Meet The Call Center Director

Meet Melissa, JRA’s Call Center Director.  As the Call Center Director, Melissa coordinates between the call center staff and companies who use this service, as well as acting as a liaison and point of contact for actual junk removal customers.  Her team answers calls for junk removal companies all over the country.

To Melissa, it’s important to get to know her call center clients.  She may have to get in touch with them about any number of strange junk removal requests throughout the day, but her relationships go beyond just junk removal.  A lot of her clients also keep in touch with her on social media.  Building relationships and getting to know these business owners makes Melissa’s job easier.

One of the great things about working with the JRA Call Center is having a team behind you that knows when you’re at dinner with your wife, at a family event, or at a job site with hands full of debris and can’t get to your phone.  They’re here so you can do all these things uninterrupted and stop missing calls from customers.

When one of our Call Center reps answers your call, they have a binder with all of your information ready to go in front of them.  Melissa makes sure everyone knows exactly what you do and don’t take, your price points, your hours of operation, your service area and all other important information that a customer could ask for.  After booking, Melissa always makes sure you know a new job was booked.

Go ahead and give Melissa a call if you’re interested in this service.  She’d be happy to explain more and help you decide if the JRA Call Center can get your business ahead of the game.

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