Providing consistent service is the key to creating a successful brand. Sam Schick thinks so, and we’re taking his word for it—after all, he was in charge of a ten-million-dollar junk removal operation in Chicago for fifteen straight years. It was through focusing on consistency that Sam was able to earn the trust of his customers. It’s this trust that turns one-time customers into return customers, and it’s this trust that turns small businesses into large ones over time.

“We don’t want to go out there one time,” Sam said. “We want to be called back by the same customer in a five-year period. But in order for us to be called back by a customer, we have to build trust.”

The Difference Between a Large and Small Business

But just how important is this trust exactly? Sam outlined it using an analogy to fast food restaurants of all things. However, the connections to the junk removal industry become clear fast.

“You go to McDonald’s, and every McDonald’s looks the same,” Sam told us. “However, we have all had those incidents—they forget the fries, or they put too much ice in the drink. We’re tolerant of these mistakes because most of the time when we go to McDonald’s, we’re going to get the same treatment, menu, and food.”

If the junk removal franchises equal McDonald’s in this metaphor, then your junk removal business equals a small burger stand. And, unfortunately, that small burger stand doesn’t start with the ubiquitous trust that McDonald’s has with its customer base. 

“If you have a small burger stand,” Sam pointed out, “and you make one mistake, the customer won’t come back.” 

Ouch. While this may appear to paint a pessimistic picture for your business, don’t throw in the towel just yet. This is just another challenge for you to conquer. What you need to do is focus on consistency in all the ways you conduct your junk removal company. Your goal? To build up the consistency and trust that McDonald’s has.

Aspects of Consistency

Why do customers like consistency so much anyway? It’s because they know exactly what to expect from a business every single time they patronize them. This means that if you provide consistent quality, your customers will know they’ll receive a great experience every time they book with your junk removal company.

Sam discussed with us the different ways you should ensure consistency in your junk removal business. They are as follows:

  • Brand marketing. Your marketing is how your customers learn about you and discover what precisely it is that you do. In your case, it’s providing a premium junk removal service—so make that clear in your advertising. Also, consider having a recognizable logo that can last for years to come. Your logo will be recognized by your base and will catch the eyes of those who are yet to become your customers. 
  • Pricing and value. Imagine if people went to McDonald’s, and the prices were randomized every week. Chances are, people would stop eating there because they like to know what they’re paying before they show up. Similarly, you need to provide consistent pricing for your junk removal services. Your customers expect the same value of service from you each and every time they patronize you.
  • Presentation. Presentation is also important when it comes to consistency! You want to maintain a professional image, and that goes further than you might initially think. Uniformed employees, a clean truck, and friendly demeanors are all parts of presenting yourself in a way your customers will appreciate. When your customers know you look the part, they’ll come back to your business in the future.

Obtaining Repeat Customers through Consistency

Obviously, as a business, you will eventually make mistakes. However, by using consistency to gain the trust of your customers, your base will be more likely to forgive you for their mistakes. That’s because they’ll recognize the flukes and flukes, and they’ll understand what you normally provide is great service. That’s the power of consistency!

“I really do believe you can build trust to where if you make a mistake, your customers will no doubt still give you a call back,” Sam said. “If you don’t have that trust, you will lose those customers.”

When you obtain repeat customers, your business will have earned a big advantage over the competition. Those repeat customers, in turn, will tell their friends and family about the great job you’re doing—and that results in even more business for you. 

But don’t get cocky. Even if you do find yourself in a situation where you can afford to make a few mistakes, continue focusing on quality, and continue focusing on consistency. This is a commitment that will continue paying off for you. Maybe you will find that you’ve become the “McDonald’s of junk removal” for your area one day!