See How The JRA Contact Center Could Change Your Life

Lee Godbold explains everything you want to know about the Junk Removal Authority Contact Center Service in the first installment of this two-part series. Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about the Contact Center.  If you have any questions about our contact center or are interested in using the contact center for your own business, give JRA a call.

Can you tell me briefly about the JRA Contact Center?

The JRA Contact Center takes inbound calls on behalf of junk removal companies throughout the country. While most contact centers are simply answering services, our contact center representatives are junk removal industry professionals who can explain your service and pricing, answer all your customers’ questions, and schedule jobs directly to your calendar. Our contact center reps know what notes junk removal companies want with their bookings, and they know when to contact the business owner to keep them updated.

How do you present my company on the phone?  

We present ourselves as if we work directly for your company and are in your service area. If your company is called Junk Dudes, we answer the phone “Thanks for Calling Junk Dudes.” The caller will assume they are speaking with someone at your local office.

Can you respond to HomeAdvisor leads?

We can now take HomeAdvisor leads! We receive instant HomeAdvisor notifications and get on the phone ASAP to book that job! If it is a bad lead, we initiate a refund request from HomeAdvisor. If you want your leads turned off when the contact center closes, we can do that for you as well. We know it’s critical to call back HomeAdvisor leads and request refunds whenever possible. We’ve got you covered for that.

How will you explain pricing for the junk removal services I offer?

We explain your price points and truck sizes to the customer. Pricing will need to be volume-based, but we can inform callers of extra recycling fees, labor charges, distance charges, or surcharges on certain items. 

What do you do when customers demand some sort of price estimate?

Our reps have a good understanding of approximate load sizes for certain items. However, if the customer has more than an item or two, we try to get away with simply explaining pricing and informing the client that a firm price will be given up front once the team is on site. If the client insists on getting an over-the-phone price estimate, we inform them it is only a rough guess and a firm price will be given on site. 

What hours do you answer calls?

We answer phones Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM ET and Saturday and Sundays from 8 AM to 7 PM ET.

How does setting up a phone system work?

We recommend setting up your phone system using a VOIP phone through a provider like Vonage.  Your cell number can be ported so you can use your current number. By getting a VOIP system like Vonage, your phone system can utilize call recording, depending on the legality of it in your state.

You can forward a cell phone should you choose, however your reporting will be limited and you can’t set an automatic schedule. With VOIP phones, the phones can begin ringing your phone when the Center closes. Calls to your cell phone, however, will forward to the contact center’s voicemail after hours if you don’t cancel the forwarding manually during that time. If a voicemail is left after hours, we will return the call when the Center opens the next day.

How do I get set up to use the JRA Contact Center? 

To get set up to use the JRA Contact Center, you’ll first need to sign a basic Service Agreement outlining the terms of service. For companies with fewer than 200 bookings a month, the JRA Contact center is month to month. If your company has over 200 bookings per month, contact us for a custom plan that could include a contract. You’ll need to pay the access fee up front, and we will then create a phone number specifically for your company to which you’ll forward your current phone number. That’s right. You don’t need to change your number. We will get login access to your scheduling platform, as well as information on your pricing, service offerings, items you don’t take, areas you can’t go, times you operate, etc. We will get that info loaded into our system so our reps have on-demand access to it. Reps will spend a few hours memorizing your info and doing some mock calls using your company name. Once everything is ready, we can initiate the service. Allow one week to onboard with the JRA Contact Center.

What Benefits does using the JRA Contact Center Provide?

For the first five years of Junk Doctors I was a slave. No matter what I was doing, who I was with, or what time of day it was, if the phone rang, I had to answer. You got in business to work for yourself. No longer do you have to make the decision to answer the phone or spend time with your spouse. Now you can rest easy knowing trained junk removal professionals are taking your calls and booking your jobs.

And the craziest thing is that for most people, the contact center won’t cost them a penny on their bottom line. Our contact center reps typically book jobs at a higher closing rate than our clients. We also encourage you to raise your rates to cover the difference. We are good enough to close jobs at any price point, as long as it isn’t outrageous. Many of our customers will actually make more money while enjoying the convenience of the JRA Contact Center.

How can I learn more about the service?

To learn more, simply call Junk Removal Authority at 919-897-7510.