site, the blood collection is going to provide food. They’re going to have drinks. They’re going to have all their normal giveaway items and all, but they’re going to kind of make this a big event for us and for everybody that comes out. I was thinking we could offer anybody that’s come into it, a discount. I’m not sure exactly what amount you would want to do on that, just a substantial discount on junk removal.

Lee Godbold: Yeah, typically do $30 off. We can do something even a little more for that. Maybe like $50 off or something like that.

Speaker: Yeah, that sounds great.

Lee Godbold: I wouldn’t even have it be a minimum. Normally, discount will apply. Let’s just $50 off of anything. If they have a $95 job, they would get it for 45 bucks.

Speaker: I like it.

Lee Godbold: I think that’ll be good. Are they going to be promoting the event on their own as well and will there be other people outside of Junk Doctors coming to it or it’s just going to be Junk Doctors? People be bringing their to the event.

Speaker: Anybody can donate any day. They’re not going to be promoting that they have something set up, but they will be promoting the Junk Doctors is doing a blood drive that day.

Lee Godbold: Cool!

Speaker: Again, that’s something that once we make those flyers and everything, we can probably give them. They’ll push out across their own platforms and channels as well.

Lee Godbold: Okay, great. You know, I’ve got a friend that just underwent leukemia and the bone marrow transplant. He was lucky enough that his brother was able to be a donor, but that can be. That’s very rare. A lot of times, it’s hard to find a match. We all look into doing maybe a bone marrow transplant.

Speaker: Yeah, definitely. Especially if this one goes really well. This could be either a semi-annual or annual type event. I think that could be really big.

Lee Godbold: Great, I like it.

Speaker: Cool, sounds good. I’ll get to work.

Lee Godbold: Okay, perfect.