Contact Center

Experience true freedom and take back your time!

Contact Center

Experience true freedom and take back your time!

It's tough to get work done or enjoy personal time when there are customer calls coming in at all hours. The JRA Contact Center is your solution.

Tired of getting interrupted by customer calls in the middle of jobs or family time?

The Contact Center is the product that our clients are happiest to sign on with. Using our contact center means every customer call is answered and the owners are no longer at the mercy of their phone.

JRA can help you match with customers using our marketing tools and strategies, but without the Contact Center, you must be outstanding at locking down appointments for all that web traffic to pay off. You also have to answer the phone every time it rings. Potential customers call at all hours of the day and night to ask questions and schedule service. You have to answer, and you must have the phone skills to close on those jobs. That’s where the JRA Contact Center can help.

JRA Contact Center Advantages:

Freedom and flexibility

You aren't a slave to your phone. If you are in the middle of something, simply set your calls to forward to our contact center and we've got you covered.

The phone is answered in your name

The customer believes they are speaking with a representative who works directly for your company. There is no fancy-sounding phone system. The phone simply rings and a live representative answers, so customers believe they are speaking directly with a local company representative.

Instant email and leads generating website responses

When customers contact you via email, or send their information through a lead generating website such as Yelp, our representatives are notified and respond to those inquiries immediately.

Professional customer service representatives

JRA Contact Center reps know all about Junk Removal and understand how to lock down appointments. Our agents go through constant training and we closely monitor our closing rates. With our special training, JRA Contact Center closing rates are often far better than those business owners can produce on their own.

Reasonable rates

Simply pay a monthly access fee and a charge for every job we book. That's it. You only pay for business that is going to pay you.

Ready to experience true freedom and take back your personal time?