To run an ultra successful business you have to have courage. Do you? Don't retreat from Business Challenges.

Good morning everybody. Hope everybody’s doing great today. It’s, what day is it today? It is Wednesday? Thursday. Thursday morning North Carolina, another hot day today. Hope everybody is doing great.


Hey, for those of you that don’t know me, I am Lee Godbold author of “So you want to start a Junk Removal Business” and co-founder of Junk Removal Authority which you can visit us at Trying to educate people on Junk Removal, trying to up their think, motivate them to try and reach for the next level. Get it, it’s for people that have been thinking of getting into business. We’re here to help you get into business, both with these YouTube videos and through business packages and support and consulting on and Junk Removal Authority.


What’s kind of on my mind today is mindset or what do you do when the going gets tough or when you expand your business, grow your business or when you’re slow.  I used to race NASCAR style stock cars and I could drive the car but stuffing always break and I’d be a bit slower than everybody else. I just lacked little bit but I mean I was out there in a car, I had maybe $10-15,000 in. There were guys that had $820,000 in their race car. Those guys, to get in point, most of them I mean would make any money. They’re making more money than I was but most of them we’re not really wealthy people. Some of work but most of them are willing to do whatever it took to be fast and they take a credit card. I’m not necessarily saying you should necessarily do this in your business and you probably shouldn’t do it in racing because a lot of do it and it doesn’t work out but they would max out credit cards to get that car fast. There are guys that had $20,000 at set of shots had more money in a set of shots than I had in my entire car. Having that extra set and shots you know you’d spend $20,000 or more to get 1/10 of an extra second. Now 1/10 of an extra second was the difference between running about 7th or 8th or maybe 10th on the track in 1st or 2nd. Those guys up there, they spent the $20,000 on the shots. They were up in what’s called the money. They were you know, everybody gets paid here but 1st, 2nd and 3rd got a lot more. 1st place was about 2,500 bucks to win. Second place was about $1,800 bucks and third place were about $1,200. On the back, fourth was like 500 bucks. You know if you’re in tenth it was like 300 or 400. You know, you’re not even covering expenses at that point guys. Upfront, they’re consistent and there are always a couple of people that consistently won first or second. They always won first, second or third, they kind of exchange stuff out. They were making money. They couldn’t get there until they spent money and only 1 of those guys was wealthy. The other ones, their fate took some courage, stupidity or something for them to go out and spend that money to do it right. You know what.

They’re still racing out and successful on the track. They’re one of the few people racing short track stuff that are actually making money and not losing money and that’s a hard thing to do. What I am acquainting that too is your business. If you’re always going to be the cheapest out there, you go like that 10th or that little extra oomph. It’s going to cause you to be successful. When the going gets tough or when he is slow, you’ve got to try and save. You’re going to be looking at your P&L statement where I can save, get a cellphone here, save me 30 bucks a month and it’s going to make a huge difference. You know, what can I do, can I kick in and start doing more work on the truck. Maybe you’re already in the truck, probably in that situation you’re already on the truck. So, what can I do, can I cut out my helper and how to do it on my own. Guys, it’s small thinking. Let’s level up. What we do when we get slow? We spend money, we know we advertise it. When we get slow, we’re going to fight for more customers. We will not retreat, and that’s what it is. That’s what you’re doing, when it gets tough and all you do is retreat. That’s what you’re doing, some people only want to spend advertising when they’re busy. That’s stupid, you got to be spending money on advertising all the time once you know it works. You don’t need to be throwing it away but once you find something that works and bringing your business, if it’s picking up the phone making cold calls, you knock out and do a bunch of them. If it’s going to Chamber of Commerce meeting, you got to make sure you’re doing that and then the main thing though it’s going to be Google. You’ve got to spend money to do it right on google and there’s no ways about it. If somebody tells you that you shouldn’t, that because you’re not doing it. That’s because they didn’t have the guts to get out there and do AdWords. It takes guts. Our paper job program removes some of that. I’m not going to plug to much product too much here but that’s the reason we created pay per job.


What are you going to do when the going gets tough? Are you going to take the gloves off or are you going to get fighting or are you going to go after it? You’re going to get slow at some point guys. What are you going to do when you get slow? What you got to also do is when you’re busy, you got to be keeping your money but you got to be investing it back in advertising. That’s the reason we’re never seldom, we’re never dead. We might be slow, instead of running 6 or 7 trucks, we might run 4 in a day or something like that. Maybe 3 on a super slow day. We are still making money, when you’re out there, aren’t getting exposure, don’t have advertising going a bunch of different directions a bunch of previous customer that can come or refer business to you and leaving reviews online, the only way you’re going to get that is from exposure. The main way to get that is Google. You also got to hustle, before I started JRA, we’ve got somebody else doing this now. I don’t answer any customer calls for the most part for Junk Doctors, we have a call center that handles that, we’ve had a receptionist for years. I was on the phone, visiting Realtors and I was doing stuff on the business that needed to be done trying to get more sales. That’s what you need to be and to do. You need to get out there every way you can. By far away, the best way is Google, internet advertising. You’ve got to get out there and get business. Are you going to retreat or fight? That the questions. I know I am going to fight, what are you going to do?