Sam Schick gives goal setting advice to business package client
Sam Schick shares his expertise during a Business Package training session at JRA headquarters in Raleigh, N.C.

Every junk removal business owner aims for a better tomorrow. Whether that takes the form of geographical expansion, expansion of services, or simply getting off the truck, it’s good to dream big. However, to achieve your dreams, you have to make a plan and set goals. After all, you can’t set off towards a better tomorrow without paving a road to get there. Sam Schick, who created a ten-million-dollar junk removal operation before joining Junk Removal Authority, may know this more than anyone else. After all, his hugely successful business didn’t just manifest out of nothingness. He had to do some goal setting to reach those heights.

 “You’ve heard the adage, fail to plan, plan to fail,” Sam told us. “Well, in my case it was plan to win… plan to win.”

It might sound redundant, but planning to win and then holding yourself and your team accountable for achieving that goal is an important part of eventually reaching success. According to Sam, the purpose of goal-setting is to be able to measure success, celebrate when goals are met, and figure out where to improve when goals remain out of reach.

Setting Sales Goals

Let’s consider those “better tomorrows” listed at the beginning of this article. Geographical expansion, expansion of services, and getting off the truck—all of these require some amount of money to make happen. The best way to have the extra money to put towards these, of course, is by generating enough profit as a business. This necessitates sales goals. 

“Maybe it’s $300,000, $400,000, or a million dollars,” Sam said. “Whatever your annual goal is, break it down into quarters, into months, and into weeks. Share it with everybody that’s on your team. Share your goals. Have them written down on the walls. Have everybody be aware of when you achieve them, and when you need to work more towards achieving them.”

Achieving Goals with the Right Team

It’s great to share your goals with the whole team because it requires the whole team’s efforts to reach those goals. People come to work to get paid. However, if you include them in the goal-setting and achieving process you can motivate them to go beyond the bare minimum. 

“You want them to get mentally invested in your business,” Sam pointed out. “You want them to feel like they’re part of the rolling success in your business. The only reason I was able to drive my business to ten million was not based on my level of expertise… it was finding the right people to help me get there.”

Without goals, and without a team that can help you reach those goals, your operation might just stagnate. So don’t let your junk removal business flounder with no aim or direction. Instead, set a target, make some goals, and encourage your team members to meet them!

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