Jacob Espinoza, a new junk removal business owner, gets to have one-on-one Zoom calls with a seasoned, multi-million dollar junk removal professional. This professional is none other than our own Sam Schick. He’s the former owner of a junk removal operation that earned more than ten million dollars a year. As you can imagine, Sam’s startup consulting is invaluable to entrepreneurs like Jacob. It’s all because of our Junk Removal Franchise Alternative – Business Package that Jacob has access to this priceless wealth of knowledge.

Many of our Business Package clients have limited experience in the junk removal industry. However, if there’s anything Sam Schick has, it’s experience. He has more than 15 years’ worth of expertise in the industry. If you’re looking to launch your junk removal company, you can’t go wrong with startup consulting from Sam. His hard-earned knowledge can help you make the right moves for your business, and help you avoid a litany of costly mistakes. Sam knows it all, and he wants to help you out!

Here’s a taste of the conversations Jacob and Sam have together. Notice Sam’s expertise on a variety of different junk removal topics. No matter what Jacob asks, Sam has an answer.

About Trucks

Jacob: Do you know any concrete ways for me to get the ball rolling?

Sam: Budgeting money in SEO and Google Ads is going to get things moving quickly for you. Truck-based marketing was also critical for me. I advise buying two trucks, because not only can you do more jobs that way, you basically have two rolling billboards.

Jacob: I’ve noticed all the franchises are using trucks with the tunnel toolbox in the front. Is that something that’s absolutely necessary?

Sam: Yes! You’re going to need tools to complete jobs—sometimes hand tools, sometimes power tools. On top of our toolbox, there was a special spot for wheelbarrows, but we didn’t leave wheelbarrows up there because we didn’t want our truck to look like a junk truck. We only brought wheelbarrows if we knew we were going to need them.

Employee Management

Jacob: How are you able to incentivize your employees?

Sam: We had incentives based on performance. If you have an incentive program that doesn’t change a person’s behavior, leave it! I had a system in place where a percentage of the sale was given to the employee if they reached a certain level. I always wanted to make sure that the employees that gave me their 150% were kept happy.

Jacob: What demographics did you target for employees?

Sam: College students are a great demographic. Many can usually give a few days, and some can even work full-time, especially if they go to night school. Just be prepared for some of them to go away in August. Additionally, if I ever found myself with an exceptional employee, I was always interested in the sorts of people they hung out with because chances were they would make for great employees too!

Working and Growing with JRA

Jacob: One of my goals is to have an office and a place to store my equipment, but I don’t know when the right time is for that. I’m starting from ground zero. I don’t know when I should buy my second truck, or when I should be leasing office space.

Sam: Sometimes, you’re going to have to make tough decisions. If you don’t question your decisions, then you’re an entrepreneur living in the dark. Listen to the pulse of your business, and you’ll know when the time is right. And we’ll always be here to help you make these decisions, too.

Jacob: It seems like most people are experiencing a pretty solid amount of growth during their first year with Junk Removal Authority. Can I expect that for myself?

Sam: It’s up to the owner. On top of what we give you, what can you add to it? What you can put into it, you can get out of it. We’ve got a lot of success stories. We give you the tools of a franchise, but we don’t hold you to any agreements. You own everything—we’re just a tool for you to use.

Get Startup Consulting Now!

Sam’s right. Making your business succeed will be a team effort between you and JRA. However, when you’re able to consult with long-time junk removal industry professionals, you’ll have a serious advantage over the competition. We’ll be able to answer any of your questions, from the broad topics to the specifics. And we’ll also be there to hear updates on how your business is doing. That way, we can celebrate the successes and adapt to overcome any hurdles you’re facing. 

Interested in obtaining our Business Package and doing some startup consulting with Sam for yourself? Contact us today! We are the premier marketing company in the junk removal industry. From our home in Apex, NC, we help junk removal business owners across North America—and we’d love to help you out, too.