Sam Schick shares his advice to listen to your business during JRA's JUNKCON event.

$10 Million Tips with Sam Schick

Do you listen to your business? Or do you let yourself get in the way? It’s a common problem in the junk removal industry and one I’ve been guilty of myself a few times.

We tend to shy away from ideas or suggestions that have the potential to drive business. Sometimes it’s because there is a lack of good financial information available. Or, many times, your own feelings and fears can cause you to not listen as well as you should to constructive feedback.

Fear, procrastination, control – these are all things that we do to ourselves that keep us from growing our own business. It’s important that we recognize these roadblocks. When you find yourself doing these things, take a moment to stop and listen. Put your personal feelings aside and hear what your business is trying to tell you.

If your capacity to serve customers is at its max and you’re either having to turn away customers, or book them so far out in advance that your cancellation rate is high … your business is trying to tell you something. It’s shouting, “Hey, we need more trucks and a bigger crew!”

If things are running smoothly and capacity is not a problem, but you’re not seeing much growth … your business is still trying to tell you something. It’s likely saying, “It’s time to drum up new business with marketing.”

In the junk removal business, nothing is ever constant and business should always be changing. You either grow your business with more trucks, more people or smart marketing or you dry up and blow away. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start, just listen to your business and get out of its way.

About Sam Schick

Sam built one of the largest junk removal franchises in the U.S. For 15 years, he ran a 25 truck, 100 employee business in Chicago that brought in over $10 million a year. Interested in learning directly from Sam? JRA Business Package clients get one-on-one consultation services with Sam. Contact Us today to inquire about our business package services.