On the first episode of "Fired Up" with Junk Removal Authority CTO Brett Miller, we're talking all about junk removal websites. Unfortunately, most of the websites we see in the junk removal industry are lackluster at best. They're out of date, unattractive, hard to navigate, and not optimized for SEO or customer conversions. Today, we're sharing with you some free tips on how to find and lock down more business just by updating your site! If you'd like a professional junk removal website built, check out https://junkremovalauthority.com/services/web-development/ If you have any questions, just get in touch! Call 919-617-1975 or visit https://junkremovalauthority.com/contact-us/

Hi, everybody. I’m Brett Miller, the CTO of Junk Removal Authority, and I am fired up today. Why am I fired up? Well, I’ve done a lot of browsing of the various sites out there for junk removal companies, and I see a tremendous opportunity for improvement, which will directly result in more customers for your business. I hate to say it, but probably 90% or 95% of websites out there are pretty weak, and lacking the design, and verbiage, and content really needed to get somebody off the blocks to convert a high percentage of your visitors. I know there’s a huge opportunity out there for you to make more money, which is the thing that excites me the most. What I wanted to do today was make a quick video of me walking through one of the sites that we created at the Junk Removal Authority to show you what’s possible, and some of my suggestions that I would have as you go out and you create your own site.


Here we are looking at the main screen. These are the elements that appear above the fold, which means when you first look at the website this is what you see before you do any scrolling. Now, what we’ve done is shown a very trustworthy happy employee, and in the back of him is the truck, which clearly has the phone number and the logo on it. You don’t even need to use your real truck if you can just get us a graphic designer to put your logo on a truck with the phone number. Any truck that you could just throw a logo on just to give a feel of how professional you are. This doesn’t have to be who you are currently, this could be who you’re shooting for if your trucks aren’t branded quite yet; that’s perfectly fine. What we did was show a person who looks happy, nice professional collared shirt, in front of the truck with the company name, and it establishes a lot of trust. Over here on the right, we’ve talked specifically about what the customer’s problem is. We’re not sitting here saying how great we are as a company, because the web visitors don’t care about what you say. They don’t care as much about you as the company. They care about themselves, so we’re talking about them. You got a Junk Problem, and we understand it, and we have your solution, so we make it crystal clear. That’s a great slogan to use, and I’m sure you guys can come up with something similar, but you definitely want to phrase it and put the emphasis on your customer, not yourself. Then, we give two different options. They can book online through a simple process, or they could just text some pictures over and get a quote – what could be easier. Real clean looking, simple, phone numbers up here, everything flows really well. Then, you scroll down a little bit. We talk about some of the great things that we do and emphasize them with clean logos that look real professional. These are great benefits, up front pricing, pick up in 24 hours, professional team members, and environmentally friendly. These are the things that we feel customers are looking for.


And then, we go into more detail. Let’s get into some of the details. Let’s talk more specifically about what we do, the areas we serve, why we’re professional about the environment. Let’s get down to some details. As you scroll down, we created a video. Let’s not only talk about ourselves, let’s show them, let’s give them a feel of who we are, and what we could bring to the table. Let’s shows the person who’s involved in the company. It definitely drives a lot of value. Then, we scroll down here – Our Services. We talk about the two different services that this particular customer of ours offers. Generally, you’d also want to have a page where they could click through and learn a lot more details about this. Things like pricing and, other stuff. Then, we have kind of what I would consider the final argument of why you should consider going with us. “Save 20$ to book online.” We’ve established trust, shown we’re professional, uniforms, truck, and now they’re going to save 20$ by booking online. That’s the primary thing we want them to do. Secondarily, if they’re not interested in that, we want them to call or e-mail. If they don’t want to go with booking online, that’s perfectly fine. We’re happy to take their call and book their appointment. You could also see in the sticky header, we’re constantly reminding “Hey, ready to schedule. Let’s book now.” Then, at the very end, we show where we’re located in a lot of the surrounding areas. Got all the social links down here. We just want to appear as professional as possible. There are a lot of subtle techniques around the color palette that we use, and how that makes customers feel emotionally, and trustworthiness. There’s a lot of subtleties here that might slip under the radar if you don’t look closely for them, but this type of site performs so well for us.


What I want to try to motivate you to do is one of two things. Number one, build a better for yourself. You don’t have to hire us if you don’t want to. Go build, do something great for yourself. Stop leaving all that money on the table, get some improvements to your site, and make yourself more money. That’s one path you can take, or just contact us. Let us build something really cool for you, and get people’s attention, and make more money. It’s all there for the taking. It just depends on how you want to proceed with it. It’s just really sad when I see in the market when so many people have sites that are just lacking. You want to have a website that you’re proud of. I am proud to show you this site. I’m proud to show you how professional this is. I know it drives results. What we do, we don’t just build it once and leave it and forget about it. We’ve got analytics, and tracking within the site, so we can see what visitors are doing, where they’re focusing their attention like where their mouse is – are looking over here are they looking over there -, and we’re constantly evolving, so it gets better and better. Every person that comes to your site, we want to try to convert. We’re really motivated and fired up to do that for you, and I just wanted to share some of these points that are so important. There’s so many other little subtleties I can point out, but I think this is enough to kind of get you going in the right direction. You also need professional writing, so it sounds like you’re sophisticated, so feel free to reach out to us. The other thing I can offer if you want me to take a look at your video and take a look at your website and give you some feedback, I’d be happy to do that. I’ll release a YouTube video, and talk about your site, and let everybody kind of hear my suggestions, so feel free to shoot us an e-mail. Say “Hey, Brad. I want to get your suggestions on my site. How do I do this better.” I’ve worked on nearing a thousand sites, which is kind of dating myself saying that, but I have done a lot of different websites, so I know what drives results, and I’d be happy to share some of that expertise as long as you don’t mind that I create a video out of it and share it with the world. Shoot me an e-mail. I’m happy to help with that.


I’ll include my e-mail address here at the end, just reach out if you want. Reach out and let us know about anything we can help with your business. I hope this information definitely helped you. All right. Thanks. Have a good one. Bye.