Small businesses, such as your junk removal business, are the backbone of the economy. When that backbone is strong, then the economy can continue to stand. However, if that backbone grows weak, then the economy is sure to falter. This is why it is important that small businesses do not allow fears of a 2022 Recession to halt their growth. Why? Because unnecessary cutbacks can kick the economy into an even bigger recession. And when this happens, everyone suffers.

With the potential of a 2022 recession looming, now is the time to be proactive rather than reactive. Don’t enact a “self-fulfilling prophecy” by cutting back on your marketing spend, your hiring efforts, and forcing yourself back onto the truck. This is a great way of letting the recession steamroll your business because you’re effectively removing yourself from the market. What you should be doing during this time is tightening up your business. All the things that you should be doing under normal circumstances, you need to be doing extremely well now. But what are these things? Junk Removal Authority has the guidance you need.

Strengthen Commercial Relationships

Junk removal has been described as a “recession-proof” industry before. While no business is truly recession-proof, junk removal is more resistant than most. Think about it. While other businesses are shutting down, and tenants are moving out of properties, who has to come and clean up the mess? That’s right: you. It’s just a matter of finding the work, and this requires some networking.

At this point, you should be no stranger to networking. If you are, though, now’s a crucial time to get started. Head to your local Chamber of Commerce and make connections with property managers and other business owners. Let your commercial clients know that you are available for foreclosure cleanouts, eviction cleanouts, and office cleanouts. Call businesses you have worked with in the past to check in and see if they might need more of your junk removal services, too.

Accelerate Your Truck-Based Marketing

Don’t forget that your junk removal truck should be a moving billboard for your business. For example, at our sister business, Junk Doctors, we use noticeably colorful trucks with our company logo to let the world know that we’re ready to get to work. You might find yourself receiving phone calls just from driving through town. At the very least, you’re making your existence known to the community at large.

In addition to your truck, there are other ways to market your business out and about. Go through neighborhoods and put up door hangers. Ask your current customers if you can put up yard signs advertising your business on their lawn. Leave sticky notes regarding your junk removal service next to people’s mail slots. It all adds up.

Track KPIs to Ensure Efficiency

During the 2022 Recession, keep an eye on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Measure performance, measure what your truck crews are doing, and find creative ways to save expenses that won’t lead to a retraction. That way, your team will be as efficient as can be without sacrificing business.

One way you can reduce your expenses is by finding more efficient truck routes. You may discover that you can save tons of fuel if your appointments were in a different order. Well, ask your clients if they can take another time slot! We’ve found that as long as you provide the option to disagree, your customers are likely to agree. Suddenly, you’re spending a lot less on gas, and nowadays, that means lots of savings. More efficient routes mean fewer labor costs, too!

Are you recycling? If not, you should be. Recycling is a great way to not only reduce disposal fees but actually earn income as well. Some recycling centers will pay you for items like scrap metal. This is a great way to reduce expenses, and it’s good for the environment, too.

Cultivate a Strong Team

Take care of your employees, and you can build a strong team that can provide consistently great service. Well-trained and well-experienced employees give customers a better experience than a truck full of fresh workers. That’s why you want to make sure your best staff members aren’t going anywhere. Don’t unnecessarily slash their hours and force them to find another job because you’re scared of labor costs. Treat them well, and give them a reason to stay.

You might find that your company needs a morale boost during the 2022 Recession. Don’t forget to remind your employees about the good job they’re doing. Find things to celebrate from the prior day, such as a great customer review, an overachieved sales goal, or the completion of a big junk removal project. Happy employees stick around and continue doing a good job for you—meaning you won’t have to search for new talent in this difficult job market. 

Maintain Trucks to Avoid Costly Repairs

Truck repairs are expensive. Who’s operating your truck? Perhaps now isn’t the time to let an irresponsible driver man the helm because of how costly truck repairs can be. We recommend passing the keys only to drivers you can trust. Avoid spendy repair fees by avoiding vehicular troubles to begin with!

It’s also important to have a maintenance checklist for your trucks. You need to keep tabs on many different components of your truck, including, but not limited to:

  1. Tires
  2. Engine Oil
  3. Brakes
  4. Coolant/Antifreeze
  5. Batteries
  6. Belts
  7. Shock Absorbers

It sounds like a lot to keep up with, but maintaining your trucks means avoiding repairs. Repairs are much more expensive, and those are fees you don’t want to be hit with during the 2022 Recession.

Growing During the Recession

Recessions can be frightening, especially to business owners. However, don’t shy away from this challenge. A smart business owner can find ways to grow in spite of any economic challenges. Do you want to take your junk removal business to new heights? Then take on the recession and tighten up your business. Become more efficient. Become more scientific and process-oriented. Find creative ways to reduce your expenses, and put your 110% into every aspect of your business. You may find yourself doing better than ever before. Then, once the economy booms again, you’ll be much better prepared to take on all of the new business than competitors who got scared and made unnecessary cuts.