What’s going on, guys. I hope everybody’s doing great today. I’ve been at the beach most of this week, for the most part. I worked a fair amount in this morning. Tomorrow, I got a little bit to do from about 6:00 a.m. to about 1:30 p.m. Today, we get a lot of neat projects coming. We just got that Junk Removal Authority final site. It’s going to be finalized rea soon. Altitude holding in Denver will open tomorrow, so that site is just about to get launched live this evening. AdWords campaign turned on, search engine optimization is running, got a good start on the Junk Smith site out of Huntington Beach California. I mentioned that the Junk Removal Authority site will be completed soon. That site, guys, is really going to be great. It’s going to have a lot of free information, we’re going to want guest writers on it, so it’s going to talk about all the products we offer, our full business packages, the pay per job program. We added somebody else on the West Palm Beach just the other day. That reference site at Louisville, Junk Coach in Louisville who’s working with us, recommended this. We’re looking forward to working with this gentleman here soon. He’s going to talk about our products, but in-between we want articles written from franchisees, franchisors, one truck operators, dumpster companies. We want to present as much information as we can on that site. Just have it be a gathering place of just different viewpoints on junk removal, and then allow people to make the decision what’s best for them. The Junk Removal Authority model allows me to do things like this; to go off for a week at a time or more. Next week I’ll be in Oshkosh Wisconsin on an airshow.

We got a gentleman interested in a business package in Milwaukee. I’m trying to get a meeting set up with him where we can actually meet. We might stop in Louisville on the way as well, and meet with Junk Co. Maybe that first episode of that show we were talking about recording, our marketing director Aaron will be riding the plane with us to Oshkosh for this big massive airshow. The Junk Removal Authority business model allows for this. It allows – after about three years of hard work with little freedom at all, a year or two on the truck, a couple years on getting everything set up until you can hire a manager or a very responsible supervisor, and you might be able to do it quicker, you might be able take some vacations in there after a year or so – but I figure by year three is the time you can have somebody mostly running operations where you can step away if you need to. You’re still going to be busy, you still need to expand. It could be into additional markets, it could be by adding another service. But this right here, I can’t tell you how fulfilling and free you feel. The work I do right now at Junk Removal Authority, there’s stuff that had to get done, but the first call I made about Junk Doctors was today. We had a busy day today. It was just about 20 minutes ago, it was about 7:30 in the evening. Other than that, I hadn’t even looked at the entire schedule for the entire day. We got a great crew in there, it took a lot of hard work to get that set up. That’s what we’re trying to show everybody how to do. Guys, you don’t want to build a job. You can go out work for anybody, and then you request time off and you don’t have to worry about anything of your business. You don’t want to go out there and feel like if you take off, you’re going to have to be constantly thinking about your business, or you’re going to miss out on an income. If you’re single truck operator, when you take off on vacation, you’re missing out on income. If you go off for a week, there’s no telling how much money you can miss out on. Some of those customers may schedule for the following week, but I would I would wager say 40% of your customers likely needed it done a lot sooner than you were able to accommodate. Also, you got to be answering the phone all the time, and if you don’t answer the phone, if somebody else answered the phone, you’re for certain going to miss out on lot of appointments. Build your business, set up your business where it allows for freedom in your life. Make investments necessary to achieve that, otherwise don’t be selfish, don’t be trying to hoard all of your cash right at the very start because long term it’s not going to pay off. Set it up where you have freedom in your life. That’s the American dream as far as business is concerned, otherwise you go in your job. You don’t want to own your job, you want to own a business.


I Hope everybody has a great evening. We’ll be checking in tomorrow. We got a great video on search engine optimization. It’s probably the most informative videos we’re going to put out. We’ve also got video on Isuzu trucks that’s been recorded, going through editing right now. The new Junk Removal Authority site will launch soon, and once it’s up and run and everything, we’ll let everybody know and then at that point we’re going to be taking a look into kind of vetting people to be a guest writer. The neat thing about the guest writing program, or it’s not necessarily a guest, you can be a consistent writer off the Junk Removal Authority platform, and we’ll link back to your site. That’s going to be huge on search engine optimization. Every time you write an article, we will include a link back to your website. That Junk Removal Authority site, as far as junk removal is concerned, is going to be a very high traffic web site that’s going to be considered, after just a little bit of time, a pretty high reputable source that Google is going to recognize. So, getting a link back to your site is going to be huge. That’s free SEO for just a little bit of your time to write an article, a good useful article that we can use. It could be a perspective completely opposite of what Junk Removal Authority go after. We talk about not doing dumpsters, you write an article about why you should do dumpsters. There’ll be a little disclaimer upfront that this is a guest contributor offering a could be viewpoint similar or different from Junk Removal Authority. We want to give you all the information we can. You’ll be able to reach it at junkra.com or junkremovalauthority.com. If you go to the site, you’ll know when it’s live. If you look at our current site you’ll see that this isn’t it. We’ve made a huge, absolutely humongous investment in the site, and it’s going to change the game for junk removal. The little bit of knowledge that just a few of us know, it is going to open to everybody. It’s going to be a huge deal, and it’s something we’re proud to accomplish, proud to bring to everybody. We look forward to bringing everybody great content. Everybody have a wonderful week, we’ll be checking in with you soon. Thanks guys.