You can make a million dollars with junk removal! We already know the formula for success, and we’re willing to share it with you. 

JRA’s Blueprint to $1 Million will show you how to build a junk removal business that generates 1 million dollars in sales in just 3-5 years. Our blueprint was constructed through the experience of JRA founder Lee Godbold, who built a $3.5 million/year business, JRA Consultant Sam Schick, who built a $10 million/year business, and the successes of JRA clients who have reached the $1 million a year mark through our proven strategy.

If you’re ready to leverage other people’s trash into a prosperous lifestyle, then you have come to the right place. Here are JRA’s twelve steps to make a million dollars with junk removal.

1. Find a Way to Save $50,000

First things first, you need to have enough money for all of your business start-up tasks. In addition, you’ll also want a cash reserve to help you through those beginning months of challenges and inconsistent business. We recommend that you save $50,000 to start. Do what it takes to get to this figure. Slash your expenses, work overtime, get a second job… whatever is necessary! Pro tip: If you can come up with more, come up with more! It will make the process that much easier and that much faster. 

2. Order Two Trucks

You can’t transport junk unless you have a couple of trucks. While buying your trucks used may seem like a wise financial decision, we recommend buying your trucks new. Why? Because new trucks will make a good impression on your customers and you’ll also avoid the costly repairs and time loss that comes with truck problems. Truck downtime can significantly hurt your march to $1 million. 

3. Get Training

If you want to excel at running your junk removal business, you’re going to need training. This is where the JRA Business Package comes in. With our junk removal franchise alternative, you’ll have the resources, knowledge, and support you need to make all the right decisions and avoid all the wrong ones. Plus, you will also get a personal coach that assists you with your business. For the business owner that wants to reach a million dollars a year, this opportunity can’t be missed.

4. Develop Your Branding

Now it’s time to give your business a visual identity of sorts. This includes creating your logo, choosing your company colors and designing the yard signs and sticky notes that you’ll be using for advertising later on in the process. 

5. Build Your Website

This is a crucial step of the process. But whatever you do, DO NOT try to build a website yourself. They don’t look professional and are more difficult to rank well in Google and other search engines. With the JRA Business Package, you get a full junk removal website with custom content written specifically for your business. Our website templates and copy formulas are proven to rank well on Google and turn web visitors into paying customers. Remember that most potential customers are going to visit several junk removal websites. If yours does not look competent or provide the information they need, they will move on to your competitors. 

6. Get Insurance

When running a business, it’s inevitable that at some point you’re going to have mishaps or accidents. To be prepared for when things go wrong, you’re going to need insurance. This includes commercial auto insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and general liability insurance at a minimum. DO NOT skip this! If something goes wrong and you are not insured, it’s going to slow down your progress toward $1 million. 

7. Set Up Workiz

Workiz is the #1 scheduling and dispatching software in the junk removal industry. Because of this, you’re going to want to use it! You can sign up for Workiz at a discounted rate by letting them know JRA referred you. Simply click here to get started.

8. Set Up Bookkeeping

When you sign up for the JRA Business Package, you will receive a standard chart of accounts for a junk removal company. Unless you have experience in bookkeeping, you will want to reach out to a bookkeeping business to keep track of all these records for you. They will provide you with monthly financial statements and keep your account reconciled.

9. Hire Two People

Hiring two people will expedite your journey to $1 million. Just one employee isn’t going to cut it. What happens if they have to call in sick or leave the company unexpectedly? Avoid this dilemma by getting at least two strong people on your team. Eventually, you should train one or more of these hires to be team leaders that can quote jobs and drive the truck so you don’t have to. 

10. Start Your Advertising

If you want to get to $1 million in 3-5 years, you’re going to have to get your name out there and you’re going to have to get it out there fast. To do that, follow JRA’s proven junk removal marketing formula:

Sam Schick (left) and Lee Godbold (right) help Business Package clients start and grow their businesses using JRA’s proven blueprint for success.

Google Ads: Keep an eye on your impression share. If your ads are profitable, you want to be as close to 100% impression share as possible. This means your ad is showing any time a relevant search is being placed in your area.

Search Optimization (SEO): It might take a year to get significant business through SEO, but keep with it, and one day, it will bring in more money than Google Ads. And the best part of SEO leads is that you don’t have to pay for clicks. SEO is the absolute greatest marketing investment you will ever make.

Yard Signs and Sticky Notes: On top of digital marketing, you’ll want to do some physical marketing, too. During appointments, ask customers if you can put a yard sign in their front lawn that will advertise your business to everyone driving by. Additionally, your employees can put sticky notes on the front doors of the surrounding houses, helping spread the word about your business.

Email Marketing: Set up an email marketing campaign to send regular messages to property management companies, small remodelers, professional organizers, and any other type of company that might consistently use a junk removal business.

Facebook Marketplace Posts: People love hearing about and supporting small, family businesses. Take advantage of this by posting on Facebook Marketplace. Post about yourself and your business and offer your services. But don’t overdo it. If you do it too often, you might get banned.

If you want to leave your advertising efforts to the professionals, use JRA’s junk removal marketing services. We have helped hundreds of junk removal business owners launch successful websites, Google Ads, and SEO campaigns. And, as a Business Package client, you get a JRA website as well as a month of free ads and SEO services.

11. Add Trucks and Add People

You can’t make a million dollars with junk removal if you stay at two trucks and two employees forever. Eventually, you’re going to want to expand. The question is, when? We recommend that with each increment of $25,000 in monthly revenue, you buy another truck. We also recommend that with each increment of $8,000 to $10,000 in monthly revenue, you hire another employee. That way, you can start taking on more jobs at once, which equals even more revenue than before.

12. Trust the Process and Control Your Emotions

You won’t successfully grow your junk removal business by acting on impulses all the time. It’s easy to get carried away and become too excited when you see an uptick in business. Similarly, it’s just as effortless to become disappointed and upset when business slows down. In this industry, there are busy seasons and slow seasons, just like most other industries. So don’t make any rash decisions based on short-term observations. Slow your roll, trust the process, and control your emotions. Stick to our formula, and it will pay off in the long run!

Begin Your March Toward a Million Dollars with Junk Removal

Want to make a million dollars with junk removal? Then partner your junk removal business with JRA today. All you have to do is contact us online to get started.

As the junk removal franchise alternative, JRA’s Business Package includes guidance through all of the steps of starting your own junk removal business. It includes a complete video training series for you and your employees, a full website, a month of digital marketing services, in-person classroom and truck training, our contact center services for a month, consulting, and much more! 

This is the proven formula for building a million-dollar junk removal business in just 3-5 years. And, it can work in any market. Start your march toward $1 million today!