One of the keys to customers accepting your price estimate is how you present it to them. Lee gives tips on what he’s found reduces the number of negotiators you deal with.

Good evening guys. I hope everybody is doing well this evening. I hope everybody had a great and productive day. Made some money today. Do it some time. Maybe with your family at all tonight and gets more stuff done tonight or whatever. We’ve got a good night tonight. We went with some friends to a little place called triangle shooting academy. An indoor shooting range and we enjoyed that. We went out to dinner with them.

I spent a little time and that was nice. He’s 29 years old and he had leukemia. He’s just getting over leukemia. So, he had some great news on his level of white blood cell count and hemoglobin. Whatever else, I’m not a medical expert. I’m a Junk Doctor, not a real doctor. Anyway, his numbers were looking good. So, we’ve had good night tonight.

That was good news to hear. Before we went out to the shooting range and went out to eat. I got an episode of Junk Removal Made Simple recorded right here in the studio. I’m about to edit it and I will post it overnight. It takes a couple of hours for that to be posted. It’s a probably a 25-minute clip. It will post probably sometime around 1:30 AM or 2:00 AM in the morning. That’s when it’ll hit. I hope you all enjoy it. It is on pricing. It is how to set your pricing. If you’re already in business, it might have some tips. I think I’ll have some tips in there. People might not know certain situations. People might not know how to handle it.

What I wanted to talk about real quick right now is when you quote these jobs, this is covered in this video. I know some of you aren’t got the patience to watch a 27-minute video or 30-minute video. Never. When you quote a job and when you’re talking with your customer, do it with confidence. Even if you’re not a hundred percent confident on what price the job actually is. Make that customer damn sure believe you are. The reason is, is if a customer senses you are not confident, they’re much more likely to either not do the job or negotiate the price. If you walk up and you say, “Susan, I’ve looked at everything you have. Probably somewhere around like a full load. So, you’re looking at $500. Would you like to get started? Is that going to work?” If you saw her unsure and you sound hesitant.  You sound like you yourself, don’t believe that job is a $500 job that they’re going to negotiate. You might end up having to charge a lot less. Whereas, you could’ve gone up to that same customer and said, “Susan, I looked at everything you have. It looks like you’ve got a full truckload and that’s $500. Would you like to get started?” I hesitated there. “Susan, it was a $500 job. It is a full truckload. Would you like us to get started? If so, I just need your signature right here.” She would likely to jump right on it, but if she sensed hesitation then she might not. When you first started this business, those you did have been in a while. You’ve probably realized this. Whether you realize the psychology behind it or not. You’ve probably figured out. One, you’re confident that you’re pricing is right. Two, you figured out that if you don’t sound confident, then a lot of times they negotiate.

Confidence is a key. Guys your pricing, you are doing these people a huge favor, not necessarily a favor. Favor is bad word because they are paying for it, but you’re really doing a huge service to these people by removing their stuff. It keeps them from having to borrow or rent a truck. It keeps them from having to beg a friend or family member to help out. It keeps them from wasting time that they could be doing something else more productive or recreational spending time with their family. We get accomplished so much quicker because we might be on site and do a full truck load in an hour. for them to have do a full truckload to, we do it an hour. It’s going to take them to two.  Then they’ve got to drive it to wherever they’re going. They have to wait in line to dump. They have to handle loads of stuff because they won’t have a dump. So, I mean we get done as far as on their side in an hour.

You’ve got a very valuable service that you’re providing. When you’re first starting, the numbers can seem pretty expensive for what you’re doing. You got to remember you’re paying for your truck, advertising, insurance and you’ve got to make money. Most customers understand that. Those of you that think that only reason customers deal with you is because of price, will find that those are the customers you attract. When you first start, maybe you need to play that price game, but if you do a good job on getting reviews and getting good Google placement, you no longer have to play. You have to play that game and the long you’ve been in business, the more referrals you get and the more repeat business. Those customers are less price sensitive, but the key is just quote with confidence. Stop believing that the only reason people choose because of price.

That can help you get business but that’s not the only reason. You’re pricing is fair. You need to hundred percent believe in it because if you don’t believe it, the customer is not going to believe in it. So, you need to believe the service you’re providing is valued correctly. If you do that, you’re going to find a lot more customers. Go through with the job than when you were struggling with confidence. Junk removal on pricing, the full episode is 28 or 30 minutes, whatever it is. It will be posted. If all of you enjoyed it, please comment on this video. Let me know if this works for you. Let me know if you think it’s a bunch of crap. Let me know if you think it’s a good tip. Let me know if you knew about it. Tell us your tips. Do all of you have tips on quoting jobs?

I’m sitting here. I’m preaching to everybody. I’m a preacher up here. There’s a lot of successful other business owners. Junk removal business owners watching these videos and a lot of them really had been on the truck more than I am. So, post your comments below. What works for you? Let us all know. In that way we all can know and really benefit. Please, if you haven’t, just subscribe to this channel. We just passed the hundred subscriber mark, but that’s not nearly enough. We’re going for a thousand or 10,000. Alright guys, everybody have a great night. I’m going to head inside and get a little rest. Kind of an early morning for me tomorrow. I got a meeting first thing in the morning. This person had to go to the first thing. Sometimes that’s what you got to do. We’ll talk to everybody soon. Have a great night!