A hoarding junk removal job

Tip of the Week with Melissa Souto

Let’s talk about hoarding jobs. When you get a call about a hoarding job, the person inquiring is typically a family member, and many times they are calling about the home of a loved one who has passed away. These customers tend to be emotional and take a little extra care.

JRA booking expert Melissa Souto leads training on how to book more junk removal jobs on the phone.
Melissa leads a training seminar with JRA clients on how to book more junk removal jobs on the phone at JUNKCON™ ’21. Learn more about trainings with Melissa on our Contact Center webpage.

Hoarding disorder is a very real illness and we must be sympathetic to customers dealing with it. I’ve had calls with customers who were crying or choked up, and others who sounded embarrassed. Here are a few tips on how to handle these inquiries with grace, while still booking the job.

NEVER use the word hoarder unless the customer actually uses the word hoarder first. Doing so risks offending the caller and losing the job. Instead mirror the words they use. If they say “a house filled to the brim with stuff” say “full house cleanout job.”

Giving a price estimate for a hoarding job can be difficult over the phone. These jobs vary greatly by size and sometimes require additional labor fees. My advice is to not overthink it. Tell the customer, “Jobs of this size typically run at least four full truckloads, if not more. My full truckload price is X.” Offer to book the job and do a no-obligation onsite quote before beginning work. Keeping it simple will put your customers’ minds at ease and increase the likelihood that they’ll book the appointment.

Following these tips and leading with sympathy will go a long way in helping you book more jobs. Want us to handle your hoarding inquiries for you? The JRA Contact Center is here to help!

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JRA customer service and booking expert Melissa Souto leads virtual and one-on-one training sessions with JRA Contact Center clients.About Melissa Souto

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