It’s never the right time to hire a manager, salesperson, receptionist, bookkeeper, or marketing director. So when you think you need it DO IT! Lee talks about what made him think about this subject.

Good afternoon guys! Good afternoon! I hope everybody is doing well today. We’re doing great down here in North Carolina. Wonderful day! We just put a deposit down on the new headquarters for Junk Doctors and Junk Removal Authority. It will eventually mainly JRA, because that’s the office that requires all the space with call center and the business offices and all that kind of stuff. We just signed the lease on that today. We will be moving in likely June 1st. That’s what we’re shooting for. Anyway, that’s great news. We got some other good news and I want to talk to about it. It’s kind of also my subject for today.

You’re never going to be 100% ready in business to hire somebody full-time to maybe manage the operation or in this case market. I always will stay the sales manager, but we have hired a marketing director and content creator. So, we’re paying somebody a great amount of money to come in and that position has got to pay for itself. Again, you’re never 100% ready because I’d hate to have to pay to take a cut on my bottom line just to bring in somebody else. What you have to remember is if you go out and hire somebody like that, if you’re hiring a general manager to run your location, then that means you believe. You can do a combination of things. One, you’re going to create more freedom in your life where you’re not a slave to your business. Two, you believe that by hiring that person, you can go out and get more sales for your business so you can make more money. When you hire a person, you need to have a plan in place for them to make more money.

This content creator we’re bringing in, starting out at $40,000 and then he gets bonuses tied in with revenue where he will likely make $60,000 or $70,000 by being our marketing director and a content creator. We believe he is going to enable us to get our message out, product and our service offerings out to thousands of more people. He’s going to professionalize our videos with intros. We’re going to put out a lot more content. He’s going to be writing a lot more blog posts. Were about to put out more content in the junk removal or service industries ever seen on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and any other social media platform out there. We’re going blow each one of those up daily.

There’s going to be tons of content out there. Tons of useful information. By doing that, he’s also franchise shows. We can show up a franchise shows, we’re not a franchise, but we can show franchise shows. Job fairs and targeted campaigns, looking to work with people that want to get into junk removal business. We believe their business pairs well. That’s what he’s going to be able to provide. When you go out hire somebody, and if it’s a marketing person. If it’s a general manager, somebody to answer your phones or a receptionist. All of that, you’re never a hundred percent going to be ready. It’s always a little scary when you do it because you think about it just taking a hit on your bottom line. What you have to remember is that particular position, if you don’t see a way that particular position is going to get in there and quickly raise your sales, you don’t really need that position in the first place.

Unless, it’s mainly just a free up of your life and give you more freedom. In that case, your hourly rate that you pay yourself is going to go up because you’ll be working last. Now, if you work the same amount then your sales should go up because you should be able to reach more people. Anytime you hire somebody, if you begin to think you need it. If you begin to see the benefit of it. If you are 100% confident that bringing them on board is going to increase your sales enough to more than pay for bringing them on board or if your confidence is going to create freedom in your life and free up your time. You got to pull that trigger. It’s tough and it’s hard. We would not have done this marketing position as soon. We knew we needed it, but this particular guy has been working with us for a couple of years is a real smart guy, super smart guy. He can fix stuff great on the truck. He got great social media and video skills. He’s going to increase those skills. Just fits in with the personality of the young and nimble. The willing to do what it takes personality that we want JRA to be, so he fits our personality. He got the potential. He got the skills already and he got the potential to increase those skills. We’re going to take that. We’re going to reach thousands of people with JRA. Then our long-term vision, which I can’t really talk too much about the spotty. I’ve mentioned to the commercial real estate. I’ve mentioned the fact I want us all, everybody that works with JRA. I want to help everybody make tons of money with their junk removal business. More money than they’ve ever possibly been able to make.

Then I want all of us to come in together and start buying these massive multi-family apartment real estate deals. Hundreds and hundreds of units, $20,000,000, $30,000,000, $50,000,000 properties. We all pull our money together. We go out and we buy these massive deals. We’ll manage them. It’s just a way for you to invest eventually invest your money. This is years down the road. This is not currently set up now. What I’m doing now is I’m trying to help as many people as possible. Be as rich as possible so we can all go in and do these massive deals and just multiply our wealth tremendously. This particular person we’re hiring is going to allow us to do that. It’s going to allow us to reach more people and by reaching more people, we’re going to be able to help more people. By helping more people, we’re all going to move up that line to eventually being able to just to have some massive success through investments in real estate to together. That’s the goal. That’s what I’m talking about. When you can hire somebody and see quick returns or free up your time. Pull the trigger and do it and you won’t regret it.