JRA Pay Per Job Income Generation

The single most important task a junk removal business owner has to complete is getting new customers. Without new clients, a business ceases to grow and inevitably dies. The question is how to bring in these new customers. In an environment in which dozens of opportunities are always presenting themselves, how do you choose which way to go? Any business owner who has been in business for any length of time has likely tried different forms of marketing that didn’t work. A waste of money. We here at JRA have certainly done that with our junk removal company, Junk Doctors. We spent money on print advertising, register receipts, magazine ads, and other media that didn’t work. The money we put in was simply wasted. When you strike out trying systems like that, it can be hard to take a chance on something else. That’s why we designed the Pay Per Job (PPJ) Income Generation Program to be completely risk free.

How is the PPJ program risk free? There is no up-front cost or commitment. You simply pay a flat rate per job that is scheduled. JRA will build you a web page that will be hosted on the Junk Doctors site. Your logo and company colors will be used on the site and your company name will be featured in the content. The reason we use the Junk Doctors site is because it is a tested and proven site that Google trusts and will quickly rank well organically. Where it could take a year or more for a new site to rank well in your market with heavy SEO, it will take only a fraction of that time for the page on the Junk Doctors website to rank.

The Pay Per Job Income Generation Program is designed to be the high-powered, risk-free marketing tool we wish we’d had all along.

SEO is only the beginning. JRA will initiate the tried and true AdWords campaign that helped build Junk Doctors to a $2 Million a year business. And JRA will cover the cost! AdWords is the single best form of advertising for junk removal businesses. However, if done wrong it will cost you an absolute fortune with little return. With the JRA PPJ platform, you will have the ads that generate clicks, the site that gets them to call or book online, and… people trained to answer the phone and lock the job down!

That’s right. We book all the jobs too! You get a back door entrance to the JRA call center. There will be a local area code phone number that will be listed on the site. When that number is called, our call center’s phone will ring and they will be notified which business the customer is calling. The agent will answer the phone using your business’ name. We will then answer any questions the customer has and schedule the job for you.

Unlike other pay per lead programs, you only pay for results, whereas a company like Home Advisor charges you for the lead no matter if they schedule or not. And Home Advisor requires you to chase down the customer. With JRA we book the job – no administrative effort required from you. The only thing you have to do is get the job done right.

The price paid per job can vary in each individual market. The standard starting price is $100 per booked job. Please see the included spreadsheet that demonstrates how even at $100 per booked job your company can be profitable. At an average job cost of $315 you will still profit around $62. That includes paying two people on the truck and all job-related expenses. We anticipate at the start of this program we will bring you approximately 35 jobs, depending on your market. The longer you use the program, the longer the page has to rank well and the more jobs it will bring you. Profit on 35 jobs would be over $2,000. Again, that is for paying two truck team members. That does NOT account for you working on the job personally. If you are on the jobs, profit would be over $3,000 for the month for JUST this program. That doesn’t count other jobs from previous customers or brought in from other advertising you are doing. You may contact us to get access to the calculator to input your own average job costs and percentages and see exactly how it will work out for you.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 6.37.04 PM

Sample ROI for one month of JRA’s Pay Per Job Program. Numbers are subject to change based on markets and are based on Junk Doctors performance data.

We are not accepting everyone into this program. There is a qualification process. You must have automobile, general liability, and workers compensation insurance. You must also be bonded. Junk Removal Authority and Junk Doctors must be listed as an additional insured party. You must have a professional truck or truck/trailer set up. You may have a dump truck, pickup truck/trailer, or box truck. However, those trucks must be well maintained and feature attractive company logos. We also want clean-cut and trustworthy guys working for you. We are unable to start everyone all at once and people will be qualified on a first come, first served basis.

We’ve been and are still in your shoes. We look at any new advertising that comes our way with skepticism. That’s why we knew that even though we have seen the wonders our AdWords and SEO program can do for our businesses, our would have to be risk free for it to catch on. We have done this with the JRA Pay Per Job Income Generation Platform. Now, like the flip of a switch you are able to turn on instant income. No up front costs, no long term commitment, and 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. That, my friends, is the JRA Way!

-Lee Godbold