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Follow These Tips for Creating a Comprehensive and Successful Marketing Campaign for Your Junk Removal Business

A junk removal business cannot survive without a successful digital marketing campaign. That might sound bleak, but it’s the truth. In today’s world, so much of our communication exists in the online sphere. To refuse to take advantage of that is to set your business up for failure. That’s why we recommend embracing internet marketing and using our proven tactics to get more junk removal leads for your business.

Junk Removal Authority is a marketing company that specializes in junk removal, and we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work regarding digital marketing in this industry. Let’s review our insights on how to create a successful digital marketing campaign, find more leads, and convert those leads into paying customers.

Attract Leads with Digital Marketing

A professional-looking website, a targeted Google Ads campaign, and good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful trifecta that will help boost your junk removal business to never-before-seen heights. The best digital marketing strategies focus on all three of these components.  Effective Google Ads and SEO will bring more visitors to your website, and a website that looks great, is easy to navigate, and has clear calls to action can turn web visitors into customers. But which brings more visitors to your website: Google Ads or SEO? Our research indicates that it’s currently a fifty-fifty split, meaning if you skimp on one, you could lose as much as half of all leads. You need to put time towards both, and you need to do it the right way. 

Google Ads

An example of doing things the wrong way would be trying to keep it cheap with Google Ads. The reason this doesn’t play out well is that Google Ads greatly favors those who spend a certain amount of money on ads. Don’t want your listings to get buried? In the junk removal industry, it generally takes a minimum of $1,500 ad spend per month for your potential customers to actually see your ads. However, in some bigger areas, the minimum budget you should start at could be as much as $2,500 or $3,000. In the world of digital marketing, you have to spend money to make money. That’s why you must spend to make your investment worthwhile!

Once you’ve decided to invest in Google Ads, make sure you create a highly targeted campaign. Keywords that you DON’T show up for are even more important than the ones you do show for. This will keep your cost per booked job lower and increase your average job income. Don’t fall for marketing companies that promise a bunch of leads without defining what a lead is! You want quality over quantity. A targeted Google Ads campaign will get you quality junk removal leads.


Is there a “wrong way” to improve your SEO? Absolutely. With SEO, a big part of the game is using the right keyphrases and keywords to climb the rankings for the things your potential customers are going to search for. JRA has found that while phrases such as “junk removal,” “appliance removal,” and “junk removal in” rank well, others have the opposite effect. For example, take the phrase “trash pickup.” This is a bad keyphrase that mostly attracts people curious about their city’s weekly trash pickup service!

SEO is a long-term investment that can have low ROI early on in a competitive market. However, SEO has almost unlimited ROI in the long term once your website and landing pages begin to rank. Remember, half of junk removal web traffic comes from organic search results. If you skip out on SEO, you are missing out on 50% of your potential customer base!

Spend the right money on Google Ads and target the right keyphrases on your website to receive more site traffic. This, in turn, will bring you more junk removal leads. Now, let’s talk about how to convert those leads into paying customers.

Offer Online Booking 

People won’t always make a phone call for a multitude of reasons. For example, people who want to book a junk removal appointment but are currently at their job won’t be able to call you because they’re not supposed to make phone calls on the clock. There are even people who are too shy to make phone calls. We estimate that twenty to twenty-five percent of appointments are booked online. The point is, that you want to offer an alternative to scheduling appointments over the phone. That’s why JRA recommends Workiz for your business.

Workiz is a scheduling and dispatching application that is customer-friendly and makes managing your business’s day-to-day schedule easier. It’s easy to embed on your “Book Now” webpage and enables site visitors to quickly and conveniently book appointments right from your site. When a client book online, Workiz will automatically notify you and add the appointment to your calendar. Not having an online booking option on your website means you are not making the most of traffic being driven to your site by Google Ads and SEO. You must have this component in place for a complete and comprehensive digital marketing campaign. 

Learn Phone Skills to Book Appointments

Up to twenty-five percent of your appointments will be booked online. That means there are many, many more you can expect to receive in the form of phone calls. What this means is that missing a phone call from a potential customer is the same as throwing away some of the time and money you spent on your digital marketing campaign. Don’t do that—instead, answer the phone, and know the phone skills needed to convert callers into customers!

Booking more jobs over the phone requires you to be friendly, but assertive. You must learn how to deflect callers’ excuses to avoid making an appointment. Many callers are looking to ask about your prices before calling more companies to do the same thing. We recommend scheduling these callers right away, then reminding them they can always reschedule or cancel their appointment later. You can avoid so many missed opportunities this way.

If you want to learn more about how to book junk removal jobs on the phone, check out our Phone Training course with customer service expert Melissa Souto. You can also enlist the assistance of the JRA Contact Center and let our trained staff members pick up the phone for you. 

A successful and comprehensive digital marketing campaign will help you generate more junk removal leads AND convert them as well. Follow the tips above to get started, or contact us to have our digital marketing team skyrocket your business to success.

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