Junk removal crew gets together for morning meeting

What do you associate your mornings with? A quick check-in? A chance to grab some coffee before the work day begins? If you’re in the junk removal industry, it might be time to start thinking more strategically about your morning meetings. Sam Schick of Junk Removal Authority certainly thinks so. He operated a $10 million dollar a year junk removal company and says one of the crucial elements to keeping up with day-to-day operations was the morning meeting.

“Every morning, for fifteen years, we had our guys meet at a central location,” Sam told us. “We even did this when we were only in a parking lot.”

Whether you’re just getting started up or already have a warehouse, a morning meeting is a great idea. Here are some of the items Sam would discuss with his crew each and every morning. 

Uniform Review

A premium junk removal service should appear as such. Part of making a great first impression on your customers is looking the part—and this means wearing the correct uniform. What does your company’s uniform look like? Sam’s crew wore the following:

  • Tagless Caps, Company Branded
  • Collared Shirts, Company Branded
  • Navy Blue Work Pants
  • Brown Belt
  • Brown Safety Boots

Since the company uniform and appearance are so important, Sam made sure to check the employees’ uniforms every morning. Spare caps and belts were kept on hand. These are considerations you should make regarding your own operations.

Goals Review

As discussed in our goal-setting blog, it’s essential to keep your staff in the loop regarding your company’s goals. After all, your staff represents your business. They’re what makes your business possible. What better way to motivate them and remind them of your goals than during the morning meeting?

A great way to determine your daily goals is to take your monthly and weekly goals and divide them up. Once you’ve figured out how much revenue, how many jobs, or what other metric you’re aiming for on a given day, be sure to let the team know during the morning meeting. That way, everyone can strive for that goal together.

Prior Day Review

It’s also good to give your team something to celebrate. In this case, it’s good to look back at the previous day and identify what went right. Maybe your crew did a fantastic job with a property cleanout. Maybe a customer had glowing praise for everyone’s professional and friendly service. Either way, it’s great to let your staff know what they’re doing right.

An important part of looking at yesterday’s victories is boosting workplace morale. Everyone wants to feel wanted and useful, and letting your employees know they’re both of those things will encourage them to keep up the good work. Don’t be the company leader that allows good workers to feel unappreciated. Treat them well, and they’ll stick around.

Situation Roleplay

The last people you want your crew to practice their sales skills on are your actual customers. Instead, use situational role play with your team members. Situational roleplay is when you act out an interaction—such as sales work with a customer—to help familiarize yourself with the process. 

This is a perfect activity for your morning meetings. Act out these scenarios. Teach your crew how to handle objections when a customer says no. That way, you can book more appointments and make more customers happy. It’s an important part of reaching those sales goals.

Final Considerations

If any miscellaneous topics, such as safety, tool supply, or inventory, need to be covered during your morning meetings, then, by all means, cover them! And don’t forget that your meetings are the perfect time to pass out work schedules. That way, everyone knows when they’re expected to come in for work.

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