We’ve got some great info, footage, and announcements coming up this week. Here’s a preview!

Hey guys! How’s everybody doing this evening? I didn’t post yesterday. I hadn’t posted anything today. I want to kind of just update everybody, what we’ve been working on. We’re going to have a big and a lot of videos coming out. Several meetings coming out tomorrow. Several announcements of kind of some neat stuff coming up throughout the week. One thing we’ll be showing you, is if any of you all have never done. It’ll start tomorrow. Somebody hired us to fill in a swimming pool. What happens is we come out. Generally, we use an excavator. We normally use an excavator to break up the concrete. Fill everything in with dirt. We have big dump trucks. Dump trucks come by, fill everything up with dirt. We don’t use ours because ours just don’t hold that much weight and dirt.

Fill that up. We’re going to be showing everybody. We will do a video. Tomorrow, it’s just a matter of getting it drained. You will see the before. Kind of get a before video of everything. We’ll be taking pictures as well that’ll be posted on blog once that things are complete. We’ll actually do an article and how to demolish and fill in a pool. We’ll try and get plenty of video footage of all that taking in place and put a YouTube video together. Put that on YouTube. Put it on Christian will be providing information on how to quote that. We’re going to get everybody kind of up speed on how you do a pool demolition. That’s a project we didn’t really attempt to do until we probably been in business for 5 years.

I’m hopeful that everybody can really get a whole lot of benefit from that video. Another thing we’ve got going on. I can’t give too many details, but we’re going to be coming around to everybody or certain companies that qualify. Certain junk removal businesses. We want to meet and interview junk removal business throughout the country and figure out who are the people that own junk removal businesses. What makes people decide to get into the business? What do they love about the business? What do they dislike about the business? What kind of hobbies do they have? What’s their past life? What kind of past jobs have these particular people done? We’re going to get more information tomorrow, but we’re going to be coming. We will do a lot of traveling and you’ll have an opportunity.

I think this will get announced tomorrow. We got another program that we’re announcing tomorrow. Either tomorrow or Thursday, probably Thursday actually. If want us to come to you for a little episode, you’ll have a chance to register. Get your name out there and we’ll provide more details on that. We do have the JRA pay per job program. Flat rate per job. No upfront costs and commitment. No long-term commitment. You only pay for the results. You get a great professional website. Again, no upfront costs. That official announcement will be tomorrow. There’ll be a landing page off of our website with all that information. Again, that will be a limited service. Just like the video thing. You’re going to have to apply. We’re not going to take everybody.

There are certain things that you’re going to have to have. The details will be provided on that tomorrow. Certain ways your set up, you present yourself. Your experience level and insurance. There are requirements to get that. For those of you that meet that, you’re going to have a way just to instantly turn on a switch and get jobs. I’m talking 30, 40, or 50 a month just by flipping a switch on. All you pay is for results. No flat rate. We take on all the risk. No risk on your part whatsoever. No commitment. You can do it for an hour. You can do it for a day. You can do it for 3 years. However long and quit. We literally have all the risk here at Junk Removal Authority. That’s because we’re so confident in our program. We’ve been doing it.

We’ve done it over all our locations. We’ve done it through other locations throughout the country. We know it works, so we can give everybody a way. We’ve fell for marketing stuff in the past. Most of us are very skittish on coming up with a new marketing program. I want to create a program that removes all the risks. All of our services, I want to make it a no-brainer for everybody. I want to help a bunch of people and I wanted it to be where it’s an obvious choice for them to do. I don’t want any question whatsoever. I want us to take on the risk and that’s what we have to do with this pay per job income generation program. That’s some of the stuff we’ve been working on. Just kinda of putting together. Most of everything is been JRA related so far this week.

I have been real busy getting those programs done. We’ve got some business packages we’ve sold coming online here soon. We’ve already got one company that’s come on board on the pay per job program. He knew about it before anybody else, so we kind of announced that. So, that’s what’s going on. Tomorrow, we had a question about how do you choose your pricing? How do you set your pricing? We will have a video that will be posted tomorrow on how to set your pricing. If you’re brand new in the market and if you’ve already been in, how do you set your pricing? Some people they want to do a straight line. They will do a straight curve. So, they started out right here at their minimum. Let’s say the minimum is $100. Let’s say a quarter loads are $150. They will do a half at $200.

They want to do 3 quarter for $250. They will do a full at $300. That’s wrong. It’s not an even curve. We’re going to talk to you about how do you choose your curve and why? It mainly comes down to what are people paying attention to? What price points are your customers paying attention to? Because that’s what matters and I can guarantee it. Mainly it’s the full price in that minimum price.

What’s in between it and all that important? There’s money to be made in that area in between. We’re going to show you how to set those price points tomorrow. I know we’ve been a little quiet last day or so on YouTube. That’s because we get so much getting ready to come out. We’ve been very busy putting all this stuff together. A lot of exciting stuff and just a lot of information that’s about to be opened up to everybody by JRA in the coming weeks and months. Call us at +1 919-466-9322 and email me at [email protected].  Please subscribe to our channel. Go ahead and get on that subscription list because the stuff that we’ve been putting out was very helpful and informative. We’re about to get even more informative. Even more helpful and entertaining all at the same time. Thanks guys! We’ll talk to you soon.