Lee talks about the grand plan for JRA and how our goal is to help all Junk removal owners achieve a level of success and wealth they never dreamed possible

Good afternoon guys. Thanks everybody for watching this video on this Monday afternoon. What I wanted to talk to everybody about right now is I wanted to explain on why we started Junk Removal Authority. We had looked at the franchising route for Junk Doctors. We could have franchised Junk Doctors. We know enough. We’ve been successful enough that we could have franchised Junk Doctors. Everybody else does it. All these other companies have franchising. Every time you turn around there’s a new junk removal company franchising. They’re selling some, so even though there is no national name recognition for any of these companies, people want that initial support, experience, expertise, guidance, and long-term assistance. They want that and they’re willing to pay a large fee upfront. They’re willing to sign away 7% to 15% of their ongoing revenues for a long period of time.

So, we could have gone that route. We could have gone to the proven route. We could have gone to the road that’s been traveled. The road that’s proven that there is success. There’s money that can follow and we would have done well with it. We could have sold quite a few of the Junk Doctors franchises. There’s a few reasons that we didn’t get to that route. One of the reasons is, we’ve never been want to do what everybody else has done. That allowed us to have the level of success that we’ve had in our market. We outdo the franchises in our market. Raleigh, Charlotte, and Greensboro, we outdo 1-800-GOT-JUNK? We outdo College Hunks Hauling Junk.

We’re out doing. We are busier than they are. We have more trucks and our trucks stay busier than them because we don’t do everything the exact same way that everybody else does it. JRA is completely new. It’s a new concept. Nobody’s done it and we’re out doing it. So, what is our motivation? Why do JRA other than just to be different because just to be different that wouldn’t be good enough reason. We can help more people that way. We can help people that don’t want to do a franchise but want the initial guidance. They don’t want to sign away a royalty, we can help them. People at existing junk removal business, they’ve been in business 5, 6, and 7 years. They’re still in the truck. They’re around $150,000, $250,000 or $300,000 in revenue or less or maybe more. Maybe even a half a million in revenue. We can help them. We can help them with customer acquisition management. We can help them get more customers. We’ve got a tremendous number of customers in 5 or 6 years. Our CAM provides that. Is it cheap? No, it’s not cheap, but what does cheap gets you? Cheap gets you cheap results. Cheaper results are useless. You might as well just throw the money away. You can pay decent money with us. Not only you’re going to get advertising management, but we’re going to be sitting there researching your competition and market. We’re going to find avenues for you to improve. We’re going to test out your phone skills because there’s some consulting that’s included in that CAM. CAM is huge. That’s great service we offer. We offer websites, consulting and all kinds of stuff too. So, we can help those existing businesses and we can help multiple businesses in the same market. Some people might not like that part about it. The fact that we could be helping multiple businesses, but here’s the deal. By improving the industry as a whole, we can educate consumers on junk removal.

There’s still a large portion of our potential customer base has no idea that professional junk removal exists. The more we can educate existing and new junk removal companies out there, so they’re doing a better job and reaching more customers. The more, the junk removal industry as a whole will benefit. I’m not going to elaborate a whole lot further, but there’s even further plans that we’ve got. We’ve already taken the steps to secure what we need to secure. Again, I can’t give a whole lot of details to really help bring the entire junk removal community together. It might bring in franchises, they might ignore us one way or the other. We’re looking to bring everybody together and help standardize an industry that has not been standardized. It’s very fragmented and that’s one of our goals with JRA. So, we want to help as many people as possible become super successful.

Get off the truck. Have a business they can sell. Have a business they can retire on. Have a business they can give to their kids. Really just get off the trucks. So many junk removal business owners are stuck on the truck. All you want to do is wear your body out. Eventually, you’re going to burn out. You’re going to quit and you’re going to go off to something else. You never truly going to have a business that runs without you. You’re stuck in the truck. You have a job, tell yourself you don’t but you got a job. If you quit working, you’re not making money. Not making money if you quit working. So, we want to get people off the trunk. We want to get them not only in the office, but in sales position. Where they’re selling their company.

We want to get them involved in their community where they’re doing community good by educating them about junk removal. They’re reaching as many people as possible. We want them to become rich. We want them to become very wealthy and make more money than they’ve ever made before. These junk removal business owners have ever made before. Both new ones as well as current business owners. Why do we want them to start making a lot more money? Our long-term ambition. We’re already researching now. We’re already walking properties now. Real estate, multi-family apartment real estates and real estates. 300, 400 or 500 units. Guys, I’m talking $30,000,000, $40,000,000, $50,000,000 properties. If we create a large enough group of individuals and there’s a step in between junk removal. Junk removal authority and real estate. There’s another couple of steps in there, but I can’t tell anybody about it right now. The more people we help, the more people that partner with us at JRA and make a bunch of money are the more people that can then in turn come with us.

We’ll partner on massive real estate deals. 300, 400, or 500 units. $20,000,000, $30,000,000, $40,000,000 and $50,000,000 properties. Guys, if you go out and you’re going to buy a $40,000,000 property. You can have to be able to put $15,000,000 down. We’re not able to do that. Right now, we can, we can only get a portion of that. So, what we want to do is just create a huge network where everybody become successful. Now they’re looking to go to the next level. All these people super successful. They want to go to the next level. We want to go to the next level. So, we’re all going to come together. We’re going to go out and buy these gigantic properties that cash flow payout every single month. Appreciate over time. Once they appreciate, we go out and sell them. We make several million dollars in a year. No effort at all other than all of our partners.

There would be no effort whatsoever. So, the junk removal partners that come in with us eventually none of the stuff is created now. This is a couple years down the road. Eventually once this stuff has been created. All the junk removal partners come in. They look at the deal we got. They say “Okay” this looks good. We’re going to help educate you a little bit. Then you partner with us for it. Once renovations are done and all that, the way we buy the deals is that they would pay out monthly. Then eventually they’d depreciate in over 5, 10 and 15 years. Whatever would at least double in value. So, that would be no effort whatsoever. You simply take that a lot of excess money. What I’m talking about is investing. Take that excess money then we’re going to help you earn in junk removal. We’re going to show you ways to earn money in junk removal. You never seen. We’re going to help you reach more customers than you’ve ever thought possible to reach. Then we want you to come in with us, partners on this deal. Let’s all get rich. That is our ambition right there.

This video is going to turn some people off. I know it’s going to turn some people off. The numbers are so large. I’m trying to get everybody thinking larger though. Thinking larger though, thinking bigger. Some of you though, it’s going to reach.  It’s going to hit a nerve. You’re wanting more than where you’re currently at. Those are the people we want to work with. We want to work with it long-term. Not just junk removal. We want to go into investments in real estate with them.

Call me +1 919-466-9322 to talk about this. I know this is a fair amount of information that was just blown out. There’s no real estate at all right now. This is long-term. I’m showing our vision and why we are so motivated to make sure everybody that works with junk removal authority gets everything they expect and more. We want to help you raise your thinking. We want to get you to a level where you’re not thinking you want to make $50,000 or $100,000. You’re thinking you want to make $500,000 or a million. That’s the level we want to bring you to. We’re confident we can do it. You just got to call us +1 919-466-9322. Email me [email protected]. Visit junkremovalauthority.com. Of course, subscribe to this YouTube channel. We want to help every single one of you reach a level of success you never thought possible. We want to help you blow your business completely out of the water in 2018. I look forward to talking to everybody soon. Got a Junk Removal Made Simple episode that will upload later this evening or early tomorrow morning. Thanks guys.