Throwing away junk may seem easy but to others it could mean more. It is more than just getting rid of stuff that you no longer need. For junk hauling services that take into consideration the welfare of the planet, finding environmentally friendly ways of disposal is crucial to their operations. This is because of the fact that there is now an island of garbage twice the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean.

Not all junk hauling services in the US however are as conscientious as others. Some of them simply pick up the junk they are commissioned to haul away and dispose of these immediately regardless of the many disposal options available to them. When you choose a junk removal service that knows the importance of taking care of the environment, you help save the planet while getting rid of stuff that you don’t need.

What an Environmentally-Friendly Junk Hauling Company Does

When you choose a junk hauling service in Reston that has the welfare of the planet in mind, you will find that they don’t just throw stuff away. They have a process that they follow when it comes to the junk they are commissioned to haul away. This process involves these steps:


Before anything is hauled away, our team will check the items that you are disposing of. Anything that we deem may be of value to you is put to one side while the rest is put into our truck. The reason why we do this is to ensure that you are not inadvertently throwing out stuff that you actually want.

Once you have gone through the stuff that we put to one side and deemed that these are indeed stuff you want to get rid of, everything is placed into our truck and hauled off to our facility. At our facility, further sorting is done. This is to separate items that can be donated from the items that cannot be donated. These other piles are then further sorted.  Separating stuff that can be recycled immediately from those that may need some work before recycling can be done.


We then donate the items that have been marked as ideal for donations to charities, thrift stores, and other worthwhile causes that we believe in. The stuff that is usually earmarked for this include clothing, toys and books.  Also includes blankets, old usable furniture, repairable appliances, and other items that can still be sold. We donate these to children’s organizations, homeless shelters, and other similar organizations.

Items that are considered of considerable value are often donated to charities.  They can sell these and can benefit from the proceeds. Antiques, clothing like gowns and suits, working appliances, and other similar items are included in this list.


Not all items that are hauled away from homes that junk hauling companies serve are stuff that are removed from within the home. Some of these are organic, such as branches, leaves, and other junk that result from storms and from yard cleaning. Some companies compost these themselves while others deliver the stuff to entities that do the composting for them. Branches, twigs, and even tree trunks are reduced to wood chips.  These are also composted to help reduce waste and to return to the earth something useful.


Another thing that an environmentally-friendly junk removal service does is to recycle stuff that cannot be donated. If these cannot be sold by charities or used by those who need them.  The junk you throw out can be sent to recycling facilities to be reprocessed and the parts reused. Glass, wood, metal, cloth, paper, and other similarly recyclable components are taken from the item that you throw out. These are then recycled to help reduce waste.

Who to Contact for Eco-Friendly Junk Removal in Reston

If you are a resident of Reston and you have junk that you need to remove from your home, you can contact Bull Run Junk Removal. We can handle all your junk removal needs for you and we do this in a conscientious and eco-friendly manner. We follow the aforementioned process to ensure that we don’t create an even bigger problem for our planet.

Aside from junk hauling, we also do concrete removal and light demolition jobs for those who need it. As with our junk hauling services, we handle these tasks with the environment in mind.  Dispose of concrete slabs, steel bars, and what-have-you by recycling before considering landfills. Contact us today at 703-239-3903 for any of our services or book your needs online by filling out our online form.